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Hullo and a warm welcome to my little tribute
to the endless world of www-pages!

If my job is done as well as I hope it is, you have probably already noticed that this page is dedicated to Bon Jovi, this oh-so-wonderful band from New Jersey, which has filled my life - and hopefully yours, too - with great music. Anyhow..if there's anything you'd like to ask or tell me (I'm always open for suggestions,or news or just a little credit that you've been here...), just send me a mail.
And hey! Before you leave anywhere, Sign my Guestbook!!!
So, thanks anyway, take your time and try to enjoy this page! Keep the Faith, people!

Oh yeah: If you use any of my backgrounds or pictures, a credit to me would be appreciated!

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Send me your Album
reviews or Concert reviews and I put them on my page!
You can also send me storys about you
meeting the guys or other stuff. Feel free to
send me all kind of suggestions for this page or other
interesting things.
Thank You.

Michelle`s Album reviews

Johannes` review of the Bon Jovi concert
in Bremen (GERMANY), september 2,2000

Jennifer`s Crush-review

Tina`s Keep the Faith-review

Mari`s These Days-review

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