719 James Street, Wallaceburg, Ontario

Sunday Service times:   8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

St James Anglican, Wallaceburg, Ontario Wallaceburg, Ontario is the most highly industrialized community in the region of Chatham-Kent with most of its factories manufacturing components for the auto industry.   The town of Wallaceburg has approximately 13,000 people and many that reside outside this community commute here daily to work in the manufacturing facilities.

The town of Wallaceburg is 25 km north of Chatham and 50 km south of Sarnia.   It is located at the confluence of several rivers and has five lift bridges.   It is a Mecca for boaters, many from the U.S. who make the brief journey from the St. Clair River or Lake St. Clair to visit Wallaceburg during the summer season.   Wallaceburg is about 15 minutes from the U.S. border and a number of residents work in the U.S. taking the ferry from Walpole Island or Sombra to their places of employment.   The Church is located in the main business area of the community on James Street.

The Church of St. James the Apostle is the oldest church in Wallaceburg, founded in 1864. It has a beautiful nave and sanctuary and can seat approximately 220 parishioners. St. James has been blessed with two large halls, both wheelchair accessible as well as spacious Sunday School rooms and a well-equipped nursery. The two large halls, Steinhoff and St. James are utilized by various community organization when not being used by groups within the parish.
170 families are affiliated with St. James Church and the annual operating budget including mission outreach and diocesan apportionment, is in the neighbourhood of $140,000.

Currently there are four Lay Readers licensed to the Rector and lay participation in the Worship Services is at a high level.   There is also a Senior and Junior Choir and a Server's Guild.   The Anglican Church Women group is very active and its luncheons, dinners and bazaars are well attended.

Sunday worship alternates weekly between Prayer Book Services and B.A.S. Eucharist.   St. James Church is in a 2-point parish with St. James the Apostle, Port Lambton.   It is in the Deanery of Kent of the Diocese of Huron.   The Rev. Len Myers has been rector since February 2007
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