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Who is Brandon G. Michaels, C.CHt.

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Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 USA

Disclaimer: We are a church, religious organization Congregation of the Universal Life Church,(#60035) This is for spiritual, religious, informational and educational purposes only. All members and associates of Freedom Missions... organization are Volunteers without salary, wages or payment in the service of missionary work, for the benefit of existing and prospective researchers and or members interested in the benefits of spiritualism, religion, hypnosis and pastoral counseling. This material being provided only as background material for existing and potential researchers. Services provided are intended for your personal, spiritual, religious and self help informational research purposes only. We do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. We are not part of any medical establishment. If you have a medical condition consult a licensed medical practitioner. No medical or other claims made or implied whatsoever. Acceptance of our services is consent to release and hold harmless this organization or any of its representatives.


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