About the Wanderer

Welcome to my biopage!

Hail and well met, fellow wanderer of the web's winding ways! (please forgive an occasional aspiration of apropos alliteracy ... I do love language.) No doubt, you wish to learn more of this strange and lupine being called "Wanderer", eh? Very well ... let us begin.

The wolf behind the words ...

To begin with, yes, "wolfish" is a good way to describe me. Not in the manner of Webster's, I should hope ... as far as I know, I'm not terribly greedy or grasping. No, I am more "like a wolf". In point of fact, I am a wolf in all the important ways.

I am a Texas wolf, my mother hailing from the mighty pine forests of East Texas, where once we roamed free. Sadly, the area was conducive neither to Mother nor to myself ... we now reside in Mesquite, a suburb close by the great city of Dallas.

By occupation, I am author, actor, researcher, photographer, and general ombudswolf. (None of which pay, alas. I am currently at liberty where paid positions are concerned.)

Before you mistake, that handsome gent in the border is not, sadly, myself. No, he comes to me from Wolf Dancer, whose collection of lupine images is a joy to behold. As for myself ... while Oren captures the essential me (his name is linked to his e-mail address), as seen on the primary page's pictures, he is not the only animalian artist so to do. Here is my most prepossessing portrait:

A gentle click upon mine image should spirit you away to the home of Werepuppy, the artist from whom it was commissioned. I do believe he caught my good side ...

(Those who notice such things will point out that I am not wearing my cape. Quite right. I'm not about to rip it to shreds on that tree.)

If you prefer to gaze upon that human visage I wear for everyday ... though I can scarcely imagine why ... I refer you to my picture here. I do believe I came out rather well, this time; the picture was taken by my sister's husband, with the park area of their subdivision as backdrop.

No matter which appearance you prefer, I hope that you enjoy these pages, and may your visit to this my library be pleasant.

Oh, and ere I forget ... here, at long last, is my FurCode, a symbolic registry of the wolf-fur that is Wanderer. Very informative, at that ...

My Furry Code
FCW3amrw A- C+ D+ H++ M+ P++ R+ T+++ W** Z Sm+ RLAT a33 cn++ d-- e+ f+ h* iwf+ j+ p sm-


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