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Hello and welcome to my home site. I live in the 1994 winter Olympic town, Lillehammer, in Norway. I like to dance, sing, visit a café or just go for a walk in romantic parks. Good friends and wine is also one of my favorites. Now I have taken the step to enter the Internet with a home site because of all my good friends in cyber space. Sometimes we meet on chat and keep on with email. I think it is exciting to meet people this way and getting to know each other step-by-step. Every now and then it ends up in a real physical meeting too, real fun!

I think you people are "big books" of unread stories. Each one of you are unique and full of important knowledge about life. The life can be complicated, I know. I trust my God and pray to him to give me a new day. I want to focus on the positive things in life. Life is beautiful, life is mysterious, life is a hand to hold, and life is to climb a hill. We shall all die. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of too much pain. Yes, I worked too much and hit "the wall", so I know what it means to feel isolated in the real world. I also know what frightness and loneliness is. I have experienced my complicated me from I was 9 years old with all the shame and confusion.

Now I can proud say that I am a happy woman. I love the colorful life with all its messages and perceptions. I like to dress in both "summer and winter-colors" and like the rough feminine style. J. I like to use moderate make-up and I don’t like to color my hair. You got to respect me for who I am. Respect is the most important thing to learn our children together with trust. With respect and trust I would like to meet you!



— always look at the bright side of life!

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