Hi, my name is Catalina and I'm 19 years old. I'm from Chile, a beautiful country ubicate in the south of south america.
Thie past year I entered to the University and the next year I will be able to study physics, my real pasion.

I made this page for all the people who have an interest in science because I think that science  is a very romantic and magic science, in special physics and astronomy.

I love to see the star in the night, read about physics and astronomy, but not only science is in my head. I love to hang out with my friends, dance, write stories and sleep.

About music I love the anglo pop but also I like everything.

I love the sci-fi movies and teen comedies, and of course I like very much Dawson's Creek and Popular.

Well, this is me so if you wanna write me send me an e-mail and I will answer you

I hope you enjoy the page!!
This is my photo . It was taken in the year 2000 when I finished the school
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