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Ranma and Akane, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... like that will ever happen...

New Gadgets!

A few at least!

Digital Tridee Nudie Camera

Cost: $50. This device looks like an ordinairy camera and works like a digital camera (it does not have film). It also resembles the tridee cameras of the future that create three-dimensional images (through the use of inexplicable alien technology) which can be displayed as a holo image or placed on a virtual web as a three-dimensional object. But the DTN camera goes one step further -- it creates naked three-dimensional images of people! The DTN camera is a favorite device of pranksters and lechers everywhere! Now you too can easily produce an eight-inch holo image of your sister naked, and place it somewhere where everyone can see! Now you can produce on the virtual web your own private gallery of lifelike statues of your favorite classmates, naked for all to drool over. Be the envy of all the geeks and lechers!
For people who are sensitive to this subject or want to run a completely "PG" campaign, all you need to do is define the camera so that, in your campaign, it only takes pictures of people in their underwear, or else it pixelates the naughty bits.
See: Gallery Of The Geeks Instant Adventure!

The Voodoo Tamogachi

My twisted roommate came up with this, so don't blame me. I come up with enough twisted stuff on my own (witness the Hello Grimoire).
If you don't know what a tamogachi is, you obviously haven't been around grade school and junior high school kids lately. These things were all the rage in Japan a year or so ago and then hit the US maybe a year ago. They're little hand-held computer games where the object is to feed and care for a baby/chick/creature of some sort until it is full grown. You have options to feed them different foods, sooth them, etc. You can overfeed or underfeed your tamogachi, and it can take a week or so to reach your goal and "finish" the game. In the mean time, it's just like having a baby... it wants attention constantly, even waking you up at night to be fed. The wonders of modern technology and all that...
But the Voodoo Tamogachi is much, much different.
You can probably fill in the details on your own. You know the theory behind a voodoo doll. Well, the Voodoo Tamogachi is the modern, high-tech equivelant. It has a laser sight on it that allows you to target someone (any living thing really) and "lock in" on them. After that, a little digital representation of your target appears on your Voodoo Tamogachi screen, and how you treat the digital person/creature affects the actual person or animal that you've targeted. Want them to get fat? Feed them a lot. Want them to get skinny and always be hungry? Don't feed them. Want them to get drunk? Feed them alcohol. Want them to bang their forhead into a solid object? You get the picture.
Each Voodoo Tamogachi costs $50 and comes with five functions, (what they allow you to do, you and your GM can work out). It can only lock onto one target at a time, but you can change to a new target once a day. It's the ultimate revenge tool of the future!

The Idealizer

Cost: N/A (Unique Item)
Appearance: Unknown, but there are many tales....
Effect: This Item is actually two "guns" which hook together to form one device. Both guns form a telepathic bond with their "owners" (whoever happens to be holding them) and draw upon that shape their effect. The first gun when fired at a living sentient being shapes it physically into the owner's ideal mate (regardless of sex or species).The Bod and Looks stats can be changed this way. The second gun changes the target mentally in the same way (yes, this can mentally feminize a man and vice versa).
Smarts and Cool may be changed in this way. When together the two guns operate simultaneously. The Idealizer has unlimited ammo and its effects are permanent unless reversed some other way (I hope you have a Magical Girl handy).
Note: The Players should never, ever get access to this device......Unless its funny for them to.
Story Hooks: This device can be the source of many interesting adventures for the players. Here are some choice story hooks:

        1. The biggest jerk in school some how obtains one piece of the Idealizer and is using it freely. He may be on the verge of getting the second part. The teens will most likely want to liberate the gun before they become part of Chad's (or whatever his/her name is) harem.
        2. Drop hints, rumors and legends of the device and watch the players scatter to lay claim to it (don't let them). Perhaps one or more other parties also hear of the device and it becomes a race to find what every teenager would kill to own.
        3. Both parts show up at school at the same time but are owned by different people. A small war takes place as each tries to get the other gun by whatever means necessary. Perhaps the players will want to take sides or just remain neutral. This works best when the war is waged in a very crowded place and random civilians are at danger of being hit by stray blasts from the Idealizers (My group faced this at a carnival. The final battle was in a house of mirrors and the players had to make a luck test every turn or be hit by a stray beam).
Submitted by Exeter the Squid as part of my first contest.

Friendship Bracelet

Cost: $20 for one memory slot (+ $10/per additional memory slot)
Appearance: A small metal bracelet with little flashing lights on it.
Effect: These small electronic bracelets can be attuned to one specific weapon per memory slot (a specific weapon would be for example "Joe's primary zap gun" not all zap guns period). One attuned, a process which takes 10 min., the weapon will not fire at the wearer of the bracelet. Area of effect weapons such as the battle bikini's missile barrage will mysteriously avoid the wearer leaving him/her unscathed.
Submitted by Exeter the Squid as part of my first contest.

Plot Device Locator(PDL)

The PDL is s small hand held computer similar a Newton that has three homing settings:

        A. Locate Nearest Plot Device
        B. Locate Current Plot Device
        C. Locate Nearest Fast Food Restaurant

It also has a scanning power the rates NPCs as important or not. And it has a loud alarm that goes off during Plot Points.
Now you're probably asking yourself what sane GM would let their PCs get a device like this. Good question! Go get yourself a cookie, you deserve it. Anyway, the PDL is not without problems. The nearest Plot Device setting should always lead to the Principal's Office. The Current Plot Device setting should always take the longest most round about path(and with an all boy group-though the Girl's Locker Room right in between classes). The Plot Point Alarm is extremely loud, to the point that they can't here the Plot Point happening while it's going off. As for the Important NPC Scanner, importance is relevant. Someone's who's not important now might suddenly become important later. Like the nerd they picked on yesterday who is the only person who can forge those hall passes they need now.
Oh, and the PDL is a fragile piece of equipment requiring all sorts of special parts to keep it working and only one person in the world knows how to fix it. That's right! Al the school's janitor.
Submitted by J Swann as part of my first contest.

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