Barrhead Cemeteries

Barrhead, Alberta, Canada

Barrhead Cemetery Index

An alphabetical index of who's buried where in Barrhead County. Approximately 4800 names are in this Index from 38 cemeteries in Barrhead County. Included are the surname and given name of the person, the tombstone inscription and the cemetery they are buried in.

Cemeteries in Barrhead County -

Barrhead Catholic (St. Anne's Roman Catholic)
Barrhead Community (St. Mary's Abbots Anglican)
Barrhead Field of Honor (Royal Canadian Legion)
Barrhead Lutheran (St. John's Lutheran)
Barrhead Russo-Grk Orthodox (Russo-Greek Orthodox)
Barrhead United (Eastlawn United Church)
Belvedere Community (All Saint's Anglican)
Bethel Baptist (Campsie)
Bloomsbury Pentecostal (Barrhead Pentecostal)
Fort Assiniboine (Hillcrest)
Gardenview Community (German Pentecostal)
Glenreagh (St. Aidan's Anglican)
Klondyke (Doris-Timeu)
Lac La Nonne Anglican (St. Peter's Anglican)
Lac La Nonne Catholic (Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic)
Lunnford (St. Paul's Lutheran)
Manola (Manola United Church)
Meadowview Community (Riverside)
Meadowview Lutheran (St. John's Lutheran)
Mellowdale Community (Mellowdale United Church)
Mellowdale Lutheran (Christ Lutheran Mellowdale)
Mosside Catholic (Holy Cross Roman Catholic)
Mosside United (Agnes Memorial United)
Mystery Lake Lutheran (St. Michael's Lutheran)
Naples (Our Lady of Mount Carmal Roman Catholic)
Neerlandia (Christian Reformed)
Poynter Memorial (Paddle River)
Roselea (Roseglen)
Sion Anglican (St. Luke's Anglican)
Sion Lutheran (Sion Epiphany Lutheran)
Sion United Church
Topland Community
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox (All Saint's, Holy Ghost)
Vega Community
Willow Wilde (Heaton Moore, Dunstable)

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