There are four reasons that a student might receive an X grade in any of my courses:

 1.  The most likely involves a failure to take a test or hand in a piece of work.

 2.  Another reason involves handing in a piece of work that is due at the end of the semester after the deadline.

 3.  An X can result from a failure to follow instructions.

For example, I have repeatedly made it clear in class that in most classes papers are to be submitted in a light-weight, three pronged folder of the sort that I have exhibited in class.  They are not to be submitted in a considerably heavier, three-ringed binder.  If a student insists on using a three-ring binder, that may become grounds for an X, as his/her work will be placed at the bottom of all piles being corrected.

Or again, the failure to include a cover sheet on the final paper containing the proper information.

Or once again, I clearly specify that the paper and required evidence be drilled with a three hole punch and placed neatly into the folder.  Failure to do so may also lead to the issuance of an X.

 4.  The final reason for an X involves those relatively rare instances when I determine that a student has cheated or committed plagiarism. 

Let me stress that this is a very unlikely occurrence.  If, however, this is the case, I shall try to contact the student by email as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.  In such a case, I need to speak with that person before taking any action.  Awarding an F grade would make that much more difficult.

 In cases 2 and 3, the grade will go through without any further effort on the student's part   He/she will simply have to be patient (and, if needs be, explain to parents why the delay.)  In cases 1 or 4, the student will have to deal with me before there is any possibility of a grade being awarded..

 Finally, if you have received an X and none of these reasons can possibly apply, then get in touch with me by email as soon as possible.