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5/6 - Almost 2 months without an update, and what do i have to show for it? The only things changed were the background and the logo. I've added a few more little things: 'DBZ Name Puns', 'Dragnball Requirements', 'DBZ Attack List', 'Fusion Requirements', & 'You Know Youre Obsessed With DBZ when...'. Plus one more Fanart posting.

  Unfortunatley, Geocities has deleted my 'Yajirobe67' account which held my Quicktime movies. Also, I'm sure you've noticed that the MPEG movies have been down for a month; I'm not sure why, but i'm still investigating.  I'm finishing up a few more things, but I'm not planning to put those up until the multimedia problem is fixed or at least settled.

3/14 - I've added Episode Guides for DBZ and DBGT, only they are in translated Japanese form.  That's all I've done. I'm still working on all and adding on to all the pages I've previously mentioned.

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