A 3d Goku that rotates

Adult Gohan powering up

Majin Buu powering up

Trunks doing a fireball attack

The faces of many dragonball characters

Final Flash (1)

SS goku shooting a fireball at you

Frieza transforming into each form

Android 18 shooting a fireball (1)

Gohan doing a kamehameha

Gohan punching

Goku doing a kamehameha

Goten doing a kamehameha


SS goten and SS trunks powering up

Krillin shooting a fireball

Special Beam Cannon

Spirit Bomb

SS Goku powering up

Turles (movie1) doing a fireball

SS vegita powering up

Final Flash (2)


Gohan firing an energy beam

Fat Buu doing push-ups

Cell Jr. kicking Trunks

Cell Jr. punching Trunks

Brolly shooting Vegita

Frieza firing his energy disks

Android 18 shooting a fireball (2)

Vegita blasting Goku

Brolly kicking

Captain Ginyu laughing

Fat Buu shooting a fireball

Adult gohan doing a masenko

Goku killing Piccolo

Frieza flexing (or dancing)

Brolly shooting a fireball

SS2 Gohan fighting Cell

Mr. Satan fighting Cell

Brolly knocking over Vegita

Cell Jr. powering up

Lord Kaioshin swinging his swords

Lord Kaioshin punching

Krillin doing a solar flare

Vegita firing his Gattet Gun

Frieza whipping his tail

Bojack powering up

Piccolo w/ flapping cape

Gold Oozaru Goku fighting Bebi (1)

Gold Oozaru Goku fighting Bebi (2)

Gogita blasting Janemba

Vegitto beating up Buu

Goku powering up and doing a kamehameha

Vegita rapidly shooting fireballs

Adult Gohan creating an explosion of enery around himself

SS1 Gohan powering up

#16's Flying Fist Attack

#16's Hell Flash Attack

Gohan running away from a dinosaur

Cell walking towards you

Goku flying by

SS4 Goku powering up

Goku's Instantaneous Movement technique

Goku w/ his back to you on fire

Vegitto powering up his Big-Bang Attack

Goku gettin' jiggy wit it

Calling forth Shenlong

GIFS I Altered/Made
(in parenthases is how I altered them)

Spirit Bomb (the spirit bomb is blue, like in the cartoon, and bigger)

Frieza trasforming into each form (Frieza is each for a little longer, so you can make it out better)

SS1 Goku shooting a fireball at you (Goku Spends a little more time gathering it, and shooting it)

Android #18 in an energy bubble (completely original GIF)

Vegita's Big-Bang Attack (completely onriginal GIF)

Krillin throwing a Destructo Disc (completely original GIF)

Trunks' Finishing Buster (completely original GIF)

Goku firing a Kamehameha (completely original GIF)

Main title screen for DBZ (completely original GIF)

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