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    It occured to me that i hadn't updated this page since like 2006! So i looked at it. i'm not gonna change a thing. i want this page to show a little of my diary & how i fell in love with a woman. i'm very happy with my life as a bondage chick in a same-sex love affair.
    i may be the luckiest girl in the world because i found a wonderful woman who took me in and really loves me. The strange & kinky side of our relationship comes from my love of fetish clothes, sexy shoes, role playing, and bondage toys (anything metal is great, chromed is best!). There must be plenty of girls out there who get sort of dreamy while they are handcuffed and are happiest on a leash.
     my Lover is a masterful artist with a riding crop and dildos, She's GREAT at it. i couldn't be happier and i try my very best to serve Her properly. We have a lovely normal life, but when She takes me or uses me, i LOVE it! She's the best!
     Sorry... i'm sitting here smiling as hard as anyone can and getting my panties a little wet thinking about Her. What we have is very rare and i'm exploring kink on the internet trying to learn more.
    i am not a professional anything. Not trying to make money. i'm just very naughty. i'd love to share ideas with other slaves. Also, i don't mind looking at Dommes and dreaming a little. OK?
  Serving my Mistress! Wicked high heels, deviant costumes, metal bondage toys, being laced-in, being chained!    
      Had the most interesting experience. Unexpected. Thought provoking. I never thought whips were good for anything. Window dressing, props at most. Really sicko people played with that stuff... and yes... I am a perverted slut by choice... but I mean really sicko. I could not imagine how a whip could be sexy. Now I know!
I was kneeling on the bed, but spread wide. One chain from my ankle cuffs went to the headboard, and the other went to the foot of the bed . A chain around my waist also locked to my ankle cuffs, forcing me to kneel. My hands were cuffed behind my back and pulled (not too roughly) to the other side of the canopy by a chain. The total effect was face down in a pillow on the bed, ass and crotch high up in the air. Odd position, I thought, what's she going to do?
    She pulled up a chair behind me and played with me soooo nicely! Got me wet and opened "like a flower"... hotter and hotter. Would not get me off though! Kept taking me to the brink and then stopped... or worse... pinched something! Damn her! This went on too damn long! Whenever she calls me "hotbox," I know she's going to play and play and keep me on the brink. Then she stood behind me and I felt something tickling my tushie. Couldn't really see very well. It was a riding crop! Like a jockey uses on a horse.
    "Do you want to get off My little hotbox?" she asked and she smacked me. "Yes, please," I said... what else could I say? She wacked me again and it stung this time! But she was also fingering me. Oh wow! That's different! She kept that up. I'd almost get off... smack! more finger action... smack! "Are you sure you want to get off my little toy? smack!... more fingers... over and over. I squirmed. That chain was really pulling the handcuffs now... or I guess I was straining too much. Smack!... fingers on my G-spot... over and over... hotter and hotter... sliding her fingers all around my clit... I was begging... not that she'd stop... I wanted to cum so bad now! I was begging, "please! more! please!"and moaning softly. I needed her to know how much I wanted her to finish me... please!
Soon I'm biting the pillow. She's finally got me going and going and going... I'm getting off like crazy and she's whipping me faster and harder all the time! GAWD! Waves of heat... Sting... pleasure... burn... pleasure... all mixed up together...  muscle spasms from the pleasure.... I almost passed out for real. What an "O!"
Here are some pictures. i hope this works!
This is NOT me, but i really really wish it was!
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