Names of people or places which are in italics are fictional or conjectural.  Reconstructed Germanic names are marked thus '*' and given parenthetically in italics after their recorded Latin forms.  All other names are historical.
The Germanics

Arminius (*Erminameraz)- Cheruscian chief and war-leader, son of Segimerus and brother of 'Flavus' (*Ermanagastiz).  Also a Prefectus of cavalry in the Roman army who holds citizenship and the Roman rank of Knight.

Segimerus (*Sigimeriz) - Pre-eminent Cheruscian chief, father of Arminius and 'Flavus'.

Inguiomerus (*Ingomeriz) - Younger brother of Segimerus and unclee of Arminius.

'Flavus' (*Ermanagastiz) - Brother of Arminus and younger son of Segimerus.  He took the Latin nickname 'Flavus' (The Fair-haired One) on joining the Roman army and his Germanic name is unrecorded.  The Germanic name 'Ermanagastiz' is fictional.

Segestes (*Seugastiz) - Cheruscian chief and political rival of Segimerus and Arminius.  Father of Thusnelda and Segimundus.

Thusnelda (*Thurazhilda) - Daughter of Segestes.  She elopedd with Arminius against his will, causing the emnity between the two Cherusci chieftains.

Gudameraz - Cheruscian warrior and priest.  Childhood friend of Arminius.

Dagameraz - High ranking Cheruscian warrior.  Battle companion of Segimerus and leader of his personal retinue.

Gudafrith - Young Cheruscian warrior of Segimerus' retinue.

Hildirikaz - Young Cheruscian warrior.  Childhood friend of Arminius and leader of his retinue.  Auxiliary cavalry officer in Arminius Roman army unit.

The Romans

Publius Quinctilius Varus - Ex-consul of Rome, aristocrat, lawyer and nephew by marriage to the Emperor Augustus.  The new Legatus Augusti Pro Praetore of the province of Germania Magna.

Augustus - Aging Emperor of Rome.  Adopted heir of Julius Caesar who had re-established the Roman state after years of civil war and expanded Roman territory throughout his reign.

Germanicus Claudius Drusus- 'Germanicus'. Nephew of the later Emperor Tiberius and brother of the Emperor Claudius.

Tiberius Claudius Nero - 'Tiberius'.  He later suceeded Augustus as Emperor after serving as one of his most able generals.  Uncle to Germanicus.

Marcus Vinicius - Former governor of Germania, friend and gambling partner of the Emperor Augustus.

Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus - Married to another of Augustus' nieces and former military commander (legatus exercitus) in Germania under Vinicius.

Polybius and Hilarion - Greek freedmen, secretaries and body servants to Augustus.

Quintus Varanius Fimus - Tent caput of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi - an eight man legionary squad of the Eighteenth Legion.

Gaius Naevius Liberalis - Fimus' second-in-command

Manius Oranius Gallio - Legionary of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi.  Joker and troublemaker

Drusus Salonius Cico-Legionary of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi.  Gallio's partner in crime.

Gnaeus Granius Belletor -Legionary of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi.  Former street tough from Rome.

Lucius Olcinius Ambrosius-Legionary of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi. A farmer from Eturia.

Aulus Sestius Encratis - Legionary of the First Century, Eighteenth Legion, Contubernium Fimi. The unit's perpetual victim.

Marcus Aius - New recruit to the Contubernium Fimi.  Loosely based on a legionary whose existance is indicated from evidence of the Varus disaster found in excavations at Kalkriese.

Marcus Caelius - Primus Pilus, or first centurion, of the Eighteenth Legion.  His tombstone survives and is the only surviving monument to any of the fallen of the Varus disaster.

Numerius Pontidius Grumio - Optio of the Eighteenth Legion and Caelius' second in command.

Lucius Sergius Facilis - Veteran of the Eighteenth Legion and Aquilifier or standard bearer of the legion's sacred Eagle.

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