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Chad Burnett is running a Play-By-Mail role-playing game using Teenagers From Outer Space. A friend and I are involved in this game, and another friend is on the list of people waiting to get involved. Chad has his own TFOS page which I suggest you check out: Teenagers In Cyberspace. He'll be posting all the characters in the game plus summaries or turn descriptions from the actual game so that others can read and follow along (trust me, it should be fun to read!)
What I have on this page are my character plus the characters of my two friends. For the rest of the characters and any other information on the game, go to Chad's page!


Athene Player: Mark Allen Davis (Miko) Illo by Miko!
Type: Near Human
Gender: Female
Hair: purple
Eyes: green
Height: 5'2" or shorter!
Build: slender
Age: essentially, a 1,000 year old teenager

Smarts: 2
Bod: 3
RWP: 1
Luck: 1
Driving: 1
Looks: 6
Cool: 6
Bonk: 3

Powers: magical girl, get small, fly
Knacks: Seduce +2, Always Stylish +2, Be Cool +3, Genie Act +1
Traits: vain, mischevious, boy (& girl) chaser

Stuff: Boy/Girl gun, Hyperdimensional Hammer, "ship" (see notes)

Notes: Athene is a genie. No, really! For a thousand years she's lived inside a bottle, serving one greedy master after another, granting them everything their twisted little minds thought they desired. For the most part, it was never enough to satisfy them. Well, after a thousand years Athene found a master who actually wasn't self-centered, and he granted her freedom. Never again will she have to serve another!
Athene is over a thousand years old, but she looks like a teenager and she has spent most of that thousand years inside her magical bottle, so in most things she's no smarter than your typical teen. What she gained over a thousand years wasn't much in the way of knowledge (she was never all that sharp to begin with), but was a great deal in the way of human experience. Athene is pretty cynical about people in general, trusts no one, and is not easily surprised or flustered. Essentially, for game purposes, she gains absolutely no advantage from having lived a thousand years, other than an explanation for how she can stay so cool. Really, she spends much of her time trying to look good and remain cool.
Now that she is free, Athene has decided to go to school and learn all that stuff she never learned before because she was too busy doing genie stuff. Of course, she still really has little interest in learning, so it's not doing her much good. She's living with the family of the boy who freed her (these are details for the gm to figure out -- maybe it's even another player character). She plans to marry him, since he obviously has a pure heart (or is stupid enough to manipulate, anyway).
Some people still assume that they can control Athene simply by posessing her bottle. She likes to play along until she's satisfied that they're serious scumbags who deserve what they're about to get. She may grant their first wish or two before turning on them. Given her past, there's no one she hates so much as a greedy male who thinks he can boss her around and whose every wish is completely self-serving.
Athene shrinks down to fit inside her lamp. She can fly her lamp about (treat it as her space ship). It's really really ugly. It can't get any bigger, it's already "actual size", but she can use her powers to shrink other people down so they fit inside. She normally only does that if she wants to get someone alone...
Speaking of which, Athene is strongly attracted to anyone who exhibits selflessness (since she's seen so little of that trait in her long life). Once she's attracted to someone she follows them around, drapes herself on them, calls them by cute nicknames, and generally makes a nuisance of herself. She's as happy chasing girls as boys, and her favorite trick is to get them trapped inside her bottle for a round (or several) of kissing and snuggling.

Aoude (Pronounced like the car, Audi)

Race: Near Human
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Hair: Pink
Build: Slender, athletic.

Smarts: 3
Bod: 4
RWP: 2
Luck: 2
Driving: 1
Looks: 6
Cool: 3
Bonk: 3

Powers: Fly
Knacks: Locating "Hello Kitty" Merchandise +3, Hello Kitty-fu +3 (The ability to use any Sanrio product as a martial arts weapon. How well Aoude uses them is another story!), Dazzling Smile +4
Traits: Sucker for Sanrio, Trusting, Beweildered by Earth Culture and Customs
Allowance: $10.00

A Little Bit About Aoude: Aoude comes from the distant planet of Anansie. She came to Earth to visit a friend of hers and discovered Hello Kitty. Her obsession became so great that she lied, cheated and stole to stay on Earth and an exchange student.
Aoude is a sweet girl who is an average student. Always there for a friend. How many of them are actually her friends is irrelevant. If you're nice to her, she'll be your friend, make you bento lunchs and ask you to buy her Hello Kitty stuff. She doesn't grasp the concept of idiom. If there's a phrase or expression to mangle, she'll mangle it. She adores sware words and obscene gestures. Though she doesn't use them often, she knows they are rude, but thinks they're cute anyway. Whenever people sware at her, she giggles incesently and if they keep it up she breaks into laughter. Running across a gang of boys in the city would probably be a bad thing for her. She would think they were cute. Likewise, being scolded would only convince her that whoever is doing the scolding truly cares for her. Classmates could be considered potential love interests if they Loose their temper because of her too often. Earth culture makes little or no sense to her. Her attitude is, "When on Earth, do as the common folk do!" No matter how embarrassing. For example, if you told her that dressing up like a penquin and asking for fish at the market is a good way to get a date, she'd definitely give it a try.
By leaving her prestigious school on Anansie, she greatly dissappointed her parents, well encrouched political types. They weild a great deal of power and often send agents to "rescue" her from the dreadful Earth. Aoude lives at the (school) dorm. Her roommate, if any, is up to the Ref. Of course, any roommate would have to carve precious space amongst all the Sanrio merchandise.

Stuff: Hyper Dimensional Stuffed Bad Badz Maru Toy (works just like Hyperdimensional Hammer)

Kuu' Pair (Cooper or Goober)

Player: Keith Alan Johnson
Type: Real Weirdy
Gender: Male
Age: ? Equivalent to 13
Eyes: Cute Black
Hair/Fur: Compact fluffy stage-Dark brown; Stretched out Mobil stage- Think Siamese
Build: Stationary and relaxed- Butter Ballish (appears legless) - 1 foot diameter. On the Move- Quadruped Slender and remarkably stretchy Cat like. - 1' by 2' (including tail)

Smarts 4
Bod 1
Luck 4
Driving 1
Looks 5
Cool 2
Bonk 4

Powers: Monster Out, Teleport. Spell checker suggested 'teleprompt'. I was tempted. ;)
Knaxs: Figure Things Out +4, Keep Your Balance +3, Hunch +2, Juggle +1
Items: Gopher Gun (Loves watching them gophers!)

About Kuu' Pair: Kuu'pair looks like a Siamese cat if he's walking and like a Tribble (with pointy ears, whiskers, and big eyes) if he's stationary. He comes from the Planet Hurbll. Hurbll orbits a blue star (do we need to worry about astro physics?) in the fashionable End of the Eastern Spiral Arm.
Kuu'pair can speak. This whole 'cat' thing is simply a convenience. And he has opposable thumbs, no problem there.
Kuu'pair is timid, but becomes VERY friendly if anyone pays attention to him. He learned early on that the appropriate way he was expected to show friendship was to rub his head all over the person. He'll do so with a vengeance if given half a chance. (yes, he sheds too). If someone shoos him away he will look VERY hurt. If they shoo him away too vehemently he may Monster Out.
He was sent here by his parents to study. They don't care what he studies as long as he applies himself. (He applies himself often to old "Klondike Cat" cartoons) He's actually be a great student if he would apply himself to his studies. Instead he applies himself to anyone who appears friendly.

So write me already!

Akane images and character copyright 1998 Rumiko Takahashi. Other characters also copyrighted, naturally.

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