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"I think that there are some great acts that develop over a number of cd's, but they are existing in the underground, generally on small labels that mostly specialize in indie rock, where there is at least a premium put on depth and emotion.." ~Ian Moore
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BTOF is an independent music site that is solely dedicated to the promotion and support of some of the best unsigned bands and underground music anywhere in the country and beyond...Bands and artists that are unsigned, un(der)supported, or just unappreciated by the mainstream. BTOF is a site for these talented bands that work hard and play HARDER just to get noticed and to be heard.  BTOF is also a site for the devoted music fans who continue to show their undying support for the music, despite radio and record industry execs that may or may not eventually notice these more often than not overlooked indie artists. So, in the meantime, you can help the cause by spreading some fan "word of mouth" support to everyone you know, and especially to those that you have not met.  Please be sure to sign the Guestbook, AddYourLink, and post on the Forums before you go. Thanks for your support!
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What do you do when you get sick of the same old tired radio station playing the same old mainstream crap over and over? Well you create your own indie station!  I am pleased to announce that Bands Thriving On Fans now has it's own live streaming radio. Indie Band Radio~All unsigned... All the time! Check it out at http://indiebandradio.com and please submit your music if you would like to be added to the playlist. Thanks! Send questions and comments to: chris@indiebandradio.com
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