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If you or someone you know has had the heart-breaking experience of buying a puppy from a pet store only to have it become very ill and/or die within the first few years of its life, then your precious little puppy may have been bred in a puppy mill.


Hundreds of thousands of dogs are born each year in puppy mills, where they are kept in horrifying conditions by soulless men and women who view them as mere profit.  The dogs are often born with genetic defects and diseases and are shipped to pet stores six to a box.  Those which arrive alive are sold at extortionate prices.


Papers from the American Kennel Club are worthless if you expect them to provide some kind of quality guarantee.  Registration papers are not a safety net or a confirmation of pedigree.  To be certain of the health of a puppy you must purchase one from a registered breeder - NOT a pet store.


If you have had an experience like this please TELL LINDA!


Linda is working with a task force to get legislation passed that would impact pet stores, puppy mills, and commercial breeding situations.  Those who would like to help should share their
experiences; in particular, Vets and Rescue people who have dealt with these sick dogs would be of benefit to this cause.  Your voice will be heard and the outcome could benefit everyone in all 50 states in the coming years. Send your stories to Linda to be included in her efforts,
no matter what State you live in!  You can e-mail her at



Companion Animal Lovers in Illinois, USA


In Illinois we are writing legislation that will be introduced in 2002. I t is in the form of an Illinois Pet Lemon Law that will offer Illinois consumers some protection when purchasing a pet store puppy/kitten, and at the same time will impact what is going on at the puppy mills.  In the coming months we will be asking all to support our efforts.  For now, please email one of our task force members so you can be kept informed of what will be needed.  The email address is:




Let us know what town you reside in.  Thank You For Your Support!


Please help stop the atrocity of puppy mills!

Click Here to read more about puppy mills.

If you are against cruelty to animals, make a statement on your website.
Please take the image above and post it in a prominent position on your site.  Link it to the following URL, where there is information about the horrendous puppy mill trade:


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and upload it onto your own server.

~ Thank you! ~


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