My CNJ N Scale Layout is based on the Track Plan from Atlas Nine N Scale Track Plans book the Unhinged and Horizontal. I began building it in 1984 and have modified it and added to it ever since.  The John Armstrong track plan permits maximum operations in minimal space that's way I've retained it for 21 years.
3X7 Hollow Core Finished Door for the base with 52" table to floor elevations on the main section below and a modular addition 2X4 foot yard section recently added.
2 Cab operation using standard power packs and block wiring the layout is so small and my fleet of locomotives so large that I decided not to use DCC.
Most is Atlas sectional and Flex Track on cork roadbed with some of their new code 80 on sidings and a few areas employ Kato track and switchs.

* 2003-NEW *

I added this 2X4 Module (below) to extend the original 3 yard tracks above to simulate the massive station and yard areas at Jersey City.
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