My Family Lines

I began searching my roots in earnest about 5 years ago. It amazes me that my roots seem to come from a little of everywhere in West Virginia and for the most part from Germany and England prior to entry to the USA.

In the time that I have been researching our family lines, I have added 6,000+ persons to the family tree program. I have also gathered many books and learned much history that seems far more interesting now than it did during school years.

Below are the surnames of my more direct lines. I will be adding a page for each surname with some particulars on that family that I have been able to gather. If you see something that looks familiar or need information on that surname, please contact me. I will gladly share any information that I have.

Armstrong Baker BentzBooth Canter
DigmanDorstHill Horner Hulderman
Jones Marsh MoatsNewman Nutt
Riddle Rine/RyanSharpsSimpsonStewart
Stump Triplett Waite

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