There are a million MST3K pages in the naked Web...and this is one of them.

What does this one contain? My contributions to MST3K fandom and/or geekdom. Narcissistic? Sure. But if I don't do it, who will? Therefore, this page has links to my MiSTings (well, a link to links to my MiSTings), various lists I've made pertaining to MST3K, and some parodies I wrote. Oh, and I included contributions by a few other people as well. *grin*

If you don't know yet what MST3K is, go here.

Page containing links to my MiSTings, along with short descriptions.

I joined an MST3K mailing list--one mainly for Australian and New Zealander fans. It's now defunct, but I still have copies of the reviews I wrote for a few new ones.

In August of 1999, a few denizens of (RATMM) wrote some Shakespeare parodies--Shakespeare dialog and soliloquys rewritten in MST3K terms. Click here to read 'em all (though I did contribute most to it *grin*).

More fun with RATMM. What if characters from MiSTied movies wrote personals ads? We think it would go a little something like this.

Yet more fun with RATMM. Why did the MST3K chicken cross the road?

The ultimate in Internet narcissism--The Sarah Heiner Thread!

My very first RATM ( post! All I can say is...I was trying *way* too hard to be witty. *wry grin*

Fun with AltaVista translations of the MST3K opening songs (plus Star Trek and Babylon 5 opening monologues).

Contributions to Ward E and Jamie Plummer's now-defunct MST3K page: Which episodes the bloopers from the Poopie and Poopie 2 tapes came from, and which MiSTed actors came from which Star Trek episodes.

NEW! Various song parodies I've written over the years.

WWWF Grudge Match pits real and/or fictional characters in battles, with readers' votes determining the outcomes. People can also send in comments about the match, and how they think it would go. I've sent in some comments, and actually had most of them posted. Look for comments by Bookworm.
WWWF Tournament of Champions IV: Rumble in D.C.; MST3K was one of the participants.
Q (James Bond) vs. Inspector Gadget
Friends Gang vs. Seinfeld Gang
Regan MacNeil vs. Carrie White
The Corleones vs. The Cartwrights
Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Tootsie (way at the bottom)
Anakin Skywalker vs. Harry Potter--Response of the Week Grudgie!

Photos from the 1996 MST3K ConventioCon ExpoFestarama 2: Electric Bugaloo.

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