This is where I will be placing my Gundam Wing sketches. I will update this page as often as possible.
Last Updated: August 5, 2003
Aaaahhhh....Wing Zero Custom...I was quite amazed at how utterly sweet this pic turned out to be. I just got into a groove and started to pump out some sweet pics.
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This one was one of the last of the pics that I drew while I was on my drawing groove. I was also suprised as to how well this one turned out as well. I tried to do Heavy Arms but I goofed on the leg and kinda gave up for a while.
Heero was the first one of the Gundam pilots that I drew. I really goofed on the eyes but if you disregard didn't turn out half bad.
Duo was the last of the Gundam pilots that I completed...I did another Duo pic but he looked far too thin and wierd so I scrapped him and did this me, this was a very good thing.
Trowa was rather simplistic as this pose didn't require much detail. This pic was probably one of the fastest pics I had ever done.
Chang took a bit longer but it was worth it. He required the most detail but he looks cool and that is all that matters,
I don't like Quatre but no Gundam page would be complete if it didn't have all so I did one pic of him. I goofed on the hands but the rest of him I did too good of a job for such a lame character.
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