Welcome to my web page--again!

This is Sarah Heiner, aka Bookworm, again. Fortunecity's become a bust--I can't access their building tools--so I'm trying out Geocities. I can't wait until I finally get my own Internet access...but who knows when that will be?

Update: Finally bit the bullet and got a job at a temp agency. So far, it seems all right, but it's early days for that yet. Still, hopefully, it'll lead to some better opportunities.

Further update: I'm now in a temp-to-hire position for an online university. I'm hoping this'll work out--I like the fairly casual atmosphere, and it seems like there's room for advancement. We'll see...

I still don't know what to say on this page. I'm not so enamoured of putting personal info up here again, as I did with my first page. This is really more of a placeholder for other pages. *grin*

Anyway, here are links to the major portions of this site so far...

Dragon's Inn Archives

My MST3K page.

My photos page.

Check out the fun stuff I came across at work!

Some links to what I find interesting.

Email me here, if you want. Or...

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