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Anime Role Playing/How I got here

Are you a fan of anime and role-playing? I am! Unfortunately my tastes run more to Oh! My Goddess, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyou and El Hazard than they do to the Gundam-style big robots battling out in orbit over Tokyo genre, which meant that even though it was neat that anime RPG's like Mekton Z, Bubblegum Crisis, Jovian Chronicles and Heavy Gear were becoming available, I wanted something that would allow me to be a sex-changing martial arts expert, a demon hunter with a magical transformation sequence, or a goddess second-class who hangs around down here on earth and builds goofy robots in her spare time. For over a year I attempted to create my own anime role-playing game. I didn't manage to get it running, but in July 1997 Guardians Of Order released Big Eyes, Small Mouth, a universal role-playing system for the non-robot half of the anime world. In November 1997 R. Talsorian Games re-released the "original" anime role playing game, Teenagers From Outer Space.
Right now there are no supplements for BESM and almost none for TFOS although old ones exist (there's one called "Star Riders" that I've found). More importantly, there are very few web sites that provide any helpful TFOS or BESM content. That's where this page comes in!

My plan since January has been to provide dual TFOS/BESM content at this page so you can use what I have with either system. I'm still working on the BESM part, but you can adapt material here for just about any system.
Since last January a growing number of Anime RPG sites have sprung up! Check the sidebar, my links page, and my "about anime and role-playing" page. In particular, check out Rob's Anime RPG Page, Mathew's Through The Witchgate, and Mark's Anime RPG Page, not to mention the Unofficially Teenagers From Outer Space page and the TFOS Archive. These are all wonderful sites! They've got what you need!

What's New?

9-3-98 No, I haven't updated in ages. I'm hoping to get some updating done in the next few days, gomen!
8-2-98 Still don't have that adventure up, but here's another TFOS link: TFOS Archive. They're looking for new material!
7-29-98 Time for an update! I'm working on a short adventure (dual TFOS/BESM, really honestly I'm not kidding!), but in the meantime, why not join a cool new original anime-style play by mail rpg? BenOhki's running it, and it's called Quelantos. Click the link to go to Ben's page!
7-14-98 Added a couple of new links, fixed some minor stuff that looked stupid in Netscape. One link is for another nice Brazillian Anime RPG site, Anime e RPG. The other new link is for a homebrew Dragon Ball RPG based on Rifts, Dragon Ball: Saiyan Fury.
7-9-98 I've linked two sites with Big Eyes, Small Mouth content! Through The Witchgate and A Big Eyes, Small Mouth Site.
7-6-98 Just got back from Anime Expo! Linked a Brazillian RPG site called The Anime and RPG Outpost
at the request of the owner, very nice site and has a Brazillian RPG mailing list! Not that I speak Portuguese...
6-26-98 Nothing new, but Tom Milliorn (he created Laura Darkling for my campaign) has put up a web page at this link. I thought I'd mention it because he's got two pictures of Laura there, and one of his "gothbots". He's working on a comic involving Laura Darkling as a gothbot mech pilot! Tom's a professional artist whose work has been published in other comics, so you may just see "Laura Darkling, Gothmech Pilot" on the stands one of these days... check out his way-cool art, and view the terror that is Ryo-Crowley! (I'm not going to try and explain Ryo-Crowley to you... you must see to believe!)
6-23-98 Hey! We've made the Top Ten for June at the Great RPG Archive! Is that cool or what?
I've added a few more things, including six more TFOS characters from my own campaign, (two from the twisted mind of Tom Hayes and two more from the equally twisted mind of Dugan Chen, a friend we met at Baka Con). I have pictures of several of these characters to upload later. Also -- are you ready for this? -- Yes! I've added two BESM characters!!! No, I didn't create them myself, they were sent in by GrringGecko! Arigato! More BESM material to come, honest!
I've also added a link to another anime game available online, this one is a Lodoss Wars RPG based on the Instant Fuzion rules! Interested? Check out Mark Chase's Atomik Fuzion page!
6-12-98 What's this? An actual update? Okay, I've fixed the spelling of "le morte du spam" (thanks to Dreamlord from Quebec) and I've also added new material to my Campaign Setting page. I have a lot of plans to expand on this (it's still very incomplete) but not a great deal of time. Also, I have some more charcters from recent campaigns to add in, and I need to deal with those people who've responded to my more recent contest, I've just been lazy... but you're not forgotten! ^_^
Thanks to Dreamlord also for tipping me off to the following:

R. Talsorian Games Announces Dragon Ball RPG!

August 1998! Well, okay, I'm even less of a Dragonball fan than I am a Sailor Moon fan, but I'll probably pick this up too. To be honest I haven't even visited their web page to check this out yet, but odds are it's going to be based on their Fuzion system. Anyway, more neat news! Anime and anime role-playing appears to be on the rise! Here's the R. Talsorian link!
Finally, always remember: Gigantor's a space age robot, he's at your command; Gigantor's a space age robot, his power's in your hand; Gigantor's a space age robot, he's at your command; Gigantor's a space age robot, his power's in your hand; he's bigger than big, taller than tall, quicker than quick, stronger than strong, he's ready to fight for right against wrong!
I just thought that was something you should bear in mind. ^_^

5-3-98 I've removed a great number of the button graphics from my main page, in order to make it load faster. Don't worry, all of the links and buttons will appear on my links page! ^_^
Also started a new contest... well not really a contest at all, just a random drawing thing.
4-29-98 Did some work on my "about anime and role-playing" page (I need a snazzier name for that page). But the big news is:

Guardians Of Order Announce Sailor Moon RPG!

That's right! The people who bring you one of the best commercially available anime rpgs are set to unveil the Sailor Moon RPG in August 1998! This game will be compatible with their Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime rpg! What can I say? I'm not the biggest Sailor Moon fan in the world, but I do know there are a lot of you out there! (And I really mean a lot!) This is great news! It seems Mark MacKinnon is working hard at expanding his BESM game and his company, which is nothing but good news for anime role-playing fans! Here's the Guardians Of Order link!

I've also added a link to an anime rpg mail list -- see below.
4-27-98 I've added a page on "Universal Rules of Comedy Anime Role-Playing". Some of the rules you find in one particular anime rpg seem suited for just about ANY comedy anime rpg, so I'm collecting all of these "Universal" rules into one document.
Check out my listing of the anime character types you could play in an anime rpg. These are taken from my writings for my own game, so they don't assume anything based on TFOS or BESM, but should be useful if you're stuck creating a character.

If you could care less about role-playing games and you're really just looking for an Akane Shrine, we have one!

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