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About Anime and Manga
About Professional Anime RPG's
About Homebrew Anime RPGs
About Play By Mail Games
Anime RPG Aids!
Anime Charcter Types - an aid for creating characters!
Anime Character Types

Universal Anime RPG Rules
The Story Of Our Campaign!
Game Rule Aids!
New Powers
New Gadgets
Characters From Our Campaign!
NPC Students
NPC Teachers
My El Hazard Characters!
ready to use with TFOS stats!
PBeM Characters!
Characters From My Contest!
characters sent in by other people!
Big Eyes Small Mouth Characters! (Honest!)
Adventure Aids!
My Campaign Setting!
The Absent Parent Routine!
another contest entry!
The Mo Dean Episode!
The Hello Grimoire Episode!
The Cyber Geek Episode!
Topaz, A World Away
a complete adventure, coming soon!
Death, What An Adventure!
another adventure, due later!
Pocket Monster In My Pants!
Eight-Way Santa!
more adventures that we're working on!
Handy Reference Charts
if I get that far!
House Specials
My contest!
Akane's Contest!

Anime/RPG Links

my main links page
The Akane Shrine

lots of Akane links!
free stuff page
Akane's Free Stuff Page

even more links!
Akane's Anime RPG Button
Link To Me!

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Anime Resources


Geocities Anime Project

Anime Domein

Masato's Anime-Manga Launch Base

Anime Web Turnpike

Interactive Anime

Anime Grove

Manga Seeker -- A search engine!
Manga Seeker

this site is too darn cute for words!
Akane's Anime Fest!

Serpent's Anime Page Rocks!!!
Serpent's Anime Page!

Emiko's Genesis -- Sugoi!
Emiko's Genesis!

anime and manga resource list
Anime Manga Resource List

Wingland, home of Anime Link, Chat, Bulletin Board, Etc.
Wingland - Anime Link

Anime Power
Anime Power

Mecca Publications and Animecca Magazine
Animecca Magazine

Anime Now
Anime Now

The Haruka Project (Italian) SM, Ranma 1/2, Marmalade Boy, 3x3 Eyes, Rayearth, Miracle Girls
The Haruka Project

Angel's Anime Pavillion
Angel's Anime Pavillion

Anime Cafe!  Anime Reviews and Encyclopedia!
Trixie from Anime Turnpike!

Anime RPG Resources
Chad's Cool TFOS Page
Teenagers In Cyberspace

Rob's Cool Anime RPG Page
The Anime RPG Shrine

RPG Archive
Great RPG Archive

WebRPG Online
WebRPG Online


Other Pages
Maison Bellchan's Stupid Stupid Anime Pages
Maison Bellchan's

Belldandy's Anime Shrines
Belldandy's Anime Shrines

I write for a 'furries in space' fanzine
Miko's Tai-Pan Page

So you want to know all about me?  My home page!
Miko's Home Page

mezurashii's anime pages
Mezurashii's Anime Pages!

Major Search Engines!

Supposedly Hotbot and Altavista are the largest, with 40% and 25% of the web listed, respectively.










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