HanoHano Nebelungs

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New Baby Pictures

Dad is HanoHano's the Truth is Out There
and the momma is Psykitt's Glitter Halo of HanoHano
it's 3 boys and 2 girls shown
at about 3 1/2 weeks of age.

kittens, kittens everywhere...
a blue wave of kittens !!

strike a pose...

hey, I can pose too !!

look what crawled out from
under the comforter !

isn't this just the sweetest face ?

and from HanoHano's the Truth is Out There **
and Romani's Petit Image of HanoHano, here is a boy and girl...

so sweet at just a week old...

Check out the world's first & only Colorpoint Nebelung!!! This is
a result of the Russian Blue's being outcrossed in the 1940's
with bluepoint Siamese in order to save the breed.
Once a recessive gene gets into the gene pool, it can 'pop' up forever
if the right combinations of genes exist in the parents.

Colorpoint Nebelung

**Truth is so named because as a tiny baby he had to be
hand fed...he would look up at me with these almond shaped, black eyes
that looked like those alien drawings !! Petit Image (Pixie) is so named because
she was so tiny at 4 or 5 months, she barely cast
a shadow--it's French for Small Shadow !!


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