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Characters For Big Eyes, Small Mouth!

Submitted by GrringGecko!!

Arigato! Feel free to send me your own BESM charcters!

No, I haven't managed to get my act together and start posting BESM material, but someone else has kindly forwarded two characters to me, and promises to send more. Finally, we have something for you Big Eyes, Small Mouth fans! Let us know what you think, and if you run a BESM campaign, send me something to post! Or start your own web page, for that matter, and I'll link people to it! ^_^

Hogi Toso
        Combat value:8(13 when using Sumo skills)/5(11 with body harding and 16 with Sumo skills).

Focused Combat (Sumo wrestling):lv5
Special Defence Lv5
(Skin like iron due to special training, applies to every thing
except engery attacks and spirit stuff. Skin basically cannot be
Shy:+1 bonus point
        Hogi Toso is a large (5 feet wide, 7 feet high 600 kilos) Japanese
16 year old male. He has lived and trained at a reclusive Sumo
school for most of his life. Because of this he is very shy around strangers. He often walks around with hunched shoulders and head looking at the floor and
fingers at chest level. He is quite naive about non-temple matters.

Anita Pinic (Ant Girl)

        Combat value:9/7
Combat Mastery:lv3
Damn Healthy:1
Heighened Senses:3
Un-noticeablity:lv1 (2 per level)
        (She is not noticable as an attractive human female to ants, they
        think she is just one of them)
Speak to Ants:Lv1 (1 per level)
She can speak to an ant within 2 metres with high pitched clicking
Obligation to the giant Queen:+1 bonus point
(The giant queen will occausionly ask her to do something)

Anita appears as normal teenage girl with ant antenna. When not
wearing the school uniform, she wears a tank top and track pants.
Anita was born in a giant a nest far below the school. For strange
reasons she was born looking like a normal human with antenna. After being
raised as an ant the Queen ant finally clicked that she wasnt like the other
ants. So after teaching her in the ways of the humans she was send of to the
surface to intgrate with them.
She is like a normal human being excpet with ant like resistance
(not the small ants, I mean Bull ant toughness, the kind that you step on and
they don't die) senses, and an extreme fondness for sugar and pinics. She
is still loyal to the nest and will do want she can to help them.