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The Teachers

It's about time I get some NPC characters up here for you to use! I'm still working on the description for my campaign setting (the school and surrounding area) but just to give you a little info, it's an old formerly Catholic private school in a near-future Neo-Tokyo. Tokyo has been destroyed and rebuilt, which gives me a lot of lattitude in deciding what the city is really like. It's about 30 years in the future, earth has made contact with the rest of the galaxy, and our private high school has not only native Japanese students but quite a few foreigners and aliens attending. Some of the faculty are still part of the Catholic clergy, but not all, and in general it's a typical private high school.
I hope my making this a "semi" Catholic school doesn't offend anyone. I just wanted a private school that had some significant western influences, and this is where I went. It allows for a lot of stereotypes and conventions from western movies and literature. An entire write-up of the school will be uploaded soon; maybe it will make more sense then. I also have more teachers coming (including a few aliens), some of the students, and places of interest from the surrounding neighborhood. For now, here are some of the teachers that I already have worked up:

Emoto Chairo

Age: 55
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight/Build: Thin/160 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: White, uncombed
Eyes: brown, expressive
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Science Teacher

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (Certified Genius!) 6
Bod: (Old Science Geek) 1
Relationship With Others: (Respected Weirdo) 3
Luck: (Very) 5
Drive: (Mr. Magoo) 1
Looks: (Research Scientist) 2
Cool: (Perpetually confused look) 3
Bonk: (Easy target) 2
Powers: None
Knacks: Run Like Heck, Lucky Break
Traits: Weird Science +6, Know Science Stuff +4
Chairo Sensei is a brilliant and absent-minded scientist who, for reasons no one can quite fathom, is teaching Science in an obscure private high school. He's blind as a bat without his thick glasses, and with them he's still very nearsighted. His hair is pure white and never combed, giving him a perpetual just-stuck-his-finger-in-a-light-socket look. His clothes are likewise always disheveled, his socks never match, and he always smells faintly of formaldehyde. In short, he's a classic absent-minded professor with a bit of mad scientist thrown in, a sort of Japanese Doc Brown (from Back To The Future).
It's rumored that Chairo Sensei has a huge basement filled with strange, experimental equipment. It's said that some students have visited his place and were never heard from again.
Chairo Sensei is prone to carrying odd scientific gizmos in his pockets, like a body-swapping gun or an ecto (ghost) detector. He always wears a white lab coat over very rumpled clothing. He usually doesn't even know what's in his pockets.

Sister Hanako Yamaguchi

Age: 29
Height: 5 foot 1 inch
Weight: 110 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Dyed blonde
Eyes: brown, but uses blue contact lenses
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Homeroom/Language and Grammar Teacher

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (vapid - too many drug trips?) 2
Bod: (weak) 2
Relationship With Others: (Always friendly) 4
Luck: (Lucky to be alive) 3
Drive: (A Deadhead Van) 3
Looks: (She still has it) 4
Cool: (Permenantly laid back) 6
Bonk: (Delayed reaction) 4
Powers: None
Knacks: Know about the sixties +3, Quote Walt Witman and Alan Ginsberg +2, March holding protest sign +2
Traits: Really laid back, always upbeat and cheerful
Sister Yamaguchi is a child of the sixties, never mind that she's too young to have experienced them and lives on the wrong side of the world. She manages to look and act as much like a blonde-haired flower child as possible. Although a nun, her clothing and accessories often involve peace symbols and psychodelic tye-dying, and she drives a classic flower-decorated Dead Head VW bus. Although she is neither a good example of a nun nor a completely coherent student, she has the ability to weather almost any chaotic situation with a remarkable degree of calm. Clearly, if drugs have not ravaged her brain, then she was born so mellow that rather than crying she just told the doctor, "Hey, peace, man. It's cool."
Sister Yamaguchi is the homeroom teacher of the player characters.

Brother Hayao Tanaka

Age: 55
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 138 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: black, balding
Eyes: brown, tired
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Hall Monitor/Truant Officer

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (delusional) 3
Bod: (slow and weak) 2
Relationship With Others: (Ignorable) 3
Luck: (not very) 2
Drive: (passable) 3
Looks: (older than he is) 3
Cool: (looses it immediately) 1
Bonk: (swoons easily) 1
Powers: None
Knacks: Talk Forever Without Doing Anything +5, Notice Stuff +6, Harangue +4
Traits: Whiney, Complainative, Talkative, Delusional
Brother Tanaka lives in a world where he is a lethal killing machine with a hair trigger. He will explain this to you at length ("I could have killed him, I'm telling you -- it's a reflex, something I can't control. I picked it up in Nam. I tell my wife, honey, when you wake me up just prod my leg and then get back quick. I wouldn't want to hurt you.") However, in practice he is almost useless in any situation. He is slow (he walks with a cane) and panics in any confrontation, only afterwards explaining how he was "this close" to killing the other person.
As a Hall Monitor and a Truant Officer Brother Tanaka is both very good at and completely inadequate for the job. He has eagle-eyes that can spot students skipping class, school, or causing mischief from a half-mile away. He can smell trouble brewing, and always limps onto the scene just in time to threaten to break things up. He is good at haranguing the students too, telling them in no uncertain terms exactly what they should and shouldn't be doing, and exactly what he's going to do if they don't stop immediately.
Students ignore him, of course. He's harmless, incapable of doing anything to stop them, and because of is constant whining and complaining, even the vice principal doesn't really listen to anything he has to say, so you're not likely to get into trouble.
Brother Tanaka is good friends with Sister Jagielski, simply because he really was in a war (as a Japanese war corrispondent for half a year in Viet Nam). Although Sister Jagielski despises Tanaka, he is the only one at the school who is always happy to trade war stories with her. She helps him out occasionally in his role as truancy officer, and when she's along, the things he says are going to happen to you if you don't behave actually do happen to you.

Sister Mashoko Mado

Age: 24
Height: 5 foot even
Weight: 105 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: long and black
Eyes: silver-blue
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Home Economics Teacher, Witch

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (Not dumb) 4
Bod: (Average) 3
Relationship With Others: (Irresistably Friendly) 6
Luck: (Good) 4
Drive: (A broom) 3
Looks: (Stunningly Cute) 6
Cool: (Not easily spooked) 4
Bonk: (Average) 3
Powers: Loose it completely, Incredibly Cute, Magical Girl (TFOS definition)
Knacks: Do Magic +5, Cook +3, Act Sweet and Innocent +4
Traits: Friendly, Cheerful, Helpful
Sister Mado is a bit like a grown-up Belldandy (Oh! My Goddess) or Samantha from the show Bewitched, or Kiki's mother in Kiki's Delivery Service. In other words, she is not only a nun but a "good" witch who makes potions and cast spells that are meant to help people. Whether they actually do or not is a bit beside the point.
Sister Mado has a twin sister who is also a witch but not a nun, and who is not at all nice. Her name is Mahooko Mado, and she's always showing up causing trouble. Otherwise she's nearly identical. Oh, I suppose I'll have to write her up too...

Jack Lee (Jackie) Chung

Age: 45
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 145 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Janitor

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (not very) 3
Bod: (dangerously powerful) 6
Relationship With Others: (Friendly) 5
Luck: (Generally bad) 2
Drive: (Like a maniac -- known to flatten houses) 2
Looks: (Boyishly cute) 4
Cool: (Looses it quickly) 2
Bonk: (Incredibly tough) 6
Powers: Fake Out, Run Like Heck, Toughness
Knacks: Master of Broom Fu +5, Master of Combat With Found Objects +5, Fight Like A Demon When drunk +6, Clown Around +4, Climb Anything Quickly +3, Survive +3
Traits: Cheerful, Upbeat, A Nice Guy, Always Sticks Up For The Little Guy
Jackie Chung is the school's Chinese janitor. He might go unnoticed at first, being a somewhat clownish and not very bright fellow, but when cornered he quickly reveals that his is an absolute master of using his broom (or other found object, such as chair, lamp, etc.) as a martial art's weapon of destruction. He is nimble on his feet most of the time, able to glide up walls like a monkey. Really, for a janitor he's quite an athelete. When drunk he becomes and even more formidable opponent.
Jackie is always on the side of the player/students in any major confrontation. He's extra muscle for the GM to toss in when the players could use a hand.
Okay, okay, I admit it. He's a thinly-disguised Jackie Chan! =) Who wouldn't want Jackie Chan as the janitor at their school?

Yoriko Hasegawa

Age: 33
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 138 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Long, purple
Eyes: Violet
Nationality: Japanese?
Position: School Nurse

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (Near genius) 5
Bod: 4
Relationship With Others: (Abrasive but beautiful) 3
Luck: (Passable) 3
Drive: (Passable) 3
Looks: (Angelic) 6
Cool: (Scientific curiosity wins out) 5
Bonk: 4
Powers: Fake Out, Loose It Completely
Knacks: Weird Science +5, Sound Professional +3, Chiropractic Stuff +3, Know Secret Martial Arts Stuff +4, Accupuncture +2, Martial Arts +1
Traits: Abrasive, Impersonal (in a scientific manner)
Hasegawa Sensei is a doctor schooled in both western and eastern medical disciplines. As with Tofu-Sensei of Ranma 1/2, she can pop joints back into place, patch you up, and knows a great deal about pressure points and other martial arts lore. Unlike Tofu-Sensei, Hasegawa Sensei is not a kindly, friendly person. She has an abrasive, clinical manner about her and enjoys the little tortures of prodding and poking people during an exam. More importantly, Hasegawa Sensei experiments on her students (and other teachers) without their knowledge or consent. She is constantly trying out new medicines that have strange effects, takes notes like a good scientist, and is more interested in seeing what happens than in helping the poor students get back to normal.
Hasegawa Sensei considers herself a genius. She has a secret lab far beneath the school (accessible via elevators from her nurse's office and from the closet of her bedroom in her apartment, several blocks away). In her lab she performs experiments using samples taken from the students of the school. One of her pet projects is to clone the perfect student.

Sister Krista Jagielski

Age: 30
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 200 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Polish/Russian
Position: Gymnastic/P.E. Teacher

TFOS Conversion:

Smarts: (Jock) 2
Bod: (Hulk Hogan) 5
Relationship With Others: (Militaristic) 3
Luck: (Average) 3
Drive: (Very good) 5
Looks: (Like a man -- an ugly one) 1
Cool: (Unshakable) 5
Bonk: (Marine Sergeant Tough) 6
Powers: Toughness
Knacks: Scream Like A Drill Sergeant +3, Military Strategist +2, Martial Arts +2, Be Good At Sports +2
Traits: Gruff, Abrubt, Always in a foul mood
Sister Jageilski is a former Marine Sergeant with the attitude to match. She is in charge of P.E. at the school (both girls and boys) and doesn't tolerate cowards, pansies and panty-waistes. Her P.E. classes are always something akin to the battle at Iwo Jima, especially since she is very partial to competetive sports. She always carries a clipboard, a stopwatch, and a whistle, and even when in her habit manages to convey the sense of a gym teacher in grey sweat pants and sweatshirt.
Sister Jageilski is the coach of all serious sports at the school. She lives near the campus and doesn't seem to have a life beyond working out and coaching others. Often accompanies Brother Tanaka when in his role as a truancy officer.

All for now! Pictures and more NPC's to follow later!


Akane images and character copyright 1998 Rumiko Takahashi. Other characters also copyrighted, naturally.

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