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 Quit Cigarettes Neuro Hypnotherapy

Hello and welcome to my quit cigarettes neuro hypnotherapy home page. My name is Anna Vidali. I am counsellor and hypnotherapist specialising in Quit Cigarettes Neuro Hypnotherapy. Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have developed a unique method encompassing a range of techniques in a unique approach which has helped hundreds of people quit cigarettes for Life.

My clients are so happy with their results, they're happy to let me keep track of their ongoing success for a period of five years to ensure my statistics remain accurate. And so far my results have seen a steady increase in value from 93% - 98% in just over two years. My results have been so good, I actually guarantee my work to anyone who is really serious about becoming a non-smoker for Life.

Please check back in the next few weeks for interesting updates regarding neuro and general hypnotherapy and the ease in which anyone can quit cigarettes for life; easily and effortlessly.

If you or someone you know wishes to stop cigarette smoking for good, I invite you to contact me, no-matter where you live. In 2010 I will commence my first National and International tour so chances are, if you are thinking of giving up, and haven't done so yet, this will be the best year for it!

My message to all smokers, who consider themselves to be sane, is, why continue being a SLAVE to the TOBACCO INDUSTRY when being a non-smoker and living a life of health and vitality is so easy to achieve?

I was a packet a day smoker myself for many years. I know how easy it is to believe you can't quit. The truth is, you really really is very very easy, when you know how.

Please feel free to drop me a line; ask me a questions or just say hi

Warmest regards,                                                                     

Anna Vidali

Phone: 1300 469 432                



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