Final Examination Procedures


.1.  The Final will ordinarily be held at the time specified by the University of Texas unless otherwise announced in class.

2.  It will be held in the regular classroom unless otherwise indicated.

3.  If a student misses the exam during finals week for whatever reason, there will be make-ups available during my office hours at the beginning of the next term.  (Given the normal difficulties faced in the last several weeks of any semester, it is unlikely that I shall be able to arrange for a make-up of the final at that time.)

4.  Students who make-up the exam within two weeks of the beginning of the following semester will be assessed only a 5-point penalty for lateness.

5.  Students who make-up the exam after two weeks but within a month of the beginning of the following term will be assessed a 7-point penalty for lateness.

6.  Thereafter, students who wish to make-up the exam will (a) be assessed a 10-point penalty and (b) required to do an extra project involving both research and a short paper. 

7.  To get a grade, all requirements must be completed during the semester following the course.



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