Bulma:          women's gym shorts 
Chi-Chi:        breasts
Dr. Briefs:     Mens underwear
Kuririn:        chestnut
Lunch:          to release
Mr. Satan:      'Satan'
Oolong:         wulong (Chinese meaning Amber tea)
Pilaf:          "Pilav" (meaning rice dish)
Puar:           "Pu-her" (Chinese tea)
Tenshinhan:     Fried rice
Chauou:         Dumpling
Videl:          'Devil' (the lettters are reorganized)

The Namekian's
Drum:           A drum
Kargo:          from French word for "escargot"
Nail:           from the word "snail"
Piano:          A piano
Piccolo:        the instrument
Tamborine:      A tamborine
Tsuno:          "antennae" or "horn"

Saiyans:        'Saiya' (Yasai - means vegetable)
Bra:            Women's bra
Goku:           monkey
Goten:          sky
Gohan:          a meal in Japanese
Kakarotto:      carrot
Nappa:          Chinese cabbage
Pan:            bread
Raditz:         radish
Trunks:         Boys gym shorts in Japanese
Vegeta:         vegetable


Cell:           cell
Feeza:          Freezer
King Cold:      Cold
Kooler:         Cooler
Tulres:         Lettuce
Bibadi:         from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant
Babidi:         from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant
Buu:            from the fairy god-mother in Cinderella's chant (Bibabi-Babidi-Boo)
Dodoria:        fruit
Zarbon:         fruit
Ginyu:          milk
Recoome:        cream
Burter:         butter
Jeice:          cheese
Guldo:          yogurt

*if any characters are not listed, it is because they have no background meaning or pun

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