Zoids has branched out into multiple product lines but this web site is about those that can walk/swim (no wheels/propeller please), have to be built, and with caps which hold the model kits together while at the same time the parts are loose enough to allow movements, because, I think, that's where the fun is. In addition, you can find Z-Knight here. And also, the best thing to happen since Zoids - MECHAMO.
Zoids - My Album
Photos of my Zoids
(Last Updated: January 20, 2008)
Zoids - By Style
Photos of my Zoids arranged in different styles of design
(Last Updated: December 9, 2007)
Zoids - By Epoch
Zoids (animals) arranged according to epoch and locations
(Last Updated: December 9, 2007)
Zoids - Comic
My little comic creation
(Last Updated: April 29, 2007)
Zoids - My Bookmarks
I think these Zoids sites are good
(Last Updated: February 3, 2008)
Zoids List
See what you are up against if you want to collect all Zoids
(& here's an <icon list> of Zoids)
(Last Updated: January 19, 2008)
Zoids - My Wish List
If Tomy/Hasbro can come up with these products,
it's definitely a buy for me.
(Last Updated: December 15, 2007)
The best thing to happen since Zoids
(Last Updated: April 29, 2007)

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