Gallery of Imagination Welcome to an online view of my classroom!  See a picture of the game of Homeworkopoly. 
Learning Games and Homework Help
Teacher's Nook Integrated art and writing projects I've used successfully
Free Technology Units at
Units created by talented teachers in Herkimer and Oneida counties in New York State.   See Mrs. Biltucci's units on Colonial Apprentices (involves the use of PowerPoint), a Biome Webquest, and Reading and Responding in a Computerized Reading Journal.  Search using my name to find the above units.                                        

Our new Remington Elementary School web page
Reading Journal and Rubric for primary and intermediate students - I have used this successfully with a variety of grade levels.  E-mail me and I will send you my intermediate reading journal in booklet form.
School supplies for fifth grade students:
12 - #2 pencils in yellow or natural wood -       Avoid decorated pencils  NO mechanical pencils! No pens!
2. Hand-held pencil sharpener that has a   
     bottom or top that twists/screws on

3. Pencil bag only
4. 1 bag cap erasers
5.  1 pkg. lined paper - Wide-ruled only
Colored Pencils
7. 1 - 5 subject notebook - wide-ruled
8. 4 folders with pockets for science, math, music, & loose leaf papers
9. Calculator, Protractor, Compass, & Ruler
10. Students are expected to cover textbooks - It is recommended that you use something at home like a paper bag or heavy wrapping paper

Please bring only the supplies requested
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Mrs. Susan Biltucci
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Always in our memories...
Online Book Report - Presently not in use but left online to share with other teachers
Study tips from Mrs. Biltucci and SQ3R
Create your own free classroom web page by clicking on "GeoCities"
Student "Web-Folios" Published book jacket projects
BOOK PROJECTS! Book Jacket Challenge and Assessment, Triarama Book Project, Story Chandeliers, CD Jewel Case Book Report, Scrapbook Book Summary, Cereal Book Project, & More!
Mrs. Biltucci's Classroom
Gallery of Imagination
Remington Elementary School
Ilion Central School District
Ilion, New York

January 2008 - I am no longer updating this web page; however, you may visit the following link to my new classroom web page.
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Web Quests, Web Bits, and Cyber Hunts / Scavenger Hunts to use with American History
Our Daily Schedule:
8:20 Enter classroom/Attendance/Lunch Count
8:35 – 10:55 Times will vary for reading
and writing depending on the special that
you have each day
Special  9:15-9:45
A Day–PE , C Day Music , D Day –PE
F Day-Music 
9:50 - 10:50 B Day-Technology , E Day-Art
11:00-11:40 Math
11:45-12:25 Science
12:25-12:38 Planner
12:42-1:12 Lunch
1:12 - 1:20 Bathroom Break / Planner
1:20-2:00 Social Studies
2:00-2:25 Workshop - Planner, Homework, Teacher help, Reading...
2:25 Dismiss bus students
2:30 Dismiss riders
Approximately 2:40 - Walkers dismissed
Biltucci Book Blog
Classroom Brochure for 5th grade
Information for students and parents about procedures, classroom rules & consequences, homework policy, and so on
ILION Notebook formerly known as M.O.O.S.E. notebook - Important Learning Is Organized Neatly - A great tool to help keep students organized - This is my version of the M.O.O.S.E. notebook
Student Interest is a fantastic site where you can find key pals around the world and join projects. 
Teacher Interest
United States History Information Sites and Geography Games Online
USA Government Web Quest
Technology projects - Projects I have created including a project mentioned in the September 2005 issue of Classroom Connect, projects my students have participated in, and links to my webquests and scavenger hunts on Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, and Biome Web Quest.
Presidential Brochure - Students research information on a US President and then share through an informational brochure. 
State Brochure Project - Students create a brochure in Word after researching information from a variety of resources. 
Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt
Destiny Club-This club is for students who take control of their own education by taking the initiative to learn more about the world around them
US History Poster Project - Students use nonfiction books about US history topics and then create a poster to share information. I use this at the end of the year.
Civil War Scavenger Hunt
Print worksheet under Treasure Hunt
American Revolution Scavenger Hunt
DBQ Webquest on World War II
Lewis and Clark Scavenger Hunt
Great Depression Webquest
A New Nation Internet Scavenger Hunt
Early American government information
A Pilgrimage into History
Jamestown & Plymouth  Settlement Webquest
Important Americans Scavenger Hunt Colonial and American Revolution History
Statue of Liberty Cyber Hunt
Explorer Webquest
Colonial America Scavenger Hunt
Site says it is a web quest, but it is more like a scavenger hunt
Ellis Island Scavenger Hunt
Virtual Tour of Ellis Island for the hunt
Link to American Symbols
If you are interested in integrating technology in your classroom, visit this link.
    You will find links with information on how to integrate technology ; online projects and project ideas; virtual field trips; web quests ; cyber hunts (also known as scavenger hunts); web folios; web cams; web bits, podcasts; miscellaneous ideas like an online book club, online book report, Jeopardy, creating brochures, and so on; online encyclopedias, and more!
Civil War Filmstrip Project - A civil war culmination project.
US Government Web Bit
Civil War Web Bit
Immigration Web Bit
Sacagawea Web Bit
Underground Railroad Web Bit
Native Americans of the Northwest Coast
Web Bit

Pioneers Web Bit
US Constitution Web Bit
Lewis and Clark Web Bit
American Flag Web Bit
Web Bit -A Web-Bit is a short, learning-based activity that uses the internet as the resource for gaining information. The task encourages students to become critical thinkers. These can be used to extend thinking at the end of a unit.
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