Welcome to our home pages.  We are so happy that you have come for a visit to the Navajo Reservation.  We are the Bobby Harjo Family.  We have lived and worked with the Navajo people since February 2001.  

       My name is Bobby Harjo, I am a full blood Seminole/ Creek Indian.  My wife Micki and I have been married since May 1986.  We have 7 wonderful children.  Rachel, David, Jimmy, Jessica, Melody, Johnny and Charity.  With one beautiful new granddaughter Tristan.

       I was saved May 26th, 1985 behind a Burger King in Oklahoma City.  My brother (now a preacher in Maud Oklahoma) was the first to receive Christ as his savior.  After he was saved he began to win others in my family to the Lord.  Our Pastor, Bro. Charley O'Daniel began to have Bible studies at our home and one by one I saw the lives of my family change. 

      One day, as we went out for burgers, I asked my sister-in-law, Karen Harjo, why she was different.  She began to explain to me about salvation and led me to the Lord right there in the car.  I finally had to admit that I could not 'have it my way' ha!


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       My lovely wife was saved in the summer of 1975.  Raised in a Christian home she was joyfully attending Vacation Bible School at her family church.  A young lady asked her if anyone had ever explained to her about salvation.  She was more than ready and bowed on the steps outside Motteville Bible Church in Motteville, Michigan.  

My wife and I  met at our home church, Maranatha Baptist Church of Western Oaks.

We were married in May 1986 and have served there ever since. 

       Although I knew that the Lord had called me to preach I was not sure where He wanted me to serve.  I went on several mission trips over the years, but it was not until I took a group to the Navajo Reservation that my heart was broken beyond repair.

       I was laying under the stars in Cove, Arizona.  Praying for the Lord to call one of our teenagers to these people who desperately need the Word....when a still small voice said for 'ME' to go.

       And who better to win them to Christ than another Native American who knows the answer to life everlasting.

       I may not be the smartest, or the most qualified to be here.  But I love these people, and I have LIVED the life of an Indian man with out Christ.  They need me, and I need them.

       I am blessed to be here living and working with these dear people whom the Lord loves.


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