DC1 Sets
DC2 Sets
e-mail Tyger
Sorry, the server hosting my files has gone down. I have no idea when it will be back up.
AT&T is jerking me around. I moved recently and they said i could have DSL (neighbors on both sides of me have it) but when it came to connection day, it wouldn't work and suddenly they called and said "it is not availabe in my area" and nobody can explain why
The Dungeon crafter site has apparently died.
I have been asked many times for the files so here they are.
Dungeon Crafter 1.41
Dungeon Crafter 2
If you have a more updated version please send it to me.
I am not providing any support for these programs,
I do not have the ability to fix or update these programs.

The original DC crew are now Shard Games and are working on Dungeon Crafter 3
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