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alt.dragons-inn is a newsgroup devoted to fantasy writing. A group of people, either working through email or working directly off the threads in the newsgroup, can write their own fantasy stories; each person is responsible for one (or more) character(s). One person is the editor-- he or she generally knows where the story is going and can integrate the various parts. But this sort of writing keeps you on your toes, since you can never be entirely sure what the others in your group are going to write. It's actually a lot of fun, and it's nice to expand one's creativity like this. I started writing in the newsgroup in the summer of 1998, and hopefully I'll continue for quite some time. You can find out more about the newsgroup at http://www.dragons-inn.org.

Melyda's Story

Melyda is the first character I made for alt.dragons-inn. She's a bookseller and, hopefully, the new librarian for the Bard's Hall. This story covers her arrival in the city of Montfort and the strange adventure that befell her during the Festival.

Part 1. Introductory posts. Part 9. The Seige Begins.
Part 2. The Ball Game, part 1. Part 10. A Way Inside.
Part 3. The Ball Game, part 2. Part 11. Eliminating Some Competition.
Part 4. After the Game. Part 12. Death by Macarena?
Part 5. A Strange Customer. Part 13. Confrontation.
Part 6. The Theft. Part 14. Battle with the Beast.
Part 7. Kidnapped! Part 15. Resolution.
Part 8. On the Trail. Part 16. Epilogue.

This story is the product of...well, a lot of people--including myself, Patrick Ocampo, Daniel Conant, Mary Stantial, and others. Which means it's copyrighted by us, so don't reprint and/or change it...at least, not without talking to us first. My characters, btw, are Melyda, Sammel, and Chaer.

Unicorn's Curse

This is a story in progress. A group of adventurers are travelling to a distant village to find out why a young woman has changed into a unicorn. The characters are:

Ceridon, Linna, Garber, Hathor (Sarah Heiner)
Sherwood (Joel Stein)
Takayoshi (Daniel Conant)
Breannyn (Mary Stantial)
Dwynn (Eduard Lohmann)
DeMorte (Joey)
Elwynn (Patrick Ocampo)
Beya (Juliet Youngren)
Groch (Kelly Hire)

Part 1. The Beginning. Part 13. Black Horn Pass. Part 25. The Strain Begins to Show.
Part 2. The Flashback. Part 14. Licking Wounds. Part 26. A Magician Enters the Picture.
Part 3. The Reactions. Part 15. Campfire Stories. Part 27. Uninvited Guests.
Part 4. Garber's Story. Part 16. Seconds, Anyone? Part 28. Coping with Changes.
Part 5. The Meeting. Part 17. A Quiet Watch. Part 29. The Pursuit Begins.
Part 6. The Decisions. Part 18. On to Tyria. Part 30. A Romantic Interlude.
Part 7. Old Acquaintances Meet Again. Part 19. A Plausible Tale? Part 31. New Allies.
Part 8. Eat, Drink, and be Merry..., part 1. Part 20. Perhaps Not. Part 32. The Next Threat.
Part 9. Eat, Drink, and be Merry..., part 2. Part 21. New Discussions. Part 33. Arrival.
Part 10. Breakfast at the Inn. Part 22. New Tensions. Part 34. Nicandra's Story.
Part 11. One More Addition. Part 23. Nightmares New and Old. Part 35. Strained Welcomes.
Part 12. The Journey Begins. Part 24. Unwelcome News. Part 36. A Truly Split Personality

Part 37. A Brief History of Unicorns.

To be continued!


Another story in progress. And another story for which I am editor. *wry grin* Melyda, Sammel, and Chaer (from Melyda's Story), along with some new friends, are heading to the territory of the Delphines, Chaer's people, to deal with some very pesky pirates. The characters so far are:

Melyda, Sammel, Chaer, Channi (Sarah Heiner)
Sarra (Kelly Hire)
Wren Hazeroth (Diego Chung)
Fontaine Cowene (Cathy Mosely)
Raidenaru (Daniel Conant)
Alvezo (Juliet Youngren)

Part 1. An Unexpected Arrival.
Part 2. Preparations.
Part 3. Breakfast and Departure.
Part 4. Shakedown Cruise.
Part 5. Arrival.
Part 6. You Can't Choose Your Family...
Part 7. Help from a Pirate?
Part 8. Dinner and a Plan, Part 1.
Part 9. Dinner and a Plan, Part 2.
Part 10. A Seaside Conversation.
Part 11. Shopping Expedition.

To be continued!

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