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I'm involved in an online anime role-playing game based on the series El Hazard. It's called El Hazard: Reign Of Terror. I created three characters for that game, and I'm working up artwork on them, so I thought I'd come up with some quick stats for TFOS and put them up here so that people in the game can come look and so you or anyone else can use them as NPC characters in your Anime/TFOS campaign. Enjoy!

Nikkithra (Nikki) Desirae

Age: 16
Alignment: Basically nuetral
Race: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Sex: Female
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 128 lbs.
Physical Appearance: Caucasian (Irish American).

Nikki crossed dimensions. She's from Seattle, WA on earth. She doesn't know how she crossed dimensions.
Ability gained from crossing dimensions: Extreme Luck
Nikki has no pets.

TFOS conversion:

Smarts 2
Bod 6
Relationship With Parents 2
Luck 6
Driving 3
Looks 4
Cool 5
Bonk 6

Powers Fake Out, Extreme Luck

Knacks Survive Anything +3, Climb Like A Monkey +2, Do dangerous stuff +2

Traits Never Afraid, Obsessed with Danger, Looks down on the weak

Nikki is a high school student originally from america who was an exchange student in Japan when something happened that transported her to the world of El Hazard.
Nikki has no fear. She is an adrenaline junkie who has attempted every dangerous activity she can think of (rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc.) simply for the thrill of it. Nothing fazes her -- the more dangerous things get, the more excited she becomes. Being stuck in the El Hazard world hasn't worried her for a moment; she's been having the time of her life.
When things slow down, Nikki gets bored. She isn't exactly stupid, but intellectual pursuits are not her thing. She tends to focus intensely on only what interests her and ignore the rest, which usually comes back to haunt her later. ("What? I wasn't paying attention.) She's at her most dangerous when bored, because that's when she decides to find "something to do", like scale the side of one of the palace towers and then string up a tightrope and practice walking it at two hundred feet without a net. Luckily, Nikki has something of a "Mihoshi" complex (from Tenchi Muyou), in that she is phenomenally lucky and never manages to get hurt no matter what the situation. That's not to say others don't get hurt, it's just to say that Nikki herself always manages to climb from the rubble, dust herself off, and say, "Wow! That was cool! What's next?"
Nikki has a problem with boys, because she doesn't really respect anyone who can't keep up with her, and pretty much no one can. Intelligence doesn't even enter into the picture; she's looking for someone who's as excited about being in the center of action and danger as she is. Since most others eventually decide that she's psycho, the odds of her finding someone that's compatible with her are slim. But she keeps trying.


Age: 17
Alignment: Basically good, not too idealistic.
Race: El Hazardian native.
Hair: Eyes: Sex: Female
Height: Weight: Physical Appearance: Slender, feminine face.
Akishka has no pets.
\Position held: Bodyguard/page/sidekick.

TFOS conversions:

Smarts 4
Bod 6
Relationship With Parents 1
Luck 2
Driving 1
Looks 6
Cool 4
Bonk 6

Powers None known

Knacks Kickass Xena School of Swordsmanship +3, Save Lazaros's Butt +2

Traits Longsuffering, Has Great Perseverance, Determined, Independant

Akishka is a young woman from an El Hazard city where women were not allowed to become warriors and fighters. She is also from a low-class family and therefore did not have the money and influence needed to thwart conventional attitudes. Her family expected her to marry a young man who Akishka thought stupid and unimaginative, so one night she ran away to seek her fortune.
Akishka disguised herself as a boy, a young knight-errant/warrior, and set out to seek her fortune. Unfortunately for her, she is rather slight and has a very beautiful face, and few people were fooled for a second. Since no one wanted to hire a slender young girl as a guard or warrior, she wound up being Lazaros's page and bodyguard. Lazaros is firmly convinced that Akishka is a young boy, and absolutely nothing can change his mind. (Lazaros fancies himself something of a ladies man and the idea that his sidekick of the last year might actually be a woman is inconcievable to him. His mind will leap to any other conclusion than the right one.)
Over the last year Akishka has become a quite capable warrior, under the training of Lazaros, who was, after all, trained by a master. Akishka is well on her way to being a better warrior than Lazaros will ever be, but she is stuck as his assistant because she has no reputation of her own and nobody would hire a young girl to do the things that they hire Lazaros to do. Akishka mutters under her breath a lot, but is always there to back up her lord.
Akishka has little respect for Lazaros. He inevitably rushes headlong into an impossible situation, never dreaming that he, the greatest swordsman in all of El Hazard, is not actually up to whatever impossible task awaits him. When he is defeated and cowering in abject terror, it is up to Akishka to save his hide. If she manages that, he will inevitably take all of the credit, and will recount for others his "glorious victory", while Akishka sits in the background muttering to herself.
Akishka aspires to do nothing more than she is already doing, but she would prefer to do it herself, get the credit herself, and have people respect her, instead of the idiot she works for. Alas, it seems that is not to be.


Age: 28
Alignment: Good/Lawful, although rather self-centered. Idealistic.
Race: El Hazardian native.
Physical Appearance: Handsome and muscular, but clearly vain about it.
No pets.
Position held: Noble (recieves and allowance from his parent's estate), wandering knight-errant

TFOS conversions:

Smarts 1
Bod 6
Relationship With Parents 4
Luck 3
Driving 2
Looks 6
Cool 2
Bonk 4

Powers None known

Knacks Kickass Lawrence of Arabia School of Swordsmanship +3, Make Heroic Speech +2, Strike Heroic Pose +3, Run Away Really Fast +3, Beg For Your Life +3

Traits Idealistically Heroic, Coward, Easily Fooled

Lazaros is a native of El Hazard. He is a travelling knight-warrior from a noble family in a distant city. Lazaros is an exceptional swordsman, in the same way that Kuno (from Ranma 1/2) is an exceptional kendo swordsman. In other words, Lazaros is single-minded and not very bright, and any very good swordsman who is also intelligent will be able to defeat him.
This is a problem for poor Lazaros, for he is a coward by nature. He usually bills himself as the greatest warrior on El Hazard, but when he can't finish off an opponenet quickly he becomes frustrated and makes mistakes. When he is defeated he becomes mortally afraid of that person and will hide/run/beg for his life if confronted again (by the same person).
At all other times, Lazaros is an insufferable upperclass snob convinved of his own superiority to everyone else. He really doesn't have any friends, although people may initially consider him a knight in shining armor. This is because Lazaros also has a "hero" complex; he considers himself the embodiment of the honorable warrior who rights all wrongs and protects the weak from the wicked. He travels the world looking for adventure and seeking glory and to right wrongs. Inevitably, his cowardice is his undoing, and his insufferable attitude wears on everyone.
Lazaros is as dense as granite, and easily fooled.

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