Readers' Poll Question

"Which Actor Should Play Publius Quinctilius Varus?"

150 Votes

Jeremy Irons - 39%

Patrick Stewart - 22%

Ralph Fiennes - 16%

Liam Neeson - 12%

Sam Neill - 11%

Jeremy Irons won this one by a considerable margin, though Patrick
Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard from 'Star Trek the Next Generation')
also seems to have been very popular.  Irons possibly won because of
his combination of aristocratic bearing and a certain air of vulnerability.
Stewart, in my opinion, would be an excellent choice for the primus
pilus centurion Marcus Caelius.

Readers' Poll Question

"Which Best Describes Arminius?"

101 Votes

'Freedom Fighter' - 34%

'Military Genius' - 24%

'Schemer' - 24%

'Traitor' - 12%

While a clear majority of respondents saw Arminius primarily as a freedom fighter, 'Military Genius' and 'Schemer' were not far behind.  And it's interesting that an equal number of people selected these options.  By contrast, very few people regarded him as a traitor, even if Tacitus (and, probably, Varus) seems to have thought so.

Readers' Poll Question

"Which is the Best Roman History Film?"

269 Votes

'Gladiator' - 36%

'Spartacus' - 30%

'Fall of the Roman Empire' - 14%

'Ben Hur' - 9%

'Other' - 8%

'Asterix' - 3%

I left this poll running a little longer than most because it seemed that Spartacus was going to catch up with Gladiator.  In the end Gladiator won by a small margin, but some poll participants felt Ridley Scott's epic didn't deserve the honour.  Many asked why Quo Vadis wasn't on the list (sorry, I've never seen it) and others wanted to vote for I Claudius.  I think I Claudius was better than any of the films on the list myself, but didn't include it since it was a TV series rather than a film.  The comments on this poll were interesting and I hope to add them to the 'Varus Forum' soon.


Readers' Poll Question

"Which was the worst Roman military disaster?"

391 Votes

'The Clades Variana' - 42%

'The Battle of Cannae' - 31%

'The Battle of Adrianople' - 19%

'The Battle of the Caudine Forks' - 4%

'The Boudican Rebellion' - 3%

After quite a few initial votes for the Battle of Cannae, the Clades Variana soon pulled out well in front and stayed there for the life of this poll.

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