These are the Dragonball Z pics that I have drawn. I will update whenever I scan images online.
Last Updated:  April 22, 2005
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This is the second Dragonball Z pic I had done. I had taken a few years off of doing anime so I was quite rusty and I wasn't good when I started....I will be placing my first anime pic that I did back in May 2001...Everyone will get a kick out of how crappy it is.
This is the third Dragonball Z pic I had done. I was quite proud of how it turned out so I hung it on my wall...since I have done so much better...I realize that his head is a bit small..but aside from that it is still one of the coolest pics I have done.
This is the point I really started to get involved in Dragonball Z. I love Akira Toriyama's style as you can see in most of my original pics. I thought it was about time for a non-posing pic which turned out half decent.
This was my attempt at trying to do a power-up of Goku. I am probably going to do another shortly to show contrast between how I drew then and now.
This pic of Picollo took quite a while as I found out that Nameks are very annoying to isn't a bad pic but with time & practice I can do better.
I decided at this point to add more characters of the Dragonball Z universe. I thought Gohan would be a great addition to my site and aside from the the turned out pretty good.
I started to draw Vegeta in one stance...then changed it for reasons unknown even to that's why it looks kinda like Vegeta is pondering.
My first action pic. The faces I kinda goofed on but it still turned out good...better online then in my sketch book.
This pic of Trunks turned out exceptionally well. This pic is one of the one's I am the most proud of (aside from Wing Zero Custom in the Gundam Wing gallery) This pic is by far the best human pic I have done.
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