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Crab Inchworm
"Among the Mechamo series robots, the mechanism of this Crab is the most complex one in which a variety of link mechanisms are installed. It moves in parallel without moving up and down and raises only the tips of legs to go over obstacles just like a crab." "The legs of an Inchworm consists of three parts: fore legs, hind legs, and center legs. When you observe the points of contact to the ground, you can see there are two patterns: the fore legs and the hind legs are touching the ground and the center legs are in the air while the machine is moving, and only the center legs are touching when the fore legs and the hind legs go back their positions or while it is making a change of direction. The Inchworm moves by repeating these two patterns by turns. It moves horizontally and not as vertically as possible by using link mechanisms so that it consumes minimum energy to move."
"This Centipede has 32 legs in all. It looks like waves when these legs are moving all at once. This movement is realized by a set of link mechanisms that rotates 32 cranks at once and also keeps their phases different by 45 degrees and thus its legs move one after another to form waves."  
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