Sours Family History

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Name Date of Death 
BARE, METTIE S. (SOURS) 15 May 1963
BILLER, ANNA E. (SOURS)  28 Jan 1968
BILLER, DAVID 26 Dec 1943
BILLER, JOHN T.  June 24, 1924
BILLER, VIRGINIA L.   (SOURS) abt Oct 2, 1918
BOGARD, MABEL L. (SOURS)  04 Apr 1996
EGBERT, INEZ A. (SOURS) 14 June 1985
FOX, ANNIE LEE (SOURS) w/o J. Edward Fox  11 Apr 1937
FOX, GEORGE  11 Feb 1900
FOX, HENRY  23 Sep 1902
JORDAN, ELIZA (SOURS)  06 June 1960 
PLETCHER, BESSIE (SOURS) wife of H. E. Pletcher. 24 Jul 1925 
PRICE, JOBE abt Mar 10, 1910
PRICE, MARY F.  (SOURS) abt April 7, 1919
PRICE, (BARE), METTIE S. (SOURS) 15 May 1963
RUNION, CASPER 19 Sept 1963
RUNION, ELIZA (SOURS)  05 Mar 1947
RUNION, RUSSELL D. 17 Feb 1967
SAUERS, HERBERT E. 11 Mar 1975
SCOTT,  ALICE (SOURS) 22 Sep 1924
SOURS, ABRAHAM S.  26 April 1926
SOURS, ALMA  07 Jan 1966
SOURS, ALVA M.  15 July 1981
SOURS, AMBROSE 31 Jul 1910
SOURS, AMELIA E.  18 Aug 1929
SOURS, ANDREW J. 31 Mar 1985 
SOURS, ANDREW J.   (Ohio) 31 Mar 1985 
SOURS, ANDREW W.  26 Jul 1899
SOURS, ANNA BELL  02 Mar 1923
SOURS, ANNIE E.  15 Apr 1923 
SOURS, ANNIE LURAH  abt 20 Oct 1955
SOURS, ARTHUR L.  31 May 1979
SOURS, ARTHUR LEE  12 Aug 1991
SOURS, ARTHUR N 14 May 1966
SOURS, BENJAMIN 03 April 1963
SOURS, BERNARD  abt 03 Oct 1924
SOURS, BETTIE S.  22 Nov 1950 
SOURS, BETTIE w/o Julius Sours  abt 23 Jan 1931
SOURS, BETTIE w/o William Sours  abt 29 Jan 1916
SOURS, BETTY JANE  18 Jul 1969
SOURS, BEULAH  abt April 27, 1934 
SOURS, CALLIE A. JR.  01 Apr 1989
SOURS, CALVIN  abt 06 Dec 1927
SOURS, CALVIN 02 Aug 1917 
SOURS, CAROLINE  25 Oct 1913
SOURS, CAROLINE  05 Mar 1919
SOURS, CASETTA  14 Feb 1919
SOURS, CASPER L.  abt 06 Feb 1940
SOURS, CASPER W. 23 April 1996
SOURS, DANIEL  abt  21 Apr 1925
SOURS, DAVID R.  19 Mar 1958
SOURS, DAVID JR. Oct. 12, 1989
SOURS, E. JANE (HULL) 04 Sept 1919
SOURS, EDWARD LEE 'Ed Lee'  01 Nov 1964
SOURS, EFFIE  10 Feb 1947
SOURS, ELBY LEE JR.  15 Jan 1952
SOURS, ELIZABETH L.  28 Jan 1990
SOURS, ELMER H.  26 Jan 1992
SOURS, EMMA  abt 12 Dec 1933
SOURS, EMMA SUSAN  20 Apr 1950
SOURS, EVA VIRGINIA 'Tiny'  14 Feb 1997
SOURS, FRANCES  23 Mar 1922
SOURS, FRANK 02 May 1904
SOURS, FREDERICK  abt 13 Jun 1895
SOURS, GEORGE  abt 20 Apr 1926
SOURS, GERTIE LEE  22 Feb 1989
SOURS, GLADYS M. 17 Aug 1989
SOURS, GRACE B.  01 May 1988
SOURS, GROVER  06 Dec 1927
SOURS, HARRY  25 Dec 1944
SOURS, HENRY AMOS (Dug)   31 Jan 1971
SOURS, HOMER E. 23 Sept 1943,
SOURS, HUBERT HARDING (Tush)   14 Oct 1992
SOURS, INFANT (OF CARL)   26 Mar 1920
SOURS, INFANT (OF HENRY)  abt 17 Mar 1931
SOURS, INFANT (SON OF JOS. A. )   Jul 1899
SOURS, IRMA  30 Nov 1918
SOURS, IRVIN A. 16 Nov 1950
SOURS, JACOB ADAM  24 Sep 1947
SOURS, JACOB H.  27 Aug 1976
SOURS, JACOB M. abt Nov. 7, 1960 
SOURS, JACOB S.  15 Sep 1943
SOURS, JAMES LYNWOOD (Tiny)  29 May 1992. 
SOURS, JANE  abt 16 Mar 1928
SOURS, JOHN  01 Nov 1938
SOURS, JOHN (Ohio) 01 Apr 1905
SOURS, JOHN A.  11 Sep 1959
SOURS, JOHN DAVID  abt 23 Nov 1950
SOURS, JOHN ROLAND  abt 02 Feb 1917
SOURS, JOHN T abt 28 Aug 1925
SOURS, JOHN W.  abt 23 Aug 1929
SOURS, JOSEPH A.   14 Oct 1948
SOURS, JULIUS  11 Jan 1934
SOURS, JULIA (BROWN) abt  Feb. 9, 1929
SOURS, KIRBY LEE  22 Oct 1993
SOURS, LAURA  16 Jul 1916
SOURS, LENA MAE  22 Feb 1952
SOURS, LEO CLETUS  13 Sep 1941
SOURS, LEOLA  abt. 09 Feb 1917
SOURS, LOTTIE MAE  29 Mar 1995
SOURS, LOUELLA  20 Oct 1900
SOURS, LUTHER  06 Jan 1949
SOURS, LUTHER (Ohio) 24 Aug 1990
SOURS, MARGARET C. 12 Feb 1989
SOURS, MARVIN  abt. 14 Jun 1932
SOURS, MAY  25 Jan 1928
SOURS, MELODY JOY  05 Feb 1976
SOURS, MILFORD abt April 1, 1959 
SOURS, MINNIE MAY  14 Sep 1991
SOURS, MURIEL  02 Jan 1974
SOURS, NOAH  abt. 24 Oct 1919
SOURS, PAUL  abt. 02 Apr 1920
SOURS, PEARL E.   21 Feb 1979
SOURS, PETER  abt. 24 Apr 1928
SOURS, PHILIP  13 Aug 1952
SOURS, POLLY ANN  11 Jun 1913
SOURS, RAY JUNIOR  19 May 1995
SOURS, REGINA  05 Nov 1930
SOURS, ROBERT B.  13 Mar 1993
SOURS, ROSA A.  abt. 06 Mar 1925
SOURS, ROY BENTON  05 Jul 1995
SOURS, ROY LEE  28 Jul 1982
SOURS, RUSSELL 26 Oct 1996
SOURS, SARAH  05 Mar 1926
SOURS, SELONE  abt. 21 Jul 1916
SOURS, SIMON H.  abt. 30 Sep 1943
SOURS,  SOLOMON D. abt. 28 Nov 1889
SOURS, THURMAN  25 Dec 1948
SOURS, VENUS  10 Aug 1899
SOURS, VIRGIE LEE  10 May 1958
SOURS, WILLIAM B. 12 July 1972 
SOURS, WILLIAM H. 30 Aug 1905
SOURS, WILLIAM LEE   17 Dec 1981
SOWERS, ADA YANCEY   30 Dec 1948
SOWERS, BERTHA E.   14 Sep 1997
SOWERS, B. F.   28 Apr 1945
SOWERS, GLENN G. 14 Oct 1977 
SOWERS, IDA  abt 27 Jul 1937
SOWERS, PEARL  17 Nov 1916 
SOWERS, REUBIN H.  28 Feb 1934
SOWERS, ROBERT L. JR.  14 Apr 1996
SOWERS, WILLIAM J.  28 Feb 1938 
SOWERS, WINIFRED L.  02 May 1996
STAIB, DELLA E. (SOURS) 26 May 1912 
WILSON, EDMUND M. SR.  06 May 1982
WILSON,  IDORA R. (SOURS)  22 Oct 1970
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BILLER, ANNA E. (SOURS)      Mrs. Anna E. Biller, 78, of 267 East Market street, died at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28, 1968, in Mercy hospital.  She had been a patient there since Jan. 21.

Born in Crawford county April 19, 1889, Mrs. Biller was a daughter of Abraham C. and Barbara (Fox) Sours.  She was married in Windsor, Ontario, Sept. 12, 1910 to William Biller and his death occurred in 1945.

Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Leola L. Justus and Mrs. Dorotha Hufford, both of Tiffin; a son, Richard W., Fostoria; 10 grandchildren and 14 great - grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. Idora Wilson, Tiffin and Mrs. Inez Egbert, Bloomville. A grandson, three brothers and a sister are deceased.

Mrs. Biller was a member of the Hopewell Church of God and the Kum-Join-Us class of its Sunday school.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Hopewell Church of God, with the Rev. Paul Gnagy and the Rev. Richard Van Horn officiating.  Burial will be in Fairmont cemetery.  Friends may call at the Hoffman Memorial from 2 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday.  The body will be taken to the church at 1 p.m. Wednesday.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Monday, January 29, 1968 Pg. 4A 

BILLER, DAVID    David Biller Dies, Rites Wednesday.   Aged Man Was Native of Virginia

David M. Biller, 90, retired farmer, died at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 26, 1943, in the home of his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Wagner, Melmore.  He had been ill for the last four weeks with infirmities associated with old age.

Mr. Biller was born in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., Aug. 28, 1853, and was a son of Apps and Barbara (Moomaw) Biller.  He was married in Page county, Va., July 29, 1875, to Susanna Sours, and her death occurred June 24, 1939.  He came to Ohio 53 years ago and to the Melmore community in 1913.  Surviving are the following sons and daughters, Mrs. Sophina Foster, Duncan Falls, O.; Andrew B., Zanesville; Lorenzo L., Sycamore; William M., Tiffin; Howard A., Plymouth; Mrs. Nina E. Miller, Bellevue; Mrs. Ross Wagner, Melmore; one sister, Mrs. Margaret Custer, in Virginia; three brothers, Simon and Frank, both in Virginia; and Lee, of Bloomville; and 23 grandchildren , and one great-grandchild.  Three brothers and two daughters are deceased.  Mr. Biller was a member of the English Lutheran church.

Funeral services are to be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Hoffmann Memorial and will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. W. O. Kanter.  Burial will be at Mexico, O.  Friends may call at the Hoffmann Memorial. (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Dec. 27, 1943    Pg. 2

BILLER, JOHN T.   John T. Biller, aged 68, a retired farmer, died Tuesday evening at six o'clock in his home at 202 1/2 East Perry street after an illness which started in March.

Although he had been in failing health since March, Mr. Biller had been bedfast for only three weeks.  Death was due to a complication of diseases.

Mr. Biller was born in Shenandoah county, Virginia, Sept. 1, 1855.  He was a son of Martin and Nancy Catherine Biller.  He was married to Miss Virginia L. Sours Sept. 10, 1876.  The family came to Seneca county in 1881 and Mrs. Biller died in 1918.  He was married to Miss Ada M. Lederer on Dec. 24, 1919.  The family came here in March after Mr. Biller's illness.

Besides his widow Mr. Biller leaves five children:  Mrs. Charles Ingman of Mexico, O., Mrs. A. T. Starkey of Columbus, Mrs. Frank Witter of this city, Robert Biller of Coshocton, and Charles B. Biller of Newton Falls.  Twenty grandchildren and three great grandchildren are left.

He is survived by one sister and two brothers:  Mrs. William Tussing of Bloomville and Benjamin Biller of Republic and Charles Biller of Bloomville.   The body was taken from his home to the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Witter, 263 East Market street, where private funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at two conducted by the Rev. D. R. Raiser.  Interment will be in Rock Creek Cemetery. (RLP)

Tiffin Tribune     Wednesday   June 25, 1924   Pg. 3   Col. 4 & 5

BILLER, SUSANNA (SOURS)   Mrs. David Biller Expires At Mexico.  Funeral Services In This City Wednesday

Mrs. Susanna Biller, 83, wife of David M. Biller, died Saturday 11 p.m. at the family home at Mexico, Wyandot county, of a heart ailment.  She had been ill three months and critical the last week.

Born Sept. 10, 1856 in Page county, Virginia, she was the daughter of Joseph and Eliza (Smith) Sours.  She was married July 29, 1875 in Rockingham Va., and moved to this vicinity from West Virginia in 1884.  She was a lifelong member of the English Lutheran church and the last of a family of nine children.

Surviving are the husband and four sons and three daughters, Mrs. James Foster, Duncan Falls, O.; Andrew, Zanesville; L. L. Biller and Mrs. Ross Wagner, Melmore; Howard, Plymouth; Mrs. Nina Miller, Republic; and William, Tiffin.  There also are 23 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Friends may call at the Hoffmann Memorial where funeral services will be held Wednesday 2 p.m. conducted by the Rev. Dr. Wayne O. Kanter.  Burial will be in the Mexico cemetery. (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Monday, June 26, 1939   Pg. 2 

BILLER, VIRGINIA L. (SOURS)   DIED.   Biller - Mrs. Virginia L. Biller, wife of John T. Biller, died Monday night at 9 o'clock at her late home three and one-half miles east of Bloomville, after an illness of six months with cancer of the stomach.  She was 65 years old and was born in Page county, Virginia.  She had been confined to her bed for, sixteen weeks but bore her sufferings cheerfully to the end.  She leaves besides her husband, five children as follows:  Mrs. Charles Imgman and Mrs. Frank Witter, of Tiffin, and Mrs. A. Y. Starkey, Columbus, Charles Biller, Newton Falls, and Robert Biller, Roscore.  Eighteen grandchildren, one great grandchild and four sisters and four brothers also survive her.  Her funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Reformed church, at Bloomville, conducted by Rev. S. L. Royer.  Burial will be made at the Rockaway cemetery. (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    Oct. 2, 1918   Pg. 2 Col. 1

BOGARD, MABEL L. (SOURS)    Retired Cook.   Mabel L. Bogard, 91, formerly of S. Griffith Street, Sycamore, died at 7:25 p.m. Thursday, April 4, 1996, at Wyandot County Nursing Home in Upper Sandusky.

She was born Nov. 5, 1904, in Seneca County to the late Jacob A. and Martha M. (Osborn) Sours.  On December 24, 1925, she married Virgil D. Bogard Sr., and he died Sept. 27, 1981.

Survivors include:  four sons, Virgil Jr. and Jerry, both of Upper Sandusky, Bill of Sycamore and Daniel of Nevada, Ohio; two daughters, Mrs. Ed (Jean) Mossbrugger of Upper Sandusky and Mrs. Stanley (Donna) Rousch of rural Upper Sandusky; 15 grandchildren; and 24 great-grandchildren.   Three brothers and two sisters precede her in death.

Mrs. Bogard had worked as a cook for 20 years at Sycamore Junior High School, 14 years at Mohawk Sixty-Plus Club and three years at Mohawk Country Club.  She was a member of the Sycamore United Church of Christ and a former member of the Gaza Berean Sunday School class.  She was also a member of the Wyandot County Senior Citizens and a former member of the Mohawk Sixty Plus Club.  She was an avid basketball fan and loved to sew.

The funeral will be 11 a.m. Monday at the Walton-Moore Funeral Home in Sycamore with the Rev. Lon McSherley officiating.  Burial will be in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.   Visitation will be 5-9 p.m. Sundat at the funeral home.   Memorial contributions may be made to the Sycamore United Chuirch of Christ.   (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Saturday, April 6, 1996    Pg. 5a 


Ester Mae Callahan, 87, of Riverfront Manor Nursing Home, died at 5:50 a.m. Sunday, June 1, 1986, at the home.  She had been a resident there since Jan. 23, 1984.

She was born Nov. 3, 1898, in Rockingham County, Va., to the late Calvin and Mary (Leasey) Runion.  She married twice.  Her first husband, Grover C. Sours, died in October 1927.  She later married Forrest E. Callahan, who also preceded her in death.

Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Martha Aiken of Palmetto, Fla., Mrs. Mary Tainer of Sandusky, Mrs. Walter F. (Iola) Chester of Tiffin, Mrs. James (Rose Marie) Mobley of Fostoria, and Mrs. Paul (Betty) Yentzer of Genoa; three sons, Andy Sours and Willard and Frank Callahan, all of Tififn; 27 grandchildren; and several great-grandchildren.   Three children, Edna Fuller, Homer Sours and Calvin Sours; three brothers; and a sister are deceased.

Mrs. Callahan was a homemaker and a member of God's Lighthouse.

Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Turner-Engle Funeral Home.  The Rev. Charles M. Clouse will officiate with burial in Bethel Cemetery.   Calling hours will be 7-9 p.m. today at the funeral home.  Memorials may be made to Riverfront Manor Nursing Home in care of the funeral home.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Monday, June 2, 1986    Pg. 5a

CUNNINGHAM, AILEEN SOURS age 72 yrs. of Strasburg died 25 Sep 1990. Burial in Prospect Hill Cemetery in Front Royal, Va. Born 04 May 1918 in Bentonville d/o the late Callie & Adda Moore Sours. Daughters, Donna C. Hodson of Toms Brook & Julia C. Neff of Star Tannery. Sister, Marie S. Cooke of Limeton. 5 grandchildren. (JAC) 

EGBERT, INEZ A. (SOURS)   Inez A. Egbert, 89, of 85 Mohawk St., died at 10:10 a.m. Friday, June 14, 1985 at Tiffin Mercy Hospital.  She had been in failing health the past two years.

Born in Sycamore Feb. 23, 1896, she was the daughter of Abraham C. and Barbara Ann (Fox) Sours.  On Nov. 15, 1913, she married Courtney Egbert in Wyandot County.  He preceded her in death in 1940.   Mrs. Egbert had lived in Tiffin the past six years.  Prior to then, she lived in the Bloomville area.

Surviving are two sons, Alvin of Clyde and Dale of Fostoria; five daughters, Mrs. James (Pauline) Shultz of Republic, Mrs. Anna Bailey of Clyde, Mrs. Albert (Mardella) Woolston of Mount Holly, N. J., Mrs. Ellis (Edith) Rhoad of Bloomville and Lois Jean Egbert at home; 17 grandchildren; and 24 great-grandchildren.   Two sons, Theodore and Donald, and three brother and three sisters preceded her in death.

The Rev. David Park will officiate for services at Hoffman Memorial Funeral Home at 10 a.m. Tuesday.  Friends may call from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Monday.  Burial will be in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.   Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of the donor's choice.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Saturday, June 15, 1985    Pg. 3A 



Courtney Egbert, 55, Crushed To Death At Republic.  Republic laborer, was crushed to death under a caterpillar tractor today in that village.   He was instantly killed when the giant tractor rolled over his body.  Another laborer working nearby leaped to safety when the tractor approached.   Egbert was working on a sidewalk at the edge of an excavation at the property of C. L. Oakleaf, manager of the Republic elevator.  He was breaking up concrete.

Failed to Hear Warning.  The tractor was being used for dragging earth into an excavation in the course of leveling the premises.  The operator, Addie Wenner, shouted to workers that he was approaching but spectators said Egbert apparently failed to hear.   Egbert was struck by the machine and was thrown under one of the crawlers which was said to have passed over his body lengthways.

His body was taken to the Pancoast funeral home in Republic and was later removed to the Hoffmann Memorial in this city.   The accident occurred at 9:30 this morning.

Leaves Family.   Egbert, who has lived in Republic several years, is married and has five or six children.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Saturday, Oct. 5, 1940    Pg. 1

Courtney Egbert Funeral Tuesday.   Was Killed By Tractor At Republic Saturday

Funeral services for Courtney Egbert, 49, who was fatally injured Saturday in Republic when he was crushed under the track of caterpillar tractor, are to be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Hoffmann Memorial here and at 2:30 p.m. in Egbert's church.  Burial will be in the  cemetery.

The services will be conducted by the Rev. H. M. Maurer and the Rev. William Sanders, both of Republic.  Friends may call at the Hoffman Memorial.

Mr. Egbert was born in Pleasant township April 14, 1891, and was a son of Isaac and Lucy (Rule) Egbert.  He was married in Tiffin Nov. 15, 1913 to Inez A. Sours, and is survived by his wife, the following sons and daughters, Alvin, Donald R., Pauline W., Anna R., Mardella L., Edith R., and Dale F., all at home, and Private Theodore C., of the U.S. Army, Ft. Hayes, Columbus.  He also leaves the following brothers and sisters, Mrs. Martin Feree, Tiffin; Mrs. George Mullican, Lake Worth, Fla.; Burton Egbert, Clyde; Jerry M. Egbert, of Loramie, Wyo.; and Robert Egbert, Green Springs.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Monday, Oct. 7, 1940    Pg. 3

FOX, GEORGE one of our oldest & most respected citizens died of pneumonia at the home of his brother, Henry Fox on Dry Run near Printz Mill last Sunday morning (11 Feb 1900) at 7:30 o'clock after an illness of 2 weeks. His age was 77 years, 6 months & 9 days. Thus passes away another of this sturdy old German stock - a race of men uniformly honest, upright & industrious. Mr. Fox, a son of Adam Fox, deceased, was born, lived & died on Dry Run. His 7 brothers, Adam, John, David, Peter, Jonas, Lewis & Henry Fox are all dead except Henry Fox & his 3 sisters, Elizabeth wife of Martin Ellis & Amelia & Catherine 1st & 2nd wife respectively of David Sours have long since passed over the river. George Fox was a life-long member of the Lutheran Church. He was buried in the family burying ground. (JAC)

FOX, HENRY one of the oldest & most respected citizens of the county, died at his home on Dry Run Wednesday (23 Sep 1902) after a year or more of suffering. He was in his eighty seventh year & his death was from causes incident to old age taking mainly the form of stomach trouble. The news of Mr. Fox's death will be heard with sincere regret by all who knew him. He was one of the best types of the sturdy sober frugal old Dutch race who settled Page county. He was brought up to speak the German language it being almost entirely the language of his youth. He was ingenious & useful in many ways. Not only a tiller of the soil he was an excellent mechanic especially in the capacity of local undertaker making nearly all the coffins used in his community. Like all men of his kind, Mr. Fox was a devoted Lutheran. He raised a large family whose high character & success speak more than any words for the God-fearing, sober & industrious example set by their worthy & lamented parent. All that was mortal was laid to rest in the family burying ground. Survived by the following children - Ambrose, John W. & Monroe Fox & Mrs. William Griffith all of Page. His wife died 15 years ago. He was a brother of Jonas, Willis, John, George & Lewis Fox now all deceased. (JAC)

FOX, ANNIE LEE SOURS w/o J. Edward Fox died 11 Apr 1937 of tuberculosis at her home near the Reservoir. Husband survives. Children, Mrs. Clarence Smith (Dora), Mrs. Titus Miller (Grace), Mrs. Roy Fox (Virginia), Mrs. Pearl Fox & Robert Fox. Brothers & sister, Mrs. Reuben Sours, near Front Royal, Thomas Sours of Culpeper, William Sours of Berryville & Carl & Henry Sours of this place. Burial in the Morning Star cemetery by her twin daughter who died about 22 yrs. ago. (issue 16 Apr 1937) (JAC)

HOAK, HUNTER REUBEN age 84 yrs. of Luray died 20 Aug 1997 at MontVue Nursing Home in Luray. Born 18 Sep 1912 in Luray s/o the late Siram R. & Mary Jane Sours Hoak. Married 24 Apr 1934 Julia Novel Griffith who died 02 Dec 1982. Daughter, Peggy Ann Turner of Luray. Sister, Mary Catherine Miller of Luray. 2 grandsons & 2 great grandsons. Burial at Morning Star Lutheran Cemetery. (JAC) 

JORDAN, ELIZA (SOURS)      HEART VICTIM.   Former Tiffin Resident Dead in Fostoria

Mrs. Eliza A. Jordan, 74, wife of Eli Jordan, 413 Sandusky street, Fostoria, died suddenly at 4 p.m. Monday, June 6, 1960 in her home.  Her death is attributed to a heart attack.

Mrs. Jordan, former resident of Tiffin and McCutchenville, was born March 26, 1886 to Jacob and Mary (Biller)Sours.  She was married in Tiffin in July 1950 to Eli Jordan, and is survived by her husband, the following sons and daughters of a previous marriage; Mrs. Etta Fritz, Crestline; Mrs. Grace Jenkins, Bloomville; Mrs. Dorothy Dieter, Fostoria; Mrs. Frances Brenner,  Crestline; Mrs. Helen Quickle, Lima; Mrs. Mary Wittenmeyer, Newberry, Ind.; Ray Sours, Lancaster; and Harry Bland, Tiffin; sis- David Fadley, both of Tiffin; (sis-David Fadley, both of Tiffin - is exactly as it was printed) a half-brother, Jesse Bland, Crestline; 26 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren.  A brother and a sister are deceased.   Mrs. Jordan was a member of the Nazarene church.

Services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the Harrold funeral home in Fostoria, and will be conducted by the Rev. Glenn Flannery.  Burial will be in the Dibbler cemetery near McCutchenville.  Friends may call at the Harrold funeral home.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Tuesday, June 7, 1960     Pg. 4a

KIRKPATRICK, FLORENCE GEORGIANA 'Georgie' SOURS age 65 yrs. of Craigsville died 05 Dec 1996 at the Augusta Medical Center of a heart attack following an auto accident due to weather conditions. Born 21 May 1931 in Fordwick d/o the late Lawrence E. & Viola V. Everhart Sours & granddaughter of the late Edward M. & Bettie Lee Sours of Rileyville. w/o John Plummer Kirkpatrick. Sons, John Edward Kirkpatrick of Harrisburg, NC. & Kenton Eugene Kirkpatrick of Keller, TX. Daughters, Doris K. Smith of Charlotte & Kimberly K. Black of Denver, NC. Brothers, John E. & Franklin E. Sours both of Craigsville. Sisters, Catherine S. Jenkins of Craigsville, Josephine Cameron of Staunton & Laura Perkins of Nashville, TN. 11 grandchildren. Preceded in death a by a brother, Lawrence Benjamin Sours & a sister, Betty Colvin. Burial in the Craigsville Community Center. (JAC)

PLETCHER, BESSIE (SOURS).   Mrs. Bessie Pletcher, aged 30, wife of Harry E. Pletcher, 234 Charlotte Street, died this morning at 3:30 o'clock in the family home after an illness of six weeks.  Death was due to heart disease and dropsy.   Mrs. Pletcher, practically a life long resident of Seneca County, was born near McCutchenville, Aug. 2, 1894.  She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sours.  Her marriage to Mr. Pletcher was on Dec. 23, 1916 in this city.  After five years in Oklahoma the family returned to this city.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Pletcher leaves three sisters and a step-brother, Mrs. Eliza Brand, living near McCutchenville, Mrs. Flossie Bland of McCutchenville, Mrs. Ethel Bruner living southeast of McCutchenville and Jesse Bland, who has been making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Pletcher. (RLP)
Tiffin Tribune   July 24, 1925   Pg. 3 col. 2 


Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Roberta Poland, 58, former Sycamore resident who died Wednesday at her home in Wooster, were held this afternoon at Wooster.

Mrs. Poland, a native of Virginia, was a daughter of Abraham and Barbara Fox Sours.  She lived in and near Sycamore from the age of 10 years until she moved to Wooster, several years ago.  She was the widow of George W. Poland, who died in 1917.

Surviving are the following children:  Mrs. Vernice Dunlap, with whom she resided, and Marion Poland, of Wooster; Clarence and Alvin Poland, of Sycamore.  Besides the children she leaves two brothers and three sisters, Charles Sours, of Bellevue; Mrs. Anna Biller, Mrs. Inez Egbert, Mrs. Dora Dunlap and David R. Sours of Tiffin.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Friday, August 3, 1934   Pg. 2

PRICE, JOBE.    aged 70 years, died last Monday evening, at 10 o'clock, at his home near the Dunkard church, of heart disease.  He is survived by a widow, two daughters and five sons, also by one brother and three sisters.  The funeral was held at his late home Thursday morning, conducted by Rev. E. R. Cramer; interment was made in Greenlawn cemetery. (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune and Herald    March 10, 1910   4-4

PRICE,  MARY F.  (SOURS)  DIED.    Price - Mrs. Mary F. Price, aged 67 years, widow of the late Joseph Price, died Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Duesch.  The deceased was born in Virginia.  In 1870 she was united in marriage to Joseph Price.  She leaves one son, David, and the following brothers and sisters:  George, Burton, Earl, Mrs. Margaret Funk, Mrs. Rosie Duesch and Mrs. Elizabeth Wright.  The funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock at the home. (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune     April 7, 1919   Pg. 5  Col.4


Seneca County Native to be Buried Here Saturday

Mrs. Mettie Sours Price, 81, of Mishawaka, Ind., native of Seneca county, died at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, 1963, in Mishawaka hospital.  She had been in failing health for three months.

Mrs. Price was born Aug. 14, 1881.  She was married twice, first to Alva Bare, and after his death to David Price who also preceded her in death.  She leaves six sons and daughters, all from her first marriage.  Wayne Bare, Republic; Mrs. Gerture Beamer, Xenia; Raymond Bare, Holland, Mich.; Herbert Bare, Goshen, Ind.; Glenn Bare, Inglewood, Cal., and Mrs. Lucile Gilcchrist with whom she resided in Mishawaka, Ind.; and 12 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.  One son is deceased.

The body is in the Mishler funerl home in Milford, Ind., and funeral services will be held there at 2 p.m. Friday.  The body will then be brought to Tiffin and committal services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in Bethel cemetery.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Thursday, May 16, 1963    Pg. 4A

RUNION, CASPER    Casper Runion, 81, Victim of Cancer.   Rites in Fremont Monday for Former Tiffin Man.

Casper Runion, 81, of 229 Water street, Fremont, formerly of Tiffin, died at 2:45 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, 1963, in Memorial hospital, Fremont.  His death resulted from cancer.  Born in Broadway, Va., March 15, 1882, Mr. Runion lived in Tiffin for several years in the 1920's and 1930's.

He is survived by his widow, Martha Ella Runion; daughters, Mrs. Vernon (Lottie) Bean, Tiffin; Mrs. Elmer (Ressa) Martin, Fremont; Mrs. Marvin (Lena) Krentz, Gibsonburg; Mrs. Roland (Katherine)Shirley, Fremont; sons, Raymond, Chicago; and Ernest, in the Air Force in Minnesota; two sons of a previous marriage, Cletus and Galen Runion, in Virginia; 18 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; brothers Perry Runion, Fremont; Charles Runion, in Virginia; and two stepsons, Hess Koontz and Herman Koontz, Tiffin.  Three brothers and three sisters are deceased.

Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Weller-Wonderly funeral home in Fremont.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Friday, September 20, 1963    Pg. 4

Note:  Casper Runion was married to Martha Ellen Sowers who was the daughter
of Christian Sours and Julia Fitzwater Sours  (RLP) 


Former Green Springs Woman Died in Virginia

Funeral services for Mrs. Eliza E. Runion, 60, wife of Russell Runion, whose death occurred Wednesday, March 5th, 1947, in Woodstock, Virginia, will be held Monday at 2:30 p.m. at the Young funeral home in Green Springs.  The Rev. R. H. Courtney will officiate and burial will be made in Green Springs cemetery.

Mrs. Runion's death was due to a heart ailment. The family resided in Green Springs for six years before moving to Woodstock, Virginia, last November.  Mrs. Runion was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, to Christian and Julia (Fitzwater) Sours. Her marriage to Russell runion took place in Tiffin in 1935.

Surviving are her husband; seven children by a previous marriage:  Gladys Fadley of Tiffin; Reason Miller of Timberville, Va.; Maynard Miller and Violet Snyder of Mathias, West Virginia; Russell Miller of Maryland; Mae Greenlore of Carey, and Leonard Fadley of Sycamore; four brothers, Holt, Andrew, Jacob and Ben Sours, all of Tiffin, and one sister, Martha Ellen Runion of Fremont.  There are 16 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Saturday, March 8, 1947    Pg. 8

RUNION, RUSSELL D.    Russell David Runion, 71, of route 2, Mt. Jackson, Va., formerly of Green Springs, died at 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 17, 1967, in Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital, Woodstock. Va.

Mr. Runion was born in Shenandoah county, Va., Jan. 16, 1896, to John and Mary E. (Tusing) Runion, and was married in Green Springs in 1935 to Eliza Elizabeth Sours, who died March 6, 1947.  He had resided at Mt. Jackson, Va., for the last 21 years, and prior to that was a resident of Green Springs and Seneca county for many years.  He was a retired carpenter.

Surviving are a brother, Lynwood Runion, New Port Richey, Fla.; a half-brother, Loyal Eaton, Fremont; the following step-children, Russell Miller, in Maryland; Mrs. Frank Snyder, Mathias, West Virginia; Maynard Miller, Tiffin; Mrs. Reason Orebaugh, Mt. Jackson, Va.; Mrs. Leonard Fadley, Findlay; Mrs. Russell Greeno, Fremont; Mrs. Bernie Lee, Green Springs; 17 step-grandchildren and 43 step-great-grandchildren.

The body will be brought to Green Springs at 1:53 a.m. Monday, and services will be held in the Young funeral home there at 2 p.m. Tuesday with the Rev. Roger Kennedy officiating.  Friends may call at the funeral home after Monday noon.  Burial will be in the Green Springs cemetery.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Sat., Feb. 18, 1967   Pg. 4a

SAUERS, HERBERT E.      Herbert E. Sauers, 53, of route 5, Box 30, was dead on arrival at Tiffin   Mercy Hospital at 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, March 11, 1975.  He had been ill since
last October.

He was born June 2, 1921, in Wyandot County to Arthur and Esther (Schoenberger) Sauers.  He lived most of his life in Seneca County and had been a foreman at the General Electric plant here for 20 years.  He was a Navy veteran of World War II and was active in bowling circles.  He was a member of Washington Street United Methodist Church and of the General Electric Supervisors Association of Tiffin.

He married Mary Pat Hart in Bloomville on March 7, 1970, and she survives, along with his mother, in Tiffin; a son, John A. Sauers; at home; daughters, Mrs. Michael (Cheryl) Lonsway, Mrs. David (Debra) Schultz and Lisa and Jody Sauers, all of Tiffin; and three grandchildren.

The body is in the Hoffmann Memorial, where the Rev. Harry Adams will conduct services at 10:30 a.m. Friday.  Burial will be in Seneca Memory Gardens.  Visitation at the funeral home will be from 7-9 o'clock tonight and 2-4 and 7-9 o'clock Thursday.   (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Wed., March 12, 1975    Pg. 4a 

SCOTT,  ALICE (SOURS),  THREE KILLED AT SYCAMORE.   Mrs. Alice Scott, 46, mother of Mesdames Earl Jurrus and C. B. Wise, of this city, was instantly killed this afternoon when the buggy in which she was riding was struck by a T. W.? O. C. train, at a grade crossing near her farm in the vicinity of Sycamore.  A Mrs. Harvey and her little daughter who were riding with Mrs. Scott were also killed according to a tragic message received late this afternoon by Mrs. Jurrus.

No details of the accident were contained in the message, but Mrs. Jurrus stated that the crossing where the crash is thought to have occurred is a very dangerous one with the view obstructed in both directions.  Mrs. Scott is survived by seven children, Mrs. Earl Jurrus and Mrs. C., B. Wise of Fostoria, Elmer Scott of Tiffin, Mrs. M. Oberlander of Republic and George and Earl Scott at home.  Mesdames Jurrus and Wise left for Sycamore this afternoon.   (RLP)

Fostoria Daily Review   Monday, Sept., 22, 1924     Pg. 1

SOURS, ABRAHAM S.    Funeral services for Abraham S. Sours, aged 72, who died Saturday afternoon in his home along the Attica road in Eden township, will be held Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock in the  Sycamore Methodist Episcopal church.  The Rev. J. J. Adams will officiate.  Burial will be in Mt. Zion cemetery.

Mr. Sours was a son of Joseph and Eliza Sours and was born in Rockingham county, Va., Oct. 27, 1853.  He was married to Miss Barbara Anna Fox May 20, 1875, and they came to Ohio 33 years ago.  Three sons and four daughters were born.  After the death of his first wife, March 28, 1901, he was married to Mrs. Julia Brown of this city March 8, 1911.

Besides his widow Mr. Sours leaves three sons and daughters:  David R. Sours of this city, Charles M. Sours of Bucyrus, Mrs. Mary Poland of Sycamore, Mrs. Dora Wilson and Mrs. Inez Egbert of Melmore and Mrs. Anna E. Miller of Sycamore.  There are two grandchildren and five great grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Susanna Biller of Mexico, O.  (RLP)

Tiffin Tribune    Monday, April 26, 1926    Pg. 3

SOURS, ALMA age 84 yrs. died 07 Jan 1966 in Jewell Hollow, Luray, Va. Interment in Morning Star Cemetery. Born 05 Apr 1881 d/o Adam & Adeline Campbell Sours. Son, Sam Sours of Luray. Half sisters, Daisy Racer of Luray & Lilly Jenkins of Berryville. (JAC) 

SOURS, ALVA M.   Alva M. Sours, 94, died at noon Wednesday, July 15, 1981, at Marlesta Nursing Home in Findlay.  He formerly lived in Risingsun.   He was born Oct. 14, 1886, in Eden Twp., Seneca County, to Solomon and Leannah (Estep) Sours.  On Dec. 25, 1910, he married Muriel Rhoad in Bloomville and she died Jan. 1, 1974.

Surviving are two sons, Russell of Risingsun and Olen of Kent, Ohio; three daughters, Margaret Sours of Bloomdale, Mrs. Glenn (Ruth) Hower of Tucson, Ariz., and Mrs. John (Bernice) Willman of Tiffin; 13 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

A 30 year resident of Risingsun following his retirement as a farmer, Mr. Sours was a member of Scott-Trinity United Methodist Church in Risingsun, a past president of the grain elevator at Kansas, a former member of the board of the Farm Bureau and a former member of The Seneca County Fair Board.

Rev. Robert Wright will conduct services at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Harrold-Baker Funeral Home, Fostoria.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bloomville.  Calling hours at the funeral home will be from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday.  Memorial donations may be made to Scott-Trinity United Methodist Church or to St. Paul's Church in Risingsun.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Thursday, July 16, 1981    Pg. 4a

SOURS, AMBROSE. died at 11:30 Sunday (edit. July 31, 1910) afternoon at his home on the Kagy farm 4 miles south of the city after an illness of several months from dropsy.  He was born in Page Co., Virginia 74 years age.    He was married there and is survived by several sons  by this his first marriage.  After the decease of his wife 24 years ago,   he came to this vicinity and in 1887 he married Miss Mary Johnson  who with six children, Rose, Viola, Amos, Percy and Sophia of this vicinity and Andrew of McCutchenville survive him.  The funeral was held at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning at the late residence, internment in Rock Run Cemetery.  Seneca Advertiser, August 4, 1910,  page 5, column 6 (MAH)

Sours - Ambrose  Sours, aged 73 years, a well known and highly respected resident of  Eden township, died at his home at 12 o’clock, noon Sunday, July 31, 1910.  The deceased was born in Pitt (Edit. Page)county, Virgina, September 12, 1836, and came to this county thirty years ago where he has since resided.  He is survived by his wife and 14 children.   The funeral will be held at the home at ten o’clock Tuesday morning, Rev W. S. Sage officiating.  Interment will be made at Rock Creek (edit. Run)cemetery.
Tiffin Daily Tribune & Herald: August 1, 1910, page 8, column 5 (MAH)

SOURS, AMELIA E. died 18 Aug 1929. Nee Ellis. In Memory of my dear sister by Julia A. Sours. (issue 28 Apr 1936) (JAC)

SOURS, AMISS HUDSON died 31 Oct 1945. In Memory. by Mrs. Amiss Sours & daughters. (issue 28 Oct 1948) (JAC)

SOURS, ANDREW J.   Andrew J. Sours, 85, a resident of the Good Shepherd Home, died Sunday evening at Fostoria City Hospital.   He was born Jan. 3, 1900, in Hopewell Township, Seneca County, to Ambrose and Mary L. (Johnson) Sours.  He married Florence E. Buyher July 3, 1920, in Kenton, and she preceded him in death.

Surviving are a son, Ronald, Fort Worth, Texas; 31 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.     Also survivng are six daughters; Pauline Morris, New Carlisle; Marjorie Lewis, Marblehead; Helen Alge, Tiffin; Margaret Harris, Peroria, Ill,; Mildred Runion, Bucyrus; and Jean Kirby, Madisonville, Texas.

Mr. Sours, a veteran of World  War I,  a retired foreman in the construction business.  He was member of Zion United Church of Christ, Bettsville, and the Bettsville American Legion.

Services and visitation hours are pending at the Turner-Engle Funeral Home, Tiffin.  Burial will be in Pleasant Union Cemetery, Old Fort.  Memorials may be made to the church. (RLP)

Review Times   Monday April 1, 1985     Pg. 2

Andrew J. Sours    Additional survivors of Andrew J. Sours, 85, a resident of the Good Shepherd Home who died Sunday, include stepchildren Ward Stull and  James Stull, both of Bettsville; Isabelle Greenlee, Joan Seel and Lois Showalter, all of Fostoria; Phyllis Horner, Delta; and Charles Powell and Richard Powell, both of Toledo.    He was preceded in death by second wife, Mona (Stull) sours and third wife, Nora (Dye) Sours.

Graveside services will be conducted 3 p.m. today at the Pleasant Union Cemetery, Old Fort.  Arrangements are being handled by the Turner-Engle Funeral Home, Tiffin.  (RLP)
Review Times   Tuesday, April 2, 1985     Pg. 2 

SOURS, ANDREW J.    Andrew J. Sours, 87 Is Dead In Georgia.  Funeral To Be Held In Savannah Sunday

Andrew J. Sours, 87, resident of Tiffin for many years, died on Thursday, Dec. 6. 1956 at 10 p.m. at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Henry Ard, 38 Haversham street, in Savannah, Ga.  Mr. Sours left Tiffin last June, to make his home with his daughter.

Born on Sept. 30, 1869, Mr. Sours is survived by two daughters, two sons, two brothers, Ben and Jacob Sours of this city, and a sister residing in Fremont.  His brother Ben Sours plans to leave this evening for Savannah, to attend funeral services Sunday morning in that city.  Burial will be made at Savannah.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Friday, Dec. 7, 1956     Pg. 4a

SOURS, ANDREW W.  age 51 yrs. died 26 Jul 1899 at Ida, Page, Va. Buried in the old Sours graveyard. (JAC)

SOURS, ANNA BELL age 44 yrs. died on Sunday at Shenk's Mill, Page Co., Va. She was paralyzed. w/o Carl Sours. d/o John Fox. 4 small children, the youngest about 6 months. Interment at Morning Star. (issue 02 Mar 1923) (JAC)

SOURS, ANNIE BLANCHE age 64 yrs. of Luray died 05 Jan 1994. Born 23 Dec 1929 in Page Co. d/o the late Homer Jacob & Edna Blanche Campbell Buracker. Married 05 Apr 1947 Leon James Sours died 01 Aug 1968. Son, Leon G. Sours of Harrisonburg. Daughter, Julie Sours of Luray. Brother, Raymond W. Buracker of Luray. Sister, Edna Earl Sours of Luray. 2 grandchildren. Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, ANNIE CATHERINE, 84, of Luray died Friday, Oct. 21, 1988, at Page Memorial Hospital. She was born Sep. 15, 1904 in Page County and was a daughter of the late Franklin I. and Elizabeth Frances Miller Griffith. She was a member of Morning Star Lutheran Church. On Dec. 26, 1927, she married Raymond Cletus Sours, who died Nov. 15, 1956. Her only survivors are nieces and nephews. Burial was in the Morning Star Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, ANNIE E. widow of the late Samuel Sours (Chapultepec) died at the home of John A. Foltz a mile south of Luray on 15 Apr 1923 following an illness of several months which had rendered her quite feeble. She is said to have been born near Elkton, Rockingham Co. about 81 years ago, her maiden name being Miss Annie Wood. The following stepchildren survive her: William H. Sours of Mill Creek, Charles & Samuel Sours of near Ida, Jacob Sours of Culpeper, Mrs. Sarah Tutwiler of Morning Star & Mrs. Mary Somers of Ida. Interment at the home of William H. Sours of Mill Creek. (JAC)

SOURS, ANNIE LURAH age 69 yrs. formerly of Page Co. died last Wednesday at the Ivy Hall Nursing Home at Essex, Md. Born 18 Oct 1886 d/o the late William Judd & Mary Ann Judd. w/o Artie C. Sours. Children, Mrs. Elmer (Linda Mae) Vaughan of Luray, Pearl Sours of Erie, Pa., Mrs. Clifford (Oneida) Ellis of Raspeburg, Md., Clara Sours of Erie, Pa., Clyde Sours of Shenandoah & Floyd J. Sours of California. 15 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. Burial in the Judd family cemetery. (issue 20 Oct 1955) (JAC)

SOURS, ARTHUR CLIFTON age 73 yrs. of Luray died 09 Aug 1997 at the Newton D. Baker Veterans Admin. Center in Martinsburg, WV. Born 25 Dec 1923 in Luray s/o the late James Franklin & Barbara Susan Griffith Sours. Army Veteran of WWII. Married 08 Aug 1946 Charlotte Flora Burner. Daughter, Barbara C. Boyd of Stanley, Sons, Roger S. Sours of Stanley & Joseph F. Sours of Luray. Sister, Kathleen Foster of Luray. 9 grandchildren & 6 great grandchildren. Burial at the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, ARTHUR L.   Arthur L. Sours, 66, of 4133 Knauss Road, Bucyrus, died Thursday, May 31, 1979, in Marion Community MedCenter, where he had been a patient for a week.

He was born in Seneca County on May 23, 1913, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sours.  He had lived in Tiffin before moving to Bucyrus seven years ago.

He is survived by four sons, Ronald of Sycamore, Robert of Tiffin, Gene of Bucyrus and Richard of Grand Rapids, Ohio; three daughters, Mrs. Jerry (Joyce) Corzine of Batavia, Ill., Mrs. Nancy Wilson and Mrs. Ronald (Carolyn) Banks, both of Bucyrus; a brother, Russell Sours of Tiffin; three sisters, Mrs. Herbert (Hazel) Moore, Mrs. Irene Collins and Mrs. Florence Miller, all of Tiffin; and 19 grandchildren.  One child is deceased.

Sours was retired truck driver.

Lt. Gordon Magill will conduct graveside services at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Fairmont Cemetery.  Vistation at the Turner-Engle Funeral Home will be from 7 -9 p.m. today.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Friday, June 1, 1979    Pg. 4a

SOURS, ARTHUR LEE age 76 yrs. of Panama City, FL. died 12 Aug 1991. Born 25 Aug 1914 in Page Co. s/o the late Sola K. & Bertha Virginia Mauck Sours. Wife, Josephine Seekford Sours. Brother, William F. Sours of Rileyville. Sister, Mattie Purcell of Rileyville. Sons, Arthur Ray Sours of Navaree, FL. & Norman Eugene Clatterbuck of White Salmon, WA. Daughter, Carol A. Arbuckle of Panama City. 7 grandchildren & 7 great grandchildren. Funeral in Panama City. (JAC) 

SOURS, ARTHUR N.    Arthur N. Sours, 67, of 7 Walker street, was taken to Mercy hospital when he
was stricken by sudden critical illness Saturday night.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 11:55 p.m.

Mr. Sours was born Oct. 25, 1898, in Wyandot county, to Jacob and Martha atilda (Osborn) Sours.  He had been in Tiffin since 1928, coming here from north of the city.   Survivors include a son, Herbert E. , Tiffin; two sisters, Mabel Bogard, Sycamore, and Marguerite Taylor, Fremont; and four grandchildren.  A sister and two brothers preceded Mr. Sours in death.

Mr. Sours had been an attendant at Tiffin State hospital, and prior to that operated a butcher shop in the north end of Tiffin.  He was a member of the Eagles, UCT and the Moose lodge at Carey.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Turner funeral home, the Rev. H. Joe Grimm officiating.  Burial will be in Fairmont cemetery and friends may call at the funeral home.   The Eagles will hold a memorial at 8 p.m. today at the funeral home. (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Monday, May 16, 1966    Pg. 4a 


Retired Farmer, 91, to be Buried Saturday

Benjamin F. Sours, 91, of 98 Morgan avenue, died at 2:35 p.m. Wednesday, April 3, 1963, in Mercy hospital.. He had been a patient there for a week.  A retired farmer, Mr. Sours had been a resident of Seneca county since he was one year of age.  He was born in Richmond, Va., March 18, 1872, to Christian and sarah (Biller) Sours.  He married Mary Ann Wagner in Tiffin July 17, 1893, and her death occurred Nov. 6, 1948.  They were the parents of eight children, seven of whom survive, Mrs. Rosetta Irene Collins, Tiffin; Mrs. Doran (Grace Florence) Miller, Tiffin; Mrs. Francis J. (Mattie Ellen) Robinson, Sycamore; Mrs. Herbert J. (Hazel Stella) Moore, Tiffin; Mrs. Dwight A. ( Belinda Eunice) Gittinger, Melmore; Russell A., of Tiffin, and Arthur A., Republic.

Also surviving are half-sisters; Mrs. Ella Runion, Fremont; and Mrs. Otis Runion, Stanford, Ill.; 33 grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.  A son, Henry, died in 1922, and a sister, three brothers and several half-sisters and half-brothers are deceased.

Mrs. Sours retired from active farming in 1944.  He formerly attended the Lutheran church.

Services are to be held at 1 p.m. Saturday in the Bame funeral home and will be conducted by Lieut. Rowland Hughes.  Burial will be in Bethel cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. today.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Thursday, April 4, 1963   Pg. 4A

SOURS, BERNARD age 14 yrs. died Wednesday from a fractured skull at Page Co., Va. Stepfather - John W. Beahm. Interment at Morning Star church. (issue 03 Oct 1924) (JAC)

SOURS, BERNICE LETITIA age 64 yrs. of Camp Spring, Md. died 08 Feb 1980 from complications of kidney disease. w/o Carl W. Sours. Daughter by a former marriage, Dorothy Bell of Wichita, KS. Stepsons, Lewis Sours of Camp Springs & Charles Sours of Luray. 3 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren. Burial in Cedar Hill Cemetery. (issue 14 Feb 1980) (JAC)

SOURS, BERTHA VIRGINIA age 53 yrs. died Tuesday, 02 Jul 1946, at noon at Rileyville, Va. Born 06 Aug 1892 at Riverton, Va. d/o the late Joseph & Isabel Fristoe Mauck. Married 01 Jun 1910 Sola Keller Sours of Rileyville, who survives. Children, Mrs. C. B. (Louise) Munson, Mrs. Edward (Mattie) Aleshire, William Franklin Sours & Arthur Lee Sours. Sisters, Mrs. Lewis (Elizabeth) Carmack of Washington, DC. & Mrs. Z. J. (Custus) Compton of Front Royal. Brother, Edgar Mauck of Bentonville. She was a woman possessing unusual vitality & always found time to help her neighbors & friends. Her husband is one of the outstanding farmers & stock raisers in the county & Mrs. Sours was greatly interested in this & accompanied him on many of his trips. She was a member of the Bentonville Baptist Church. Burial in Beahm's Chapel. (JAC)

SOURS, BETTIE S. age 82 yrs. died 22 Nov 1950 at Luray, Va. Born in Rockingham Co. w/o Noah Sours who died a number of years ago. Children, Mrs. Melvin (Fern) Keyser, Mrs. Harry (Viola) Miller & Ernest Sours of Luray & Mrs. Gladys Rothgeb of Washington, DC. Many grandchildren & great grandchildren. Brothers & sisters, J. C. Beahm of Maryland, George Beahm of Nokesville, Ella Shick of Sacramento, Ca. & Lucy Carr of Ohio. Brother, I. N. H. Beahm died 11 Nov 1950. (JAC)

SOURS, BETTIE aged 75 yrs. wife of Julius Sours died on Wednesday at the Sours home a few miles South of Luray from Bright's Disease. She was a member of the Antioch Church. She is survived by her husband and one daughter Mrs. Charles G. Lillard of near Long. She was married 3 times, first to William Aleshire of near Long, then to Edward Seal, of Long and last to Mr. Sours. Her daughter Mrs. Lillard was formerly Miss Aleshire. Mrs. Sours also leaves a number of stepchildren, including Mrs. Annie McCoy of Hagerstown, Mrs. Joseph M. Lillard and Lloyd Sours of near Luray and W. D. and Elmer Sours of Washington, DC. The subject of this notice was a daughter of Jacob Parks, deceased of near Mauck this county. She was a sister of Mrs. Annie Stoneberger of near Long and Mrs. Emma Steel of Shenandoah Junction, WV. while a brother William Parks of Baltimore and a sister, Mrs. Daniel Gochenour of near Stony Man are deceased. Interment took place at Antioch Church. [Although Sours was her last name at time of death, she is buried with the last name of Aleshire and beside her first husband]. (issue 23 Jan 1931) (JAC)

SOURS, BETTIE w/o William Sours died at her home in Culpeper Co. the latter part of this week. She leaves a sorrowing husband & 3 sons, Edward & Luther Sours of Culpeper Co. & Charles Sours of Page Co. Brothers & sisters, A. P. Printz & James F. Printz of Luray & Mrs. D. N. Hoak of near Ida. (issue 29 Jan 1916) (JAC)

SOURS, BETTY JANE age 44 yrs. of Martinsburg, WV. died 18 Jul 1969 at Kings Daughters Hospital. Burial in the Rosedale Cemetery. Born 06 Dec 1924 in Shepherdstown, WV. d/o the late Henry C. & Laura DeHaven Lamp. w/o Donald A. Sours. Son, Craig Byron Sours at home. Daughter, Donna Gay Sours at home. Brothers, Leroy & Luther Lamp of Shepherdstown. Sisters, Mrs. Fleming (Louise) Fritts & Mrs. Harvey (Thelma) McDonald of Charles Town, WV. & Mrs. Alvin (Girline) Rainey of Shepherdstown. Many relatives reside in Page Co. Attending the funeral from this area were Mr. & Mrs. Rex Knipple, Mrs. Elna Thomas, Mrs. Neva Housden, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sours, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Sours & daughter Edna. (JAC) 


Mrs. Beulah Sours, 49, wife of A. J. Sours, died at 4:15 p.m. Thursday in her home at 206 East Perry street.  She had been in failing health for a year or more and had been seriously ill for three months.

Mrs. Sours was born Sept. 17, 1884 in Savannah, Ga., the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark.  She was married in Savannah Aug. 31, 1918 to Andrew J. Sours and is survived by her husband, her mother, who resides in Savannah, Ga., two children of a former marriage, Cyril and Avery Keller, both of Jacksonville, Fla.; and six step-children.  Mrs. Sidney Ard, Mrs. John Yates, Mrs. Edward Goodman, Clarence E., Joseph M. and Robert Sours, all of Savannah, Ga.; and two brothers, Milton H. Clark, of New York; and Howard G. Clark, Birmingham, Ala.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   April 27, 1934    Pg. 10

SOURS, BURTON OLANDO SR. age 79 yrs. of Centreville died 18 Jun 1984 at Prince William Hospital. Born 28 Nov 1904 in Page Co. s/o the late Samuel W. & Susan Weaver Sours. Married in 1931 Mattie Griffith. Sons, Burton O. Sours Jr. of Catlett & Donald W. Sours of Roundhill. Daughters, Martha L. Fortney of Fairfax & Carol Ann Herbert of Upper Marlboro, Md. 12 grandchildren & 1 great-grandchild. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery in Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, CALLIE A. JR. age 78 yrs. of Bentonville died 01 Apr 1989. Born 02 Nov 1910 in Rappahannock Co. s/o the late Callie A. Sours Sr. & Addie Moore Sours. Daughters, Mary Spencer of Linden & Elizabeth Nelson of Pittsburgh, Pa. Sisters, Marie Cook & Aileen Cunningham both of Limeton. 3 grandchildren. Burial in Panorama Memorial Gardens. (JAC)

SOURS, CALVIN age 9 yrs. died in a car accident in Ohio. Father - Grover Sours; mother survives.  6 brothers & sisters. (issue 06 Dec 1927) (JAC) 

SOURS, CALVIN     Calvin, two year of age, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. Sours, died Thursday, at their home in Eden towhnship.  A post mortem was held to determine the cause of the child's death.  A telescoped bowel was found.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune   Friday, Aug. 3, 1917    Pg. 5

SOURS, CAROLINE widow of George Sours, deceased, died on Sunday night (25 Oct 1913) AT 10 o'clock, at the home of her son, Joseph A. Sours where she resided. She was 76 years of age and had been in poor health for over a year; she lost the use of her limbs twelve months ago and has been unable to walk since that time. Previous to that illness she had been in good health. Her husband died about twenty-two years ago. Mrs. Sours was a daughter of John Printz, deceased, near Ida. She leaves one sister, Mrs. Eliza Ann Printz who is 80 years old. Her funeral took place on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at Grace Church, Rev. P. L. Snapp officiating. She was buried in the family graveyard near Ida. Mrs. Sours was greatly esteemed by all who knew her for her lovely traits of character and the patience with which she endured her sufferings. She had been a devoted member of the Lutheran church all her life. (JAC)  

SOURS, CAROLINE died 05 Mar 1919 at her home in Jewell Hollow near Shenk's Mill. w/o John W. Sours. Mrs. Sours was 67 years, 4 months & 19 days old & is survived by her husband & 10 children. She is also survived by 2 brothers, William Jewell of Rappahannock Co. & Frank Jewell of Page Co. She was before marriage Miss Jewell, d/o the late John Jewell. Mrs. Sours had been a consistent member of Morning Star Lutheran Church for many years & owing to the absence of her pastor, Rev. R. L. Snapp her funeral has been postponed to a later date. Her remains were interred in Morning Star Cemetery on Thursday. (JAC)

SOURS, CASETTA age 50 yrs. died on Monday from influenza at Ida, Va. w/o Philip Sours. Child - Artie Sours. Brothers & sister - John Sours, Monroe Sours (decd.) & Mrs. Sidney Jenkins. Burial at Morning Star Church. (issue 14 Feb 1919) (JAC)

SOURS, CASPER L. age 66 yrs. died in the Washington Co. Hospital in Hagerstown, Md. Native of Page Co. s/o the late Isaac & Lila Sours of this county. Wife, Miss Annie Rickard of this county. Son, Basil Sours of Hagerstown, Md. Brother, Benton Sours of New Market. Several brothers & sisters are deceased. Burial in Crown Hill Cemetery in Hagerstown, Md. Sister-in-law, Mrs. Joseph M. Ponn. (issue 06 Feb 1940) (JAC) 

SOURS, CASPER W.     Basis Refractories retiree.  Casper W. Sours, 82, 544 Miami St., died at 12:04 p.m. Tuesday, April 23, 1996, in Mercy Hospital of Tiffin, where he had been a patient for a week.   He was born in Tiffin March 4, 1914, to Jacob and Eliza (Mongold) Sours.  On May 13, 1935, in Angola, Ind., he married Beulah Belle Rau.  She survives.

Survivors also include:  two sons, Robert L. and Larry E., both of Tiffin; a daughter, Mrs. Dennis (Linda K.) Wilhelm of Tiffin; 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren; a brother, Ralford E. Sours of Tiffin; and a sister, Elsie Williams of Tiffin.  A son, James R. Sours, who died Feb. 10; two brothers, Raymond and Merle Sours; and four sisters, Etta Fritz, Della Fowler, Gladys and Pearle Sours, are deceased.

Mr. Sours, who attended McCutchenville School, had been employed as an oiler at the Basic Refractories.   He was a member of Ebenezer United Methodist Church and the Basic Quarter Century Club.

Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday in Ebenezer United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Don Kraps officiating.  Burial will be in Bethel Cemetery, rural McCutchenville.  Visitation  is 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. today at Turner-Engle Funeral Home, where Basic Quarter Century Club Memorial serivces will be at 7:30 p.m.   Memorials may be made to St. Francis Home or the Heart Fund.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Thursday, April 25, 1996    Pg. 5a

SOURS, CHARLES MARIE age 62 yrs. of Luray died 02 Jun 1982 at University of Virginia Medical Center. Born 28 Mar 1920 in Page Co. d/o the late Charles Franklin & Mamie Eula Bailey Sours. Married 19 Oct 1940 Grover Benton Sours. Son, Charles William Sours of Luray. 2 grandchildren. Burial in Morning Star Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, CHARLES WILLIAM age 45 yrs. of Luray died 27 Sep 1990 at Charlottesville, Va. Born 07 Jul 1945 in Luray s/o Grover Benton Sours of Luray & the late C. Marie Sours. Married 21 Jun 1969 Cheryl Williams. Son, Charles Benton Sours. Daughter, Carolyn Sours. Burial in the Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, CHRISTINE ELIZABETH 'Bettie' died 21 Nov 1924 at her home on Mechanic Street after an illness of several months with dropsy. Her son, Daniel Sours, the only surviving child has been residing with her during her illness. Mrs. Sours' decease occurred at the age of 57 years, 9 months & 5 days. d/o the late John A. Ellis of Printz Mill. Brother, James P. Ellis of Luray formerly justice of the peace. Her husband, W. Benjamin Sours died 26 years ago. Mrs. Sours was well known as a carpet weaver having done work of this kind for persons residing in nearly every part of Page County. She was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran church, Luray, having been connected with this denomination from her infancy. The funeral which took place from St. Mark's at 2:00 Thursday evening was conducted by Rev. C. W. Cassell, pastor of the deceased assisted by Rev. C. I. Morgan, the interment taking place in Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, CHRISTIAN    Christian Sours, aged 74 years, 4 months and 9 days, died Thursday afternoon at his home eights miles from this city, near the Plank road, death having been caused by complications with which he had been ailing for some time.

He was born in Southern Ohio February 10, 1845, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sours.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Julia Sours and one son, Joseph, at home.  The funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at the Mt. Zion church.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune   Friday, June 20, 1919    Pg. 8

SOURS, CLAUDE BENTON, 67, of Berryville, died Dec. 7, 1988, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Martinsburg, W. VA. He was born Sept. 20, 1921, in Page County and was a son of the late Henry C. and Mattie Belle Sours. He was a Veteran of World War II. He is survived by his wife, Carrie Madeline Mayes Sours; two daughters, Nancy Cornwell of Stephenson and Anna Belle Rinker of Berryville; 2 sons, Robert F. Sours of Berryville and Douglas Sours of Winchester; 2 brothers, Virgil C. Sours of Luray and James Sours of Culpeper and 5 sisters, Edith Fowler of Buchanan, Dorothy Blosser of New Market, Ann Woodward and Elizabeth Dovel of Luray and Mary Huffman of Stanley. Burial in Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville. (JAC)

SOURS, DAISY ELIZABETH VIA age 93 yrs. of Goshen, Va. died 18 Dec 1995 at Oak Hill Nursing Home. Born 28 May 1902 in Augusta Co. d/o William T. & Virginia (Smiley) Via. Married 26 Dec 1922 Melvin Thomas Sours who died 12 Jun 1986. Daughter & son-in-law, Mary Elizabeth & Daryl Dever of Chesterfield, SC. Sons & daughters-in-law, M. Hoye & Drehla of Mt. Sidney & Nelson W. & Judy Sours of Goshen. 6 grandchildren, Mary Dharla French, Dennis Dever, Gene Sours, Ann Goodson, Scarlett Fowler & Wyatt Sours. 7 great grandchildren & a number of nieces & nephews. Burial in Community Memorial Cemetery in Craigsville, Va. (JAC) 

SOURS, DANIEL CHARLES II. age 9 yrs. of Luray died 13 Apr 1997 at University of Virginia Medical Center. Born 04 Apr 1988 in Woodstock s/o Daniel Charles & Tammy Sue Richards Sours. Sister, Danielle Nichole Sours of Luray. Grandparents, Charlotte V. Sours & Roscoe C. & Patty Mae Richards all of Luray. Burial in the Trinity Brethren Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, DANIEL age 29 yrs. was struck & killed by lightning on Sunday at Page Co., Va. He was born 06 Jan. (no year listed). Wife, Nettie Ennis. s/o W. Benton & Bettie Sours (both decd.). Children, Harry, age 7 & Elizabeth, age 1. Burial at Beahm's Chapel. (issued 21 Apr 1925) (JAC) 

SOURS, DAVID R.    David R. Sours, 66, Is Dead in Arizona

Wyandot Native Formerly Lived Here

David R. Sours, 66, former resident of Tiffin, died Wednesday night, March 19, 1958, in St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix, Ariz.  He had resided there since he went to Arizona for his health five or six years ago.

Born Dec. 18, 1891, in Wyandot county, Mr. Sours was a son of Abraham and Barbara (Fox) Sours.  He was married in March 1914 to Maudie L. Peer who survives.  They were divorced in 1942.  His second wife, to whom he was married in 1956, is now deceased.

Also surviving are two sons and a daughter, Luther, and Mrs. Geneva Fitzgerald, both of Tiffin, and David Jr., Fostoria; eight grandchildren, and three sisters, Mrs. Dora Wilson, Fremont; Mrs. Inez Egbert, Bloomville; and Mrs. Anna Biller, Tiffin.   The sons flew to Phoenix Thursday after receiving word of their father's death.  The body was taken to the Grimshaw Mortuary in Phoenix, and it is expected that funeral services and burial will be held there Saturday.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune      March 21, 1958     Pg. 4  

SOURS, DAVID JR.   Sulphur boat employee

Word has been received of the death of David Sours Jr., 66, of Apolla Beach, Fla. who died Thursday morning, Oct. 12, 1989, in Appolla Beach.    He was born Oct. 10, 1923, in Tiffin, to David and Maud Sours.  He married Patricia Ward, and she survives.   Also surviving are three daughters, Shelley, Lori and Melissa, a brother, Luther Sours, of Mesa, Ariz.; and a sister, Geneva Sours Fitxgerald of Tiffin.

Mr. Sours, a former truck driver, had attended Columbian High School.  A U.S. Navy veteran, he had worked ont he sulphur boats in Florida for many years.   Services will be held in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday morning.    Memorials may be made to the Cancer Society or Hospice.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Friday, October 13, 1989     Pg. 5A

SOURS, DONNY NELSON infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Sours of Washington, DC. died in the Providence Hospital 09 Nov 1947. Interment at the Rileyville Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, DOROTHY FLORINE age 75 yrs. of Luray died 14 Sep 1982 at Page Memorial Hospital. Born in Page Co. 01 Jun 1907 d/o the late Charles William & Gertrude Goodrich Foltz. Married 26 Jun 1923 Luther Ray Sours who died 17 Jul 1973. Sons, Ray J. Sours of Luray, Forrest A. Sours of Baltimore & Charles W. Sours of Lincolnton, NC. Daughter, Kathern Good of Luray. Brothers, Frank Foltz of Pittsburgh & Floyd Foltz of Seward, Pa. 16 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren & 2 step great grandchildren. Burial in the SDA Cem. in Stanley, Va. (JAC)

SOURS, DUDLEY STILLWELL age 55 yrs. of Luray died 12 Jan 1989 at Charlottesville, Va. Born 16 Mar 1934 in Luray s/o the late John D. & Maude E. Miller Sours. Served with the Navy during the Korean War. Married 22 Jul 1961 Shirley Mae Weaver. Son, John David Sours of Luray. Daughters, Jacqueline Sours, Trina Breeden, Melinda Sours & Donna Sours all of Luray. Brothers, Grover B., Harlan R., Lester L., Bernard D. & J. Leroy Sours all of Luray. Sisters, Dorothy M. Seal, Geraldine G. Tobin & Zelda June Fox all of Luray & Clara Estelle Mayer of Fort Lauderdale, Fl. A grandchild. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery east of Luray. (JAC) 


E. Jane Sours, 56, of 155 Thomas St., Tiffin, died Sunday in Tiffin Mercy Hosptial.

She was born in Bloom Township on Sept. 4, 1919, to Ralph C. and Fannie Hull.  Her mother survives in Fostoria.  She married Russell A. Sours on May 29, 1938, in Tiffin, and he survives.  Also surviving are ten children,  Gerald D. Russell, Gary, Ind.; Franklin C. Sours, Carey; Mrs. Delores Evans, Kansas; Mrs. Beatrice Prenzlin, Tiffin; Mrs. Loretta Annon Jr., Tiffin; Mrs. Wilma Vanover, Tiffin; Mrs. Janet Prenzlin, Tiffin; Mrs. Roberta I. Sours, Tiffin; Mrs. Betty Bordner, Tiffin; Mrs. Laura Goodin, Tiffin; 25 grandchildren; 2-great-grandchildren; a brother, Virgil A. Hull, Tiffin; a sister, Mrs. Marjorie Knepper, Arcadia.

Mrs. Sours had lived in the Tiffin area for 30 years.  She was a member of the Salvation Army Church, Tiffin.

Services will be 1:30 p.m. in the Turner-Engle Funeral Home, Tiffin, Captains Leona Barber and Linda Savage officiating.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bloomville.  Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p.m. today.  Memorials may be made to the Salvation Army.  (RLP)

Review Times     Aug. 23, 1976

SOURS, EDWARD JACOB    Former mayor of Green Springs.    Edward Jacob Sours, 67, Green Springs, died Tuesday, March 2, 1993, in Fremont Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient since Feb. 21.  He was born in Wyandot County April 25, 1925, to Thurman and Marietta (Swerlein) Sours.  His wife, Patricia (Whiteman) Sours, whom he married June 14, 1947, in Kentucky, survives.  Also surviving are a son, Gary Edward of Marion; four grandchildren; three brothers, Donald and Denver Sours, both of Green Springs, and James Sours of Fremont; and six sisters, Garnetta and Matilda Hetrick, both of Oak Harbor, Helen Harris of Green Springs, Virginia Boucher of Hillard, Dorothy Bergeman of Port Clinton and Patricia Hummell of Port Charlotte, Fla.  Two brothers, Robert and Richard Sours, are deceased.

Mr. Sours, former mayor of Green Springs, was the retired former owner/operator of Ed's Bar in Green Springs.  A member of Green Springs Village Council, he was a former Sandusky County commissioner and a member of St. Mary's Church, Clyde; American Legion Post 295, 40/8 of the Legion, VFW 6067, Green Springs Fire Department, Green Springs Lions Club and the Marine Corps League and Elks, both of Fremont.

He was a World War II U.S. marine Corps veteran and a member of numerous other organizations.   Memorial services will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday in the Engle-Young Funeral Home of Green Springs. Burial will follow in Green Springs Cemetery, where military graveside rites will be conferred.

Visitation will be 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home, where 40/8 services will be at 7 p.m., American Legion services at 7:30 p.m., VFW services at 8 p.m. and fire department services at 8:30 p.m.   Memorials may be made to a charilty of the donor's choice.   (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    March 3, 1993    Pg. 5a

SOURS, EDWARD LEE 'Ed Lee', age 64 yrs. of Luray died 01 Nov 1964 in the Page Memorial Hospital. He resided with Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Ellis for 25 years. s/o the late Paul J. Sours & Loma V. Fox of Luray. He was the last surviving member of his family. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, EDWARD RUSSELL (Doc Ed) age 80 yrs. of Luray died 23 Jun 1989 at Harrisonburg, Va. Born 13 Aug 1908 in Page Co. s/o the late Jacob S. & Essie K. Houser Sours. Married 22 Jun 1932 Lillie Pearl Miller. Sons, Bobby R. & Carroll Benton Sours both of Luray. Daughter, June Dale Dinges, Norma Jean Dinges & Martha B. Haley all of Luray. Sisters, Mary Wheelbarger & Clara Emerson both of Luray & Margaret Stover of Harrisonburg. 13 grandchildren & 6 great grandchildren. Burial in the Evergreen Cemetery. (JAC) 


Mrs. Effie Sours Was Retired Teacher

Mrs. Effie (Stewart) Sours, 78, whose death as a result of an accident in which she fell in front of an auto is described in another column of today's Advertiser Tribune, was a teacher in the Eden township schools for 33 years before she retired in 1931.

Mrs. Sours was born in Eden township Sept. 28, 1868 to James and Mary (Lauer) Stewart.  She was married in 1900 to William Sours and his death occurred in 1908.  Surviving are four brothers, E. H. Stewart, Sycamore; J. A. Stewart, Tiffin; J. R. Stewart, Newark; and W. P. Stewart, Lima.  Two sisters, Mrs. W. H. Taylor and Mrs. D. H. Loose preceded her in death.    Mrs. Sours lived alone in a cottage on the Negrotown road about five and one half miles south of Tiffin.  She was a lifelong member of Harmony E.U.B. church and was active in the Ladies Aid Society.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 1:15 p.m. in the Myers funeral home and at 2 p.m. in Harmony E.U.B. chuch and will be conducted by the Rev. Lloyd Rife.  Burial will be made in the Kagy cemetery.  Friends may call at the Myers funeral home after 6 p.m. this evening.  (RLP)
Advertiser Tribune    Monday, Feb. 10, 1947    Pg. 12

SOURS, ELBY LEE JR. age 2 ? months s/o Elby Lee & Betty Williams Sours of Morning Star died at the University Hospital in Charlottesville 15 Jan 1952. The child who was born 22 Oct 1951 had been a patient at the hospital for one day. Sister, Mary Lee Sours. Burial in the Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, ELIZABETH FRANCES age 78.7.24, widow of the late Henry Sours died 07 May 1914. Sons, Hubert F. Sours & Charles Sours. Daughter, Mrs. Julius Sours. Sisters, Rebecca Emerson, Mrs. Kate Smith & Mrs. Sidney Faulkner of Baltimore, Md. Burial at Mt. Zion church cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, ELIZABETH L. age 89 yrs. of Hagerstown, Md. died 28 Jan 1990. Born 22 Dec 1900 in Chloe, WV. d/o the late Warren & May Lance Jarvis. Her husband, Jacob Henry Sours formerly of Luray died in 1976. Daughter, Darlie O. Fowler of Hagerstown. Sister, Orvie Jarvis of Spencer, WV. 2 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchildren. A number of nieces & nephews in Page Co. Burial in Rest Haven Cemetery in Hagerstown. (JAC)

SOURS, ELMER H. age 97 yrs. formerly of Luray died 26 Jan 1992 at Palms Gardens Nursing Home in Ft. San Luci, Fl. Born in Page Co. 06 Dec 1894 s/o the late Julius & Sarah Sours. His wife, Eula Sours & a daughter are deceased. Surviving are numerous nieces & nephews. Burial in the National Cemetery in Falls Church. (JAC)

SOURS, EMMA widow of Charles Sours died yesterday at the home of her son Oscar Sours at Leaksville, from arthritis. d/o Isaac Huffman, deceased, of Mill Creek. Her mother was a sister of the late Russell Jenkins, of Alma. One sister, Mrs. Jacob Kite, of Leaksville & three brothers, Frank W. Huffman, of Marksville, Joseph W. Huffman of Leaksville and J. Walter Huffman, of Long. One sister, Mrs. Thomas W. Dovel is dead. Interment in the Leaksville Church Cemetery. (issue 12 Dec 1933) (JAC)

SOURS, EMMA SUSAN age 76 yrs. died 20 Apr 1950 at Luray, Va. d/o the late Joseph W. Cave & Barbara Ann Comer Cave. Born 24 Feb 1874. w/o Joseph A. Sours who died 18 months ago. Children, Mrs. Charles (Fannie) Woodward of Florida, Mrs. Clarence (Beulah) Somers of Luray, Mrs. H. W. (Martha) Nichols of Hagerstown, Mrs. Lawrence (Hazel) Sours, Carl W. Sours, Mrs. Floyd (Rebecca) Miller & Mrs. Harry (Linda) Huffman. Sister, Mrs. Robert T. (Daisy) Somers of Luray. Brothers, Seph Cave of Washington, DC. & Herbert Cave of St. Petersburg, Fl. Nephews, Clyde, Leo, Elmer, Nelson & Lawrence Somers & John Nichols. (issue 27 Apr 1950) (JAC)

SOURS, ESSIE KARENE age 84 yrs. of Luray died 29 Jul 1964 in the Blue Ridge Sanitarium in Charlottesville. Born 28 Feb 1880 at Stony Man d/o the late Ed Houser & Mary Miller Houser. Husband, Jacob S. Sours died in 1943. Children, Mary Wheelbarger & Clara G. Emerson of Luray, Margaret M. Stover of Harrisonburg, Edward R. Sours of Luray. 15 grandchildren & 20 great grandchildren. Brother, Bud Houser of Luray. Sister, Pearl Rhodes of Maryland. Burial in Mt. Zion Cem. (issue 06 Aug 1964) (JAC)

SOURS, EVA VIRGINIA 'Tiny' age 84 yrs. of Luray died 14 Feb 1997 at Culpeper Memorial Hospital. Born 07 Aug 1912 in Luray d/o the late Jacob Luther & Annie Lee Sours. Married 25 Mar 1929 Virgil Benton Sours who died 23 Feb 1962. Daughter, Fern Elizabeth Sours of Luray. Preceded in death by one son, Leon Sours, 2 sisters, Effie & Vallie Williams & 1 brother, Cletus Sours. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, FLORENCE OLETA WATTS age 85 yrs. of Port Royal, SC. died 25 Jun 1996 at Beaufort, SC. Memorial Hospital. Burial in Panorama Memorial Gardens in Front Royal, Va. Born 10 Jan 1911 in Natural Bridge d/o the late John V. & Etta Knick Watts. Daughter, Elizabeth Nelson of Beaufort. Sister, Hazel Huffman of Lexington. 3 grandchildren. (JAC)

SOURS, FLORENCE TUTWILER died Saturday at Mill Creek, Page Co., Va. w/o Arthur Sours. Children - Frances, Lewis & an infant a few hours old; 3 children dead. A sister in Texas and 2 brothers in Culpeper. Interment in the family graveyard. (issue 26 Feb 1926) (JAC)

SOURS, FRANCES died 23 Mar 1922 at her home near Mt. Zion Church. Mrs. Sours had been ill only a short time having attended the burial of a friend at Antioch Church a few days before. The deceased was the widow of Isaac Sours & had resided for many years at the place where she died, living with her son, Eldon Sours. Before marriage she was Miss Frances Sours, daughter of the late Joseph Sours, who lived near Ida. She was about 68 years of age. The burial took place in the Sours grave yard near Grace Church at Ida. (JAC) 

SOURS, FRANK   KILLED BY DYNAMITE.  Frank Sours Meets Death While Blowing Out Stumps-Body Horribly Mangled

Frank Sours, a well known Eden township farmer, met a horrible and sudden death, a few minutes before noon, to-day.  He was engaged in blowing out stumps, in a field on the farm of Thomas Pennington, eight miles south of Tiffin, on the Morrison road.  About noon, Elmer Spitler discovered his horribly mangled body.  One arm and one leg were torn from his body and his face was badly mangeld.  His death, no doubt, was instantaneous and was caused by the premature explosion of dynamite.  His remains were taken to his home, on the Abraham Martin farm.  The funeral arrangement will be annoucned later.  Sours was aged about thirty-five years and was unmarried.  He has resided in this county for many years.  The last person to see him alive was George Hyatt, who left the field, about ten minutes before the supposed time of the accident.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    May 2, 1904    Pg.. 4

SOURS, FRANK   BLOWN ONE HUNDRED FEET.  Was the Body of the Unfortunate Frank Sours.   The funeral of Frank Sours, the unfortunate man whose life was ended so tragically, in Eden twonship, yesterday morning, will be held, Wednesday afternoon.  The funeral cortege will meet at his late home, at 12:30 and go to the Harmony church, where services will be held by Rev. W. A. Keesy, of Tiffin, and Rev. Mr. Gibson, of Sycamore.  The interment will take place at Kagy's cemetery.

The TRIBUNE has learned the following additional details of the horrible accident.  Sours was considered quite an expert at blasting stumps and for the past ten years had made a specialty of that work.  He and George Hyatt were engaged in blowing stumps from a field on Thomas Pennington's farm.  About ten o'clock, Mr. Hyatt had occasion to leave the field and go to his home.  About twenty minutes later, a terrific explosion occurred.  The severity of the shock led Elmer Spitler, who was working nearby to investigate.  He found Sours with his clothing nearly entirely burned off and his body badly mutilated.  The right hand and the right leg, just below the knee, were blown off and his face was mutilated.  His body was found about a hundred feet from the stump, at which he had been working and the portion of his limb was found 200 feet from the stump.  A little son of George Hyatt, who was watching the blasting from the school house, not far away saw the explosion and saw Sours' body rise in the air, but the lad was too young to realize the signifiance of the occurence.  Just what set off the dynamite is a matter of conjecture.  Mr. Hyatt says there was about fifteen pounds of dynamite in the basket, when he left the field a short time before the explosion.  Not a splinter of the basket could be found.  The charge in the stump was unexploded.

Sours is a native of Old Virginia.  He was born in Shenandoah City in 1873 and came with his parents to Seneca county, when only five years of age and had resided here since.   A mother and the following sisters and brothers survive him:  William, Simon, Joseph, Alva, Della and Mrs. Alvin Bare, Eden township and Mrs. Mary Oster, Hasting, Ind.   (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    May 3, 1904    Pg. 4

SOURS, FRANKLIN MONROE age 64.1.14 died 23 Apr 1915 at his home at the 'Old Tanyard' on the New Market & Sperryville Turnpike near Kimball. His health had not been good for a number of years though he was able to go about and look after his affairs. He was finally taken away by an attack of pneumonia complicated with other troubles, his final illness lasting about 2 weeks. He lived at the old Stomback tanyard at the foot of the Blue Ridge having succeeded to the business on the death of his father-in-law, George Stomback, 17 years ago. Mr. Sours conducted this tanyard till the time of his death & it is claimed that for years past it has been the only old time tanyard in operation in the county. He had been a widower for a number of years. He leaves 6 children, Mrs. Charles Edwards of Luray & Mrs. John Beahm, Mrs. Jacob Sours, Mrs. James Jewell, George Sours & Urbanus Sours all living not far from Kimball. Surviving brothers & sisters, Mrs. Philip Sours of near Ida, Mrs. Sidney Ann Jenkins of Rappahannock, Mrs. Bell Yancey of Rappahannock, Adam Sours & John Sours of Jewell Hollow & David Lee Sours of Hagerstown. His funeral took place at Morning Star Lutheran Church. (JAC)

SOURS, FREDERICK died last Monday at the residence of his son-in-law, Chas. W. Sours, near Ida this county, at a very advanced ago. (issue 13 Jun 1895) (JAC)

SOURS, GEORGE age 46 yrs. died last Friday at Hagerstown, Md. s/o Monroe Sours. Wife #2 - Daisy Dawson d/o Joseph Dawson. s/o Monroe Sours. Children - Mrs. Earl Herndon & Mrs. Charles Smith by his 1st wife, d/o Frank Jewell; A child by his second wife. Brother & sisters - Urbannas, Mrs. Charles Edwards, Mrs. Jacob (Annie Lee) Sours, Mrs. John (Naomi Blanch) Beahm. Burial at Morning Star Church. (issue 20 Apr 1926) (JAC)

SOURS, GERTIE LEE age 79 yrs. of Va. Beach died 22 Feb 1989 at Norfolk, Va. Born 24 Feb 1909 in Page Co. d/o the late Son & Drucilla Buracker Jenkins. Married 25 Jul 1925 Amiss H. Sours who died 31 Oct 1945. Daughters, Dorothy Emerson of Luray, Groveen Jones of Tulsa, Ok. & Beverly Lee of Va. Beach. Brother, Fred Jenkins of Staunton. Sister, Eliza Jane Sours of Luray. 7 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren. Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Luray, Va. (JAC)

SOURS, GERTIE PEARL age 21.6.8 died 22 May 1913 at her home in Jewell Hollow last Saturday. W/o George G. Sours. An infant was buried at the same time as its mother. D/o Frank Jewell & she is survived by her parents, her husband & 2 children, aged seven & nine years. (JAC)

SOURS, GILBERT EUGENE age 57 yrs. of Luray died 03 Jun 1990 at Harrisonburg, Va. Born 10 Jan 1933 in Page Co. s/o the late Calvin Lee & Lillie Blanche Sours. Married 17 Jan 1953 Charlotte Gray. Sons, Gilbert E. Sours Jr., Vernon Calvin, David K., Daniel Charles & Walter C. Sours all of Stanley. Daughters, Beverly Jean McLeod of Homestead, FL., Tina E. Payne & Susan A. Sours of Luray. Brothers, Elbie L. & James Sours both of Luray & Calvin Sours of Stanley. Sisters, Mary Haley of Manassas, Hilda Knight & Zelda Sours both of Luray, Betty Lou Slye of Shenandoah & Frances Simmons of Waynesboro. 16 grandchildren. Burial in the Evergreen Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, GLADYS M.    Lifetime Seneca County resident

Gladys M. Sours, 72, of Riverfront Manor Nursing Home, died at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, 1989, in the nursing home where she had been a resident since May 13, 1988.

She was born Nov. 16, 1916, in Berwick, to Jacob and Eliza (Mongold) Sours.   Surviving are two brothers, Casper and Ralford Sours, and two sisters, Mrs. Della Fowler and Mrs. Roy (Elsie) Williams, all of Tiffin.    Two brothers and two sisters are deceased.

Services will be 10:30 a.m. Saturday in Turner-Engle Funeral Home, with burial following in Bethel Cemetery.   Visitation will be one hour before services on Saturday at the funeral home.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Friday, August 18, 1989    Pg. 5a

SOURS, GRACE B. age 86, of New Philadelphia, Ohio, died May 1, 1988, at her home. She was born at Luray and was a daughter of the late Silas and B. Fannie Miller. Her husband Elmer L. Sours died June 11, 1946. Surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs. Austin (Gladys) Judd and Anna Mae Gabbert, both of Luray, 4 sons, Benton and Charles Sours both of Midvale, Ohio, George Sours of Dover, Ohio, and Dave Sours of New Philadelphia; 4 daughters, Mrs. David (Frances) Day, Martha Hobart and Nina Sours, all of New Philadelphia; 19 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren; 2 great-great grandchildren. A granddaughter, a great grandson, 2 brothers and a sister are deceased. Burial was in Evergreen Burial Park in New Philadelphia. (JAC)

SOURS, GROVER died in a car accident in Ohio. s/o Joseph Sours. Wife survives with 6 children. One son Calvin died in the same accident. (issue 06 Dec 1927) (JAC)

SOURS, HARRY age 14 yrs. died 25 Dec 1944 at Winchester Hospital. s/o Mrs. Mamie Fox Sours & the late Will Sours of Mt. William near Winchester, Va. Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Sours. 2 brothers & a sister. Formerly of Page Co., Va. Burial in the Nichols Cemetery in Page Co., Va. (JAC)

SOURS, HAZEL FRANCES age 86 yrs. of Luray died 17 Oct 1995. Born 20 Oct 1908 at Luray d/o the late Joseph A. & Emma Susan Cave Sours. Married 24 Dec 1933 Lawrence Ruben Sours. Sister, Rebecca Miller of Luray. A number of nieces & nephews. Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC)  

SOURS, HENRY AMOS (Dug) of Luray, Va. died 31 Jan 1971 at Harrisonburg, Va. Burial in the Sours Cem. in the Mill Creek Section of Page Co. (JAC) 


Homer E. Sours, 26, Victim of Accident in Sandusky Yards

Homer Edward Sours, 26, former Tiffin resident, was crushed to death about 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23, 1943, when his body was caught between the couplings of two freight cars in the Pennsylvania Railroad yards on the outskirts of Sandusky.

Sours, who was employed by the railroad as a brakeman, was about to couple the two cars and stepped between them to adjust a part on one of the couplings.  He was caught between the two couplings and his chest and abdomen were crushed.

Another trainman saw Sours lantern fall and go out, and realizing that something was wrong, ran to the scene where he found the body of the brakeman wedged between the coupling.  The Erie county coroner, who investigated, reported that death was practically instantaneous.

Mr. Sours was born in Mexico, O., June 24, 1917 to Grover and Esther Mae Sours.  His father was killed near Adrian Oct. 22, 1927 when his auto was struck by a train.  Mr. Sours is survived by his wife Elizabeth Mae, three children, Anges Mae, Homer E. Jr., and Milford Eugene, all of Sandusky; his mother, who is now Mrs. Esther Mae Callahan, of this city; and the following brothers and sisters, Mrs. Edna Johnson, Mrs. Martha Johnson, Mrs. Iola Chester, Miss Rosie M. Sours, Andrew Edward, Willard Earl, and Franklin Eugene Sours, all of Tiffin; Mrs. Mary Chiow, of Findlay; and a half-sister, Betty Jean Callahan, Tiffin.  One child is deceased.

The body was brought to the Ray C. Myers funeral home here today and services are to be held int he funeral home at 2 p.m. Monday.  Burial will be in Fairmont cemetery.  Friends may call at the Myers funeral home.

The accident was the second this week in which Tiffin men were involved in railroad yards in neighboring cities.  Harley A. Hoffman, 94 East Rebecca street, was badly injured while working as a brakeman in the B. and O. yard at Willard Sunday night.  Although his left leg was amputated in the accident his condition is reported now showing satisfactory improvement.

Efforts to locate Mrs. Edna Sours Johnson to notify her of the death of her brother were made today by Sheriff George R. Steinmetz.  Mrs. Johnson was employed with the Edwards Shows which appeared at the county fair.  The sheriff located the shows at Lodi, O., and requested the Lodi marshal to find Mrs. Johnson and notify her.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Sept. 24, 1943    Pg. 1

SOURS, HUBERT FRANKLIN age 75 yrs. 4 mos & 6 das. died 31 Dec 1943 at Page Memorial Hospital. He had been in failing health for sometime. s/o the late Henry Sours & Mary Smelser who resided on the Hawksbill. During the years he served as pastor of the Brethren Church of Page County they grew & prospered. He was one of the oldest Brethren preachers in this part of Virginia & his presence in that church will be sadly missed. He was married twice. His 1st wife was Miss Mary Printz. To this union one son, Jesse Sours of Falls Church, Va. was born. His 2nd wife was Miss Mary Catherine Shirey, who preceded him in death on July 11, 1936. To them were born 4 sons, Rufus Sours of Altavista, Va., Russell Sours of Falls Church, Paul Sours of Hagerstown, Md. & Carson Sours of Waynesboro, Va. He also leaves 6 grandchildren. Funeral was held from the Mt. Zion Brethren Church with interment in the church cemetery. Rev. Henry C. Eller officiated & was assisted by Elder Ernest Cave of Shenandoah & Eld. H. E. Wakeman of Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, HUBERT HARDING (Tush) age 70 yrs. of Luray died 14 Oct 1992 at Washington Veterans Administration Center. Born 03 Nov 1921 in Luray s/o the late James & Evelyn Gochenour Sours. Married 22 Jun 1963 Sarah L. Sours. Son, Roy (Butter Cup) Sours of Luray. Daughter, Geraldine Locke of Alexandria. Brothers, Walter & Perry Sours both of Luray. Sister, Betty Jane Breeden of Luray. 3 grandchildren. Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, INFANT SON OF JOS. A.  age 3 yrs. died Jul 1899 at Ida, Page, Va. Buried Saturday. Rev. Stirewalt conducted the funeral. (JAC)

SOURS, INFANT - Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sours lost an infant child, aged 4 months, at the Harrisonburg hospital on Friday night. The infant was taken to the hospital the first of last week. (issue 17 Mar 1931) (JAC)

SOURS, INFANT OF CARL was buried on Sunday at Page Co., Va. (issue 26 Mar 1920) (JAC)

SOURS, INFANT OF PAUL J. & Salomie A. died Jul 1899 at Page Co., Va. Buried at Morning Star Cemetery 19th July. (issue 27 Jul 1899) (JAC)

SOURS, IRMA age 10 yrs. d/o Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Sours of Clifton Forge died of pneumonia last Saturday after an illness of 12 days. Mr. Sours accompanied by several friends brought the remains here for burial. The funeral & interment took place at Morning Star Tuesday afternoon, Rev. P. L. Snapp officiating. The child's mother who was a daughter of Emanuel Shaffer of near Morning Star could not come with the remains on account of sickness. The little girl was the only child & deep sympathy is felt for the bereaved parents. (JAC) 

SOURS, IRVIN A.    FUNERAL SATURDAY FOR IRVIN A. SOURS.   Died After Six Months of Failing Health

Irvin Ambrose Sours, 55, died at 4 a.m. today, Thursday, Nov. 16, 1950, at the Seneca County Home where he resided since Feb. 12, 1948.  He had been in seriously failing health the past six months.

He was born in Wyandot county Jan. 17, 1895 to Jacob and Martha (Osborne) Sours and was married to Inez Gibson, who preceded him in death.  Surviving are a brother, Arthur Sours, of Tiffin, and two sisters, Mrs. Virgil Bogard, Sycamore, and Mrs. Orville Allen, Fremont.  He was a member of the McCutchenville Evangelical and Reformed church.

The Rev. C. F. Brouse will conduct funeral services at 2 p.m. Saturday at Moore's Funeral home in Sycamore.  Burial will be in Pleasant Ridge cemetery west of Sycamore.   Friends may call at the Moore funeral home there Friday.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Thursday, Nov. 16, 1950    Pg. 4 

SOURS, JACOB AMBROSE (ADAM), 80, formerly of Sycamore, died at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. And Mrs. Thurman Sours at Green Springs, at 9 o'clock, Wednesday evening (24 September 1947).  He had been an invalid for three years and seriously ill for three days.

Mr. Sours' parents were the late Mr. And Mrs. Ambrose Sours.  He was born in Virginia December 27, 1866.  He was united in marriage to Martha Matilda Osborn, October 8, 1889.   She passed away November 25, 1935.    They were the parents of six children.  One daughter, Ella May, having passed away in 1916.  Those surviving are: Thurman Sours, of Green Springs, at whose home he died; Irvin ?A. Sours, also of Green Springs; Arthur Sours of Tiffin; Mrs. Thomas Collier of Coloma Michigan and Mrs. Virgil Bogard of Sycamore.  He leaves 25 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.  Four brothers and four sister are deceased.

Mr. Sours had been living at the home of his son, Thurman Sours for the past three months, going there from Sycamore, where he had resided with his daughter, Mrs. Bogard for several years.   He was a retired farmer.  He was a member of the Evangelical and Reformed Church at McCutchenville.

The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the E.W. Moore funeral home at Sycamore, in charge of Rev. C. F. Brouse.    Interment will be made in Pleasant Ridge cemetery of  Sycamore. (MAH)

Ref:"Demise Occurs at Son's Home Wednesday Evening: Rites Saturday," The Daily Chief - Union,Wyandot County, Ohio,  25 Sept 1947, p.1,c.2. 


Aged Farmer Dies in Home of Son

Jacob Ambrose Sours, 80, retired farmer, of near Sycamore, died at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24, 1947, in the home of his son, Therman Sours, Green Springs.  He had been an invalid for about three years, and had been with his son in Green Springs for about three months having been taken there from the home of a daughter Mrs. Virgil Bogard, in Sycamore.

Mr. Sours was born in Virginia Dec. 27, 1866 to Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Sours.  He was married Oct. 8, 1889 to Martha Mathilda Osborn and her death occurred Nov. 25, 1925.  Surviving are three sons and two daughters Therman and Tryin [Irvin]
A. both of Green Springs; Arthur, Tiffin; Mrs. Thomas Collie, Coloma, Mich.; and Mrs. Virgil Bogard, Sycamore; and 25 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  One daughter and four brothers and sisters are deceased.  Mr. Sours formerly engaged in farming for many years west of Sycamore.  He was a member of the McCutchenville E. and R. church.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Thursday   Sept. 25, 1947    Pg. 4

SOURS, JACOB LUTHER age 74 yrs. died 29 Jan 1958 at Luray, Va. Born 23 Jan 1884 s/o the late John William Sours & Caroline Jewell Sours. Married 04 Sep 1904 Annie Lee Sours. Children, Mrs. Elzie (Effie Gladys) Williams, Mrs. John (Valley Irene) Williams Sr. & Mrs. Virgil (Eva Virginia) Sours all of Luray. Sister, Mrs. Mattie Sours. Brothers, James F. Sours & Thomas William Sours of Luray. Interment in the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (issue 30 Jan 1958) (JAC)

SOURS, JACOB H. age 83 yrs. of Hagerstown, Md. & formerly of Luray died 27 Aug 1976 at Western Maryland Center. Born 12 Jul 1893 in Page Co. s/o the late Thomas W. & Arsula Frances Griffith Sours. Married 05 Jul 1927 Elizabeth L. Jarvis. Daughter, Mrs. Warren Fowler of Hagerstown. Sisters, Mrs. Earl (Regora) Price, Mrs. Phillip (Lottie) Miller, Mrs. Kirby (Viola) Fox & Mrs. Willis (Mary) Burner, all of Luray. Grandson, Ronnie Parson of Luray. 1 granddaughter & 4 great grandchildren. Burial was in Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC) 


Tiffin Man Retired from NKP Railroad Three Years Ago

Jacob M. Sours, 82, of 361 Water street, died at 12:30 p.m. Sunday in Mercy hospital where he had been a patient since he became serious ill two weeks ago.  A resident of Tiffin for the last 30 years, Mr. Sours came here from a farm east of McCutchenville.  He was an employee of the Nickel Plate railroad before retirement about three years ago.

Born in Zanesville May 11, 1878, Mr. Sours was a son of Christian and Mary Sours.  He was twice married, first to Liza Biller, who died many years ago.  Following her death he was married again in Tiffin, in 1911 to Eliza Mongol, who survives.  Also surviving are a son and daughter of the first marriage Raymond Sours, of Lancaster, Ohio; and Etta, wife of Harold Fritz of Tiro; the following sons and daughters of the second marriage, Mrs. Della Fowler, Ralford Sours, Elsia, wife of Roy Williams, and Casper Sours, all of Tiffin; and Miss Gladys at home; a brother, Benjamin, Tiffin; sisters, Mrs. Otis Runion, Stanford, Ill.; and Mrs. Casper Runion, Fremont; 25 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren.  Two sons, a daughter, three brothers and one sister are deceased.

Mr. Sours was formerly a member of Morning Star Lutheran church near Broadway, Va.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Adams Turner funeral home and iwll be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Wayne O. Kantner.  Burial will be in Bethel cemetery, McCutchenville.  Friends may call at the Turner funeral home after 7 p.m. this evening.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   Nov. 7, 1960     Pg. 4

SOURS, JACOB S. a Stony Man resident died 15 Sep 1943. His death resulted from a fall sustained on Wednesday morning from a load of hay on his farm. His death occurred about 9:00 p. m. the same day. s/o the late Peter Sours & Mary Jane Sours of Stony Man. Born 25 Mar 1869 & was 74 yrs. 5 mos & 20 days old at the time of his death. Member of the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. Wife, Essie Houser d/o Edward Houser of Page Co. Children, Edward Sours of Stony Man, Mrs. Jacob (Mary) Wheelberger, Mrs. Frank (Margaret) Stover both of Newport News, Mrs. Ralph (Clara) Emerson of Ida & Gregory Sours of Front Royal. Brother, John Sours of Flint Hill, Va. A number of grandchildren. Burial in the Mt. Zion Brethren Church Cemetery. From a distance at the services were: Mrs. Pearl Rhodes, Orien Rhodes & Clyde Rhodes all of Fairfax, Mrs. John Moore & John Sours both of Flint Hill & Miss Lottie Printz of Washington, DC. (JAC)

SOURS, JAMES LYNWOOD (Tiny) age 46 yrs. of Stanley died 29 May 1992. Born 17 Nov 1945 in Luray s/o Oscar T. Sours & the late Hattie Kauffman Brown. Stepmother, Gernie Sours. Married 10 Nov 1973, Sandra Jean Campbell. Brothers, Dwayne A., John Vernon & Ernest Jackson Sours. Sisters, Shirley S. Lewis of Savannah, GA., Gail S. Anderson, Linda S. Campbell & Brenda S. Wyatt all of Luray & Carolyn S. Swiger of Fairfax. Buried in Sandy Glaize Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, JAMES ROLLAND     Advance Computer retiree

James Rolland Sours, 52, 60 SR 101, died at 12:12 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, 1996, in Mercy Hospital of Tiffin, shortly after arrival, following an extended illness.  He was born in Tiffin, Oct. 4, 1943, to Casper W. and Beulah (Rau) Sours, who survive at 544 Miami St.   His wife, Alice Rebecca (Rinker) Sours, whom he married Sept. 4, 1965, in Trinity United Church of Christ, Tiffin, also survives.  Other survivors include: a daughter, Mrs. Jeff (Sherry Ann) Chaney of Tiffin; a grandson, Cory James Sours of Tiffin: two brothers, Robert and Larry Sours both of Tiffin; and a sister, Mrs. Dennis (Linda) Wilhelm of Tiffin.

Mr. Sours, a graduate of the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, retired from Advance Computer Supplies, where he had been employed for 17 years.   He was a member of Tiffin Eagles 402, Tiffin Moose Lodge and the Ohio Deaf Association.

Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Turner-Engle Funeral Home, with burial following in Bethel Cemetery.  Visitation, at the funeral home, will be 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Monday.  Memorials may be made to the Heart Fund or Ohio School for the Deaf.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Feb. 11, 1996

SOURS, JAMES WESLEY age 57 yrs. died 16 Jan 1941 in a hospital in Washington, DC. from pneumonia. s/o the late Frank Sours of Valleyburg. Married about 25 yrs. ago Evelyn Buracker d/o Phillip Buracker of Stanley. Children, Mrs. R. L. Key of Quantico, Va., Leon, Hubert, Walter, Glenn, Annie, Betty Jane & Perry Sours all at home. Sisters, Annie Kleinhaus of Annapolis, Md., Mattie Weaver of Ida, Susie Sours of Norfolk & Cora Weaver  of Buckingham Co. Brother, Amos Sours of Stony Man. Laid to rest in the family graveyard at the foothills of Skyland near the spot of his birth. (JAC)

SOURS, JAMES WILLIAM died 22 Feb 1937 at the hospital in Harrisonburg, Va. s/o Arthur & Easter Mae Tobin Sours. Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Sola Sours & Mr. K. G. Tobin. The casket was borne to the cemetery by Robert Tobin, Gilbert Dennis, William Sours & George Johnston. Misses Stella & Thelma Dennis, Exina & Ruby Sours, June Tobin, Charlene Reid, Jimmy & Billy Dennis carried the flowers. (issue 02 Mar 1937) (JAC)

SOURS, JANE age 88 yrs. died Tuesday at Luray, VA. w/o Peter Sours. d/o Jacob Sours. Children - Jacob, John, Mrs. Jerome Printz (decd.), Mrs. Julius Somers (decd.). Brothers & sisters - Noah, Barney, John T., Mrs. David Griffith, Mrs. J. B. Smith & Mrs. James Bradley. Burial in the Jacob Sours Graveyard. (issue 16 Mar 1928) (JAC)

SOURS, JERRY ALLEN age 2 yrs. died 31 May 1956 s/o Forrest Sours & Betty Sabala Sours of Baltimore, Md. Burial in Graves Chapel Cemetery in Stanley, Va. Born 02 Jan 1956 at the Page Memorial Hospital. Sister, Teresa Sours at home. (JAC)

SOURS, JESSE ELMER age 44 yrs. a native of Page Co. died on Saturday of last week in Lyons, Georgia, from a heart attack resulting from a severe case of flu. He left the county about a year ago taking up residence in Lyons. s/o the late William H. & Arbelia Smith Sours of the Mill Creek section & a grandson of the late Samuel W. Sours of Mexican & Civil War fame. Jesse served with the 116th Infantry during the World War. Son, Clarence E. Sours of Front Royal. Brothers & sisters, Mrs. John A. Foltz, of Luray, Thomas R. Sours & W. L. Sours of Martinsburg, WV., Amos Luther & Arthur Sours, Mrs. Fred Dinges & L. A. Sours all of near Stanley. Interment in the family cemetery on Mill Creek. Mrs. John A. Foltz, a sister of the deceased & daughter Miss Hazel Foltz left immediately after being notified of the illness & reached Lyons, Ga. Sunday night, but he had expired before their arrival. (issue 22 Mar 1940) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN  age about 43 yrs. died near Covington, Va. last week. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sours, former residents of the Shenandoah National Park section, near Ida, now of the Frederick County section, west of Winchester. Funeral from Grace Lutheran Church at Ida. Interment in the family burying ground. Death has taken a rather heavy toll in the family of Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sours, natives of this county, now living in Frederick County. During the World War one of the sons of the couple, Robert Sours, died in France. About 5 months ago another son, William Sours died at their home in Frederick & on Sunday, the oldest son of the family, John N. Sours was buried in the Sours graveyard near Ida. David C. Sours, the last son is now residing in Frederick county. The widow of William Sours, the former, Miss Mamie Fox, is also residing with the family in Frederick. The Sours boys are grandsons of the late Samuel 'Chepultepec' Sours, of Mexican war fame. John N. Sours, the last son to died, has been an extensive traveler. He went through the World War without receiving a scratch. Since & before that time he has been in the Philippine Island, Mexico, China, Japan, Germany & France. Since the close of the World War he has written a book of his life, embracing some of the thrilling experiences through which he has passed. (issue 01 Nov 1938) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN  TRAGIC DEATH of John Sours - Is Forced Under Wheels of Traction Engine and Life Crushed Out.

A terrible fatality occurred on the Samuel Eakin farm, three and one-half miles east of the Village of McCutchenville, last Saturday afternoon, in which John Sours, who resided in that vicinity, met his death.  Sours was employed in operating a wood sawing machine for John DuBois and Saturday morning completed a job on George Roshier's place.  He then started with the engine to his home and when running through a lane on the Roshier farm, got off to oil the engine.  While thus engaged his coat caughts in the cogs and he was thrown under the wheels of the heavy engine which passed over his stomach, killing him instantly.

The unfortunate man was aged about forty years and is survived by a wife and five children.  A strange fatality seems to follow the Sours family, as his cousin, Frank Sours, met a tragic death last year.  While blasting stumps in Eden Twp.,  he was blown to pieces by the explosion of the dynamite.  The funeral was held at the church in Mexico, this afternoon, and interment was made in the Bibler Cemetery. (RLP)
Tiffin Daily Tribune    Monday    April 3, 1905    Pg. 1   Col 4

SOURS, JOHN A. age 86 yrs. died 11 Sep 1959 at Luray, Va. Born 05 Sep 1873 s/o David & Missouri Thomas Sours. Married 31 Dec 1907 Mollie Virginia Dovel. Daughters, Mrs. Harry (Ethel) Price of Luray, Mrs. Charlie (Geneva) Zirkle of Luray & Mrs. Russell (Nina) Ritchie of Harrisonburg. 3 brothers & 4 sisters are deceased. Mr. Sours was the last member of his family. Interment in Leaksville Cemetery. (issue 17 Sep 1959) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN DAVID 'Fletcher' age 70 yrs. died Monday at Luray, Va. s/o the late Bernard D. Sours & Delilah Fox Sours & was born 11 Jul 1880. Wife, Maude Miller. Children, Grover, Harlen, Lester, Bernard, Leroy & Dudley Sours, Mrs. John (Dorothy) Seal, Mrs. Robert (Geraldine) Tobin, Mrs. Talbert (June) Fox & Misses Allene & Estelle Sours all of Luray. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (issue 23 Nov 1950) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN ROLAND age 13 months & 4 days, infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sours of near Hamburg, died on Tuesday morning Jan. 30th with meningitis. The funeral took place at Leaksville, conducted by Rev. W. H. Ballengee, after which the remains were laid of rest in the Leaksville Cemetery. (issues 02 & 09 Feb 1917) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN T. died Wednesday from heart disease at Rileyville, Va. He was born 03 Dec 1847 at Printz Mill, Page Co., Va. s/o Jacob & Susan Tutwiler Sours. Third wife - Maude Peterson survives. Children - Mrs. Israel Burner by his 1st wife, Lina Griffith; Mrs. W. H. Huffman, James, Sola K., John V., Mrs. N. H. Clark, Mrs. Clifford Payne, Calvin & Edward by his 2nd wife, Laura Miller. Nine brothers & sisters, only one survives, Mrs. Peter Sours. Burial in the Rileyville Cemetery. (issue 28 Aug 1925) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN W. age 84 yrs. died on Wednesday at Page Co., Va. Born in the John P. Shenk Section of Page Co. Wife was a Miss Jewell who had been dead about 10 yrs. Children - Thomas W., Mrs. Henry Sours, Jacob, James, Susie Campbell; Decd. children - Mrs. Jacob Griffith, Mrs. Isaiah Griffith, Charles & Samuel. Brothers & sisters - Bettie Yancey, David Lee Sours; deceased, Monroe, Ephraim, Adam, Mrs. William Jewell & Mrs. Philip Sours. John was a noted shingle maker. (issue 23 Aug 1929) (JAC)

SOURS, JOHN WILLIAM SR. age 76 yrs. of Berryville died 11 Mar 1995 at Winchester, Va. Born 12 Aug 1918 in Page Co. s/o the  late Henry Amos & Mattie Foltz Sours. Army veteran of WWII. Wife, Elizabeth Jane Mauck died 30 Aug 1985. Son, John W. Sours Jr. of Berryville. Daughter, Sally S. Morrow of Berryville. Brother, Clark Sours of Clarke Co. Sisters, Vera Offenbacker of Silver Spring, Md. & Clara Foltz of Page Co. 4 grandchildren. Burial in Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville. (JAC)

SOURS, JOHNNY LESTER (German) age 72 yrs. of Luray died 12 Mar 1987. Born 29 Sep 1914 in Page Co. s/o the late James F. & Barbara Susan Griffith Sours. He was a saw mill owner in the Dry Run area. Married 19 Oct 1935 Ella Mae Burner who died 07 Mar 1986. Brother, Arthur C. Sours of Luray. Sisters, Pearl Ellis, Lottie Sours & Kathleen Foster all of Luray. A godchild Linda Jean Sours died 05 Mar 1987. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery east of Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, JOSEPH A. age 77 yrs. of Luray died 14 Oct 1948 at his home in Ida. His sudden death came as a shock to his family & many friends since he had been in comparatively good health until the day of his death. Born & spent his entire life in the Ida community s/o the late George & Caroline Printz Sours. Born 18 Oct 1870. Most of his life he engaged in farming although in his younger years he had been in the hauling business. Married 12 Sep 1895 Emma Susan Cave. Children, Mrs. Charles (Fannie) Woodward, Mrs. Clarence (Beulah) Somers, Mrs. Lawrence (Hazel) Sours, Mrs. Floyd (Rebecca) Miller & Mrs. Harry (Lynda) Huffman all of Luray, Mrs. Kirby (Martha) Nichols of Hagerstown & Carl Sours of Stanley. 2 children died in infancy. Burial was in the family cemetery near his home. (JAC)

SOURS, JOSEPHINE SEEKFORD age 78 yrs. of Panama City, Fl. died 12 Mar 1997 in Florida. Born & raised in Page Co. d/o the late Luther & Hattie Menefee Seekford. Her husband, Arthur Lee Sours preceded her in death. Daughter, Carol C. Arbuckle of Florida & Norman E. Clatterbuck of Washington. Stepson, Arthur Ray Sours of Florida. 3 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. Memorial service. (JAC) 


Mrs. Julia Sours, 78, former resident of Tiffin who left this city for Sycamore two years ago, died Thursday night in the home of her step-son-in-law and step-daughter, Mrs. and Mrs. William Biller.  Death followed an apoplectic attack.

Mrs. Sours, formerly Miss Julia Brown, was born in Canada and came to this city 27 years ago.  On March 8, 1911, she was married to Abraham C. Sours who died two years ago.  She went to live with the Billers following his death.  She was the last memeber of her family.

Mrs. Sours was a member of the Church of Christ of this city.  Arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.  Friends are asked to omit flowers.  (RLP)

Tiffin Tribune    Feb. 9, 1929    Pg. 10  


Mrs. Julia Fitzwater Sours, 75, widow of Christian Sours, died late Tuesday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Casper Runion, 452 Water street, following an illness of two months.  Death was due to heart disease.

She was a daughter of George and Elizabeth Fitzwater and was born in Tiffin Jan. 26, 1836.  Her marriage to Mr. Sours took place 45 years ago.

Mrs. Sours is survived by the following children:  Mrs. John Fadley of Sycamore and Mrs. Casper Runion of Tiffin.  Mrs. Otis Runion of Illinois is a step-daughter and Benjamin Sours and Andrew Sours of this city and Jacob Sours of McCutchenville are step-sons.  There are 48 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

She had been a member of the United Brethren church of McCutchenville for the last 23 years.   Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at the Casper Runion residence at two o'clock.  Burial will be in Bethel cemetery.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune     Wednesday, May 27, 1931    Pg. 10

SOURS, JULIUS age 78 yrs. died 11 Jan 1934 at Luray, Va. from Bright's disease. Survived by 2 daughters - Mrs. Joseph M. Lillard of Luray & Mrs. Anna McCoy, a widow who resided with her father; 3 sons, William D., Lloyd & Elmer Sours all of Fairfax, Va. His first wife, mother of his children, who died 10 yrs. ago was Miss Sarah Sours, d/o Henry Sours (decd.) & a sister of Rev. Hubert F. Sours near Luray. His 2nd wife, who has been dead for 3 yrs. was Mrs. Betty Aleshire, widow of William Aleshire. Julius was a s/o David Sours, deceased of this county. One brother, John A. Sours of Big Oak, west of Luray, & 2 sisters, Mrs. Ed Miller of Luray & Mrs. John H. Cave of Luray, survive. Two brothers, Isaac Sours of Ohio & David Sours, of Page Co. & 2 sisters, Mrs. D. W. Craig of Pennsylvania & Mrs. Peter Dovel, of Leaksville are dead. Burial was in Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, KATHLEEN VIRGINIA age 70 yrs. of  Luray died 05  Oct 1995. Born 01 Nov 1924 at Rileyville d/o the late John W. & Pearl Virginia Keyser Vaughan. Married 08 Jan 1945 Kenneth I. Sours. Daughter, Barbara Griffith of Columbia, Md. Grandchildren, Sean K. Griffith of Columbia, Md. & Adam T. Griffith of Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. A daughter, Bonnie Kay Sours died 10 Sep 1948. Burial in Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, KIRBY LEE age 77 yrs. of Front Royal died 22 Oct 1993. Born 18 May 1916 at Luray s/o the late Reuben & Mary Bell Sowers Sours. Veteran of WWII. Son, Allen Wayne Sours of Front Royal. Daughter, Robin Gayle Kerns of Front Royal. Sisters, Erma M. Patterson of Winchester. Brother, Roy C. Sours of Winchester. 4 grandchildren. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, KIZZIE JANE age 95 yrs. of Hagerstown, Md. died 11 Mar 1968. Burial in Rest Haven Cemetery. Born in Luray d/o the late Benjamin Franklin & Clarinda Elizabeth Breeden Broyles. Daughters, Miss Mary Sours, Miss Hazel Sours & Mrs. Albert W. Smith all of Hagerstown. Sons, Dewey, David & Marvin Sours all of Hagerstown, Md. 15 grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren & 11 great-great grandchildren. Her husband, Laney Wesley Sours preceded her in death. (JAC)

SOURS, LAURA age 63.5.8 died 16 Jul 1916 at Compton, Va. w/o John T. Sours & d/o Jacob Miller (decd.). Children - James L., Edward M., Calvin A., Soly K., John V., Mrs. W. H. Huffman, Mrs. I. C. Payne, Mrs. N. H. Clark; one step daughter - Mrs. I. H. Burner. Brothers & sisters - James, Edward, Israel, Levi, John, William & Benjamin Miller, Mrs. R. B. Cullers, Mrs. John Burner, Mrs. F. C. Swartz. Burial in Rileyville Cemetery. (issue 28 Jul 1916) (JAC)

SOURS, LAWRENCE EDWARD age 64 yrs. of Craigsville, Va. native of Luray was killed almost instantly on 13 Nov 1954 when the car in which he was riding - a 1949 Ford sedan driven by Jerry Bazzrea, 19 of Staunton imbedded itself in the rear of a dump truck. The accident occurred just before six p. m. on Route 250 at Fishersville, Va. Bazzrea, drive of the Ford sedan was treated for a laceration of the forehead & released. Arnold Moses of Waynesboro, driver of the truck was uninjured. The dump truck was practically undamaged in contrast to the near told loss of the Ford sedan. Mr. Sours was born 17 Nov 1907 in Page Co. s/o Edward M. & Betty Lee Sours. Member of the Craigsville Presbyterian Church. At the time of his death he was an employee of the Portland Cement Company at Fordwick, Va. He was married to Viola Everhart who survives him with 3 sons, Johnny E. Sours, Franklin E. Sours & Lawrence B. Sours all at home & 4 daughters, Mrs. John Kirkpatrick of Hopewell, Mrs. W. L. Blaine of Craigsville, Miss Josephine M. Sours & Miss Laura F. Sours both at home. Brother, Melvin T. Sours of Goshen, Va. Sisters, Mrs. Edison Sibert of Craigsville & Mrs. John Sedwick of Luray. One granddaughter. Interment in the Craigsville Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS,  LEANNAH (ESTEP)   Sours - Mrs. Leannah Sours, widow of Solomon Sours, died at the home of her son, Joseph M. Sours, in Scipio township, two miles east of Republic, on Saturday evening at 9:30 o'clock.  She had been an invalid during recent years, but was in her usual health until about a week ago, when she was taken with the grip, which later developed into pneumonia.  She was aged 70 years, 10 months, and 18 days.

She was born in the Shenandoah valley, Rockingham county, Virginia, March 6, 1845, the daughter of John and Mary Estep.  She was married to Solomon Sours, who died 26 years ago, while still living in Virginia.  She came to Seneca county forty-three years ago.  To this union eleven children were born five
of whom now survive her.  The are:  Joseph M. of near Republic, Simon, of near Bloomville, Alva, of near Rockaway; Mrs. Wesley Oster, of Bloomville and Mrs. Alva Bare, of Clinton township, near Tiffin.

She became a member of the First English Lutheran church forty years ago, remaining a faithful Christian woman dying in the faith which she espoused early in life.  The funeral services will be conducted by her pastor, the Rev. Chalmers E. Frontz, in the First English Lutheran church, Tuesday morning about 11:30 o'clock, leaving the home of the son, J. M. Sours, at 9:00 o'clock (sun time).  The burial will be made in the Kagy cemetery, south of Tiffin.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    Monday, Jan. 24, 1916   Pg. 8

SOURS, LENA MAE age 57 yrs. of the Leaksville Section died 22 Feb 1952. She was a long time member of the Congregational Christian Church at Leaksville. d/o the late James William & Mary Susan Hockman, she was born at Fairfield in Rockbridge County. Married 23 Dec 1916 Oscar J. Sours, who survives. Children, Doris Sours & Randolph Sours. Brothers & sisters, William Hockman of Front Royal, Ashby Hockman of Shenandoah, Carrie Hockman of Stuarts Draft & Mrs. I. K. Roby of Staunton. One sister & 2 brothers preceded her in death. Interment in the Leaksville Church Cemetery. Pallbearers were her nephews, Paul Hockman, Maynard Hockman, Owen Louderback, Louie Hockman, Adolph Louderback & Curtis Lancaster. (JAC)

SOURS, LEO CLETUS age 23 yrs. of the Morning Star section of Page Co. died 13 Sep 1941 at Charlottesville, Va. His death resulted from injuries sustained when he was run over by a tractor 10 days ago. s/o James F. Sours. Born 23 Apr 1918. Burial in the Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, LEOLA aged about 5 yrs. little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sours of Upper Mill Creek, died on Monday. Funeral Wednesday. The child some time ago had an attack of infant paralysis & had never been well since. A younger child is left to comfort the stricken parents. (issue 09 Feb 1917) (JAC)

SOURS, LEONARD MCKENDRA age 70, of Rileyville, died 09 February 1988. Burial will be in the Beahm Family Cemetery. Mr. Sours was born Sept. 3, 1917, in Bentonville, the son of the late James L. & Nellie May Strickler Sours. Surviving are his wife, Thelma Allene Young Sours; 3 sons, Mark A. Sours of Luray, Dwight M. Sours of Stanley, and Milton K. Sours of Rileyville; 2 daughters, Judy L. Seekford of Rileyville and Kathy Jean Bromley of Fredericksburg; 2 foster daughters, Marie Digiralamo of Edgewater, Md., and Beulah Dovel of Luray; 5 brothers, Raymond S. Sours and Maurice M. Sours of Rileyville, Oscar T. Sours of Luray, Nelson Sours of Clinton, Md. and Gary C. Sours of Centreville; and 5 sisters, Alice Clark of Browntown, Linda Updike of Pratts, Nora Smeltzer of Rileyville, Maude Bennett of Keyser, W. Va. and Mildred Carter of Vienna. (JAC)

SOURS, LLOYD MCKINLEY SR. age 74 yrs. of Fairfax, Va. died 29 Apr 1971. Born 20 Jan 1897 at Luray s/o the late Julius Sours. Daughters, Marguerite Buckley, Ruth E. Taylor, Hilda L. Schaffer & Thelma Jones all of Fairfax & Velma Jones of Centreville. Sons, Richard I. Sours of Oakton & Lloyd M. Sours Jr. of Warrenton. Sisters, Elizabeth Lillard of Luray & Annie McCoy of Indiana. Brothers, Elmer Sours of Ft. Pierce, Fl. & William Sours of Fairfax. 17 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren. Burial in Memory Gardens at Manassas, Va. (issue 06 May 1971) (JAC)

SOURS, LOTTIE ELNORA age 88 yrs. of Luray died 12 May 1997 at Page Memorial Hospital. Born 16 Jul 1908 in Luray d/o the late James F. & Barbara Susan Griffith Sours. w/o Robert William Sours who died 09 Sep 1957. Sons, Granville Roscoe Sours of Charlottesville & Ray William, Earl Franklin 'Tink' & Bernard Richard 'Dick' Sours Sr. all of Luray. Daughters, Gladys Marie Sours of Manassas, Nina Mae Gray & Joyce Ann Knight both of Luray & Murle Elizabeth Broy of Front Royal. Brother, Arthur C. Sours of Luray. Sister, Kathleen Foster of Luray. 31 grandchildren, 1 step grandchild, 39 great grandchildren, 3 step great grandchildren, 7 great-great grandchildren & 3 step great-great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by 2 children, 5 brothers, 3 sisters & 2 grandchildren. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Cemetery in Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, LOTTIE MAE age 92 yrs. of Luray died 29 Mar 1995. Born 22 May 1902 in Madison Co. d/o the late John Henry & Mary Jane Sisk Sours. Nieces, Hazel Hensley, with whom she lived & Rosie Wilson, both of Luray & Doris Hoover of Middletown. Nephews, Dewey Sours of Stanley & Fred Dodson of Berryville. Burial in Evergreen Memorial Gardens. (JAC)

SOURS, LOUELLA age 16 yrs. the pretty & intelligent d/o John D. Sours, a carpenter, committed suicide last night by swallowing 6 grams of strychnine. She purchased the poison at Zimmerman's drug store, saying she wanted it to kill rats. The girl was in love with Lee Harper, 18 yrs. old, s/o Grant C. Harper, a neighbor. The parents of the young couple were opposed to the intimacy & Sours had forbidden his daughter to see the Harper boy again. Last night she went home with a large portrait of herself. She bought the poison, had a last meeting with Harper & took the drug in the presence of her mother & sister, saying it was headache powder. She went to bed & 15 minutes later was dead, expiring in violent convulsions. Early in the evening she intimated she would kill herself. She told the neighbors some time ago when deeply depressed that she would end her life. Today young Harper was ill, caused by worry & grief over the young girl's act. Sours removed to Hagerstown 4 yrs. ago from Luray, Va. 'Hagerstown, Md. October 21 1900' (issue 22 Oct 1900) (JAC)

SOURS, LUTHER - Funeral services were held Sunday in Culpeper, Va.   Mr. Sours was a brother to Charley Sours of near here, who has been confined to a wheel chair, when not in bed for a year. He continues in a very weak condition. His son & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sours, recently visited him. (issue 06 Jan 1949) (JAC) 

SOURS, LUTHER    Former Tiffin Ford service manager

Former Tiffin resident Luther Sours, 75, died Aug. 24, 1990, in Mesa, Ariz.

He was born July 10, 1915, in Tiffin, to David and Maudie Sours.  He married Madeline Fisher, and she survives.   Also surviving are a son, Lynn of Newport Beach, Calif.; a daughter, Lea Jean Morgan of Augusta, Ga,; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and a sister, Geneva Fitzgerald of Tiffin.   Mr. Sours was a service manager at Tiffin Ford before moving to Arizona.  He was district manager for Circle K Food Store in Mesa, where he retired in 1979.

Memorial services were held Sept. 1 in Mesa.   Memorial may be made to Red Mountain Methodist Church, 2936 N. Bash Highway,  Mesa 85205.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Monday, September 10, 1990   Pg. 5a  

SOURS, MARGARET C.     Sunday school teacher.   Margaret C. Sours, 75, a resident of Fairhaven Nursing Home, Upper Sandusky, died at 7:55 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12, 1989, at the home.  She was born April 14, 1913, in Seneca County to the late Alva and Muriel (Rhoad) Sours.

Surviving are two brothers, Russell Sours of Risingsun and Olen Sours of Tucson, Ariz.; and two sisters, Mrs. Glen (Ruth) Hower of Tucson and Mrs. John (Bernice) Willman of Tiffin.  She was preceded in death by two brothers, Calvin Sours and Orton Sours.

Miss Sours was a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church, Risingsun, where she was a former Sunday school teacher and a member of the Ladies Aid of the church.  She had been a live-in companion for the elderly of the area for many years.

Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Harrold-Floriana Funeral Home, Fostoria, with the Rev. Cynthia J. Rood officiating.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, near Bloomville.   Calling hours are 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday.  (RLP)

Advertise-Tribune    Tuesday, February 14, 1989 - 5a

SOURS, MARIETTA (SWERLEIN).  Green Springs - Marietta Sours, 90, formerly of 219 S. Kansas St., died 5:55 p.m. Tuesday (06 June 1984) in Fremont Memorial Hospital, where she was a former employee.   She had been admitted Monnday morning from St. Francis Rehabilitation Hospital and Nursing Home.  Mrs. Sours was born in Wyandot County, Upper Sandusky, Aug 28, 1893, a daughter of Edward and Edith (Roberts) Swerlein.   She and Thurman Sours were married March 22, 1915, in Upper Sandusky.  He died Dec 26, 1948.
Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Milton (Garnetta) Hetrick and  Mrs. Vincent (Matilda) Hetrick , both of Oak Harbor, Mrs. Denny (Dorothy) Bergeman of Port Clinton, Mrs. Leon (Virginia) Boucher of Hilliard, Ohio, Mrs. Don (Helen) Harris of Green Springs and Mrs. Merle (Patricia) Hummell of Bensenville, Ill.; three sons, Edward Sours, Donald Sours, and Denver L. Sours, all of Green Springs and James Sours of Fremont; a sister, Mrs. Stanley Carpenter of Upper Sandusky; 24 grandchildren; and 38 great-grand children.
Mrs. Sours was a member of Green Springs United Methodist Church, Order of Eastern Star Chapter 299, Gold Star Mothers, American Legion, Green Springs Garden Club and the VFW Auxiliary.  She was a past president of the Legion Auxiliary.  The funeral will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday at Engle Young Funeral Home, 211 N. Broadway.  Visitation at the funeral home will be from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday.  It was suggested that any memorials be to the donor's choice. (MAH)
Source: "Marietta Sours," Fremont News Messsenger, Fremont Ohio, 06-06-1984, p.6 c.4.  

SOURS, MARTHA MATILDA 'Mattie' native & former resident of Page Co. died 15 Mar 1962 at her home in Martinsburg, WV. Married 28 Feb 1906 Thomas R. Sours. Sister-in-law of Amos & Luther Sours & Mrs. John Foltz of Luray. Born near Stanley, Va. 13 Oct 1882 d/o the late John Isaac Knight & Sarah E. Southard Knight. Son, Donald A. Sours of Martinsburg. Daughters, Vinda P. Barrett of Roanoke, Mrs. Ellis E. Sullivan of Dade City, FL., Mrs. G. William Moreland of Martinsburg & Mrs. Carl W. Gerthung of Youngstown, Ohio. 10 grandchildren & 18 great grandchildren. Preceded in death by 4 sisters & 3 brothers, Mrs. Martin Purdham of Luray, Mrs. Charles Taylor of Stanley, Mrs. Robert Sampson of Martinsburg & Mrs. James Southard of Bardane, WV. & Robert Knight of Martinsburg, John Knight of Stanley & Isaac Knight of Grottoes, Va.. Burial in Rosedale Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, MATHILDA     MRS. JACOB SOURS DIES SUDDENLY   Funeral Saturday For Tymochtee Woman.  Funeral services for Mrs. Jacob Sours, 69, who died suddenly in her home at Tymochtee Tuesday night, will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the McCuthchenville Reformed church.  Burial will be in Pleasant View Cemetery.

Mrs. Sours was formerly Miss Mathilda Osborn, daughter of Irvin and Susan Durk Osborn, and was born near Upper Sandusky.   Her husband survives with two daughters and three sons, Mrs. Marguerite Dawson and Mrs. Mabel Bogard, of Sycamore; Thurman Sours, of Tiffin; Arthur Sours, of near Tiffin; and Irvin Sours, at home.  There are 20 grandchildren also.  Two Brothers and two sisters are also survivors, they being W. P. Osborn, of this city; Eli Osborn, Toledo; Mrs. E. J. Coulter, Marion, and Mrs. Lillian Alexander, Toledo.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Nov. 29, 1935    Pg. 2

SOURS, MARTIN LUTHER age 78 yrs. of Luray died 23 Mar 1963 in a Staunton Hospital. Born 29 Mar 1884 in Page Co. s/o the late William H. Sours & Arbelia Smith Sours. Wife, Virgie Lee Painter died 10 May 1958. Sons, Luther Ray Sours of Luray & Roy Lee Sours of Stanley. Daughters, Beulah Nauman of Luray & Irene Blosser of Weyers Cave, Va. Brothers, Amos Sours of Luray & Thomas Sours of Martinsburg, WV. 19 grandchildren & 33 great grandchildren. Burial in the SDA Cemetery in Stanley, Va. (JAC)

SOURS, MARVIN age 45 yrs. s/o the late Noah Sours, was found dead in his home on the Hamp Shaffer place a mile above Morning Star church yesterday by his neighbors, Clarence & Vernie Lang. Clarence Lang had gone to Mr. Sours' home to see him but found the door locked and looking in the window saw him lying on the floor, face down. Mr. Lang then returned for his brother, Vernie and both together forced their way through the door and found Mr. Sours to be dead. They them notified the Luray officers who came at once. Coroner Dr. Virgil Hammer gave the verdict of a natural death, caused by a hemorrhage of the heart. It was stated that he had not been dead over 24 hrs. as his watch was still running. He had not complained of illness. He was a World War veteran and served on the front in France. He had lived with his uncle, James Beahm, now deceased until 12 yrs ago when he was married and moved to the place where he died. He had only one child, Eva, 11 yrs. old who lives with her mother at the home of the latter's father, Edward Smith at Antioch Church. Half brother - Ernest Sours of Morning Star and 3 half sisters - Mrs. Viola Miller of Morning Star, Mrs. Gladys Rothgeb of Mill Creek & Mrs. Fern Keyser at the Barrel, just west of Luray and a step mother, Mrs. Bettie Sours of Morning Star. His mother was a daughter of the late Daniel Beahm of the Ridge and a sister of James Beahm, benefactor of the Luray hospital. Mr. Sours owned the Shaffer place and was prepared to live comfortably. Burial at Beahm's Chapel. (issue 14 Jun 1932) (JAC)

SOURS, MARY FRANCES infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Perry Sours died 14 Sep 1962 at the Page Memorial Hospital. Grandparents - Evelyn Sours Gochenour of Luray, Mr. & Mrs. Turner Charles Bailey of Rileyville. Burial at the Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, MATTHEW WARREN age 20, of Rt. 1, Rileyville died Oct. 27, 1988, at his home following a lengthy illness. He was born Feb. 28, 1968 in Warren County and was a son of Eugene L. (Peabody) and Anna Mae Seal Sours. He was a 1986 graduate of Luray High School and a member of the Rileyville Baptist Church. Surviving besides his parents are 3 brothers, Michael Adam, Benjamin Andrew and Buckley Morgan Sours, all at home; a grandfather Raymond Sours of Rileyville and a grandmother, Dorothy Seal of Luray. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery in Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, MATTIE BELLE age 87 yrs. of Luray died 20 Apr 1978 at Page Memorial Hospital. Born 28 Apr 1890 in Page Co. d/do the late John & Mary Caroline Sours. w/o Henry Sours who died 24 May 1951. Sons, Earl, William Lee, Raymond Floyd & Virgil Cleveland Sours all of Luray, Claude Benton Sours of Bentonville & James Sours of Culpeper. Daughters, Edith Fowler of Buchanan, Dorothy Blosser of New Market, Mary Huffman of Stanley & Annie Woodward & Elizabeth Dovel both of Luray. 29 grandchildren, 42 great grandchildren & 3 great-great grandchildren. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, MAUDE ESTELLE age 90 yrs. of Luray died 11 Mar 1984. Born 23 Jun 1893 in Page Co. d/o the late Benton & Fannie Shaffer Miller. Married 25 Dec 1916 John D. Sours who died 20 Nov 1950. Sons, Grover, Harlen, Lester, Bernard, Leroy & Dudley Sours all of Luray. Daughters, Mrs. John (Dorothy) Seal, Mrs. Robert (Geraldine) Tobin, Mrs. Talbert (June) Fox, all of Luray & Mrs. Carl (Estelle) Mayer of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Sisters, Mrs. Austin (Gladys) Judd of Luray, Mrs. O. T. (Anna Mae) Gabbert of Ballinger, Tx. & Mrs. Grace Sours of New Philadelphia, Oh. 22 grandchildren & 27 great grandchildren. One daughter & 2 brothers are deceased. Burial in Morning Star Lutheran church cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, MAY died 25 Jan 1928. In loving memory of my dear sister. by her sister, Mrs. Rumsey Sedwick. (JAC)

SOURS, MELODY JOY infant d/o Richard Lewis & Olena Virginia Seal Sours of Luray died 05 Feb 1976 at University of Virginia Medical Center. Born 02 Feb 1976 at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. Sisters, Crystal & Angela Sours both at home. Grandparents, Louis & Earline Sours of Luray & Gilbert & Sylvia Seal of Luray. Burial at the Sours Cemetery in Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, MELVIN TRENTON age 62 yrs. of Falling Waters, WV. died 12 May 1994. Born in Hagerstown, Md. s/o the late Marvin Trenton & Mildred McDaniel Sours. Wife, JoAn Montgomery Sours. Daughters, Robin Lynn Kelley & Dawn Marie Sours both of Hagerstown, Md. & Patti Ann Johnson of Martinsburg, WV. Sisters, Nancy Smoke of Winchester & Betty Wallech & Shirley Moore both of Hagerstown, Md. Brothers, William Sours & Melvin W. Sours of Hagerstown, Md. 6 grandchildren. Burial in Rest Haven Cemetery in Hagerstown, Md. (JAC) 

SOURS, MILFORD    Milford Sours Rites To be Held Thursday

Funeral services for Milford Sours, of 273 Fourth avenue, who was fatally injured at 2:10 a.m. Tuesday near Fremont, are to be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Bame funeral home, and will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Wayne O. Kantner.  Interment will be in Fairmont cemetery.

Friends may call at the Bame funeral home.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune   April 1, 1959   Pg. 4

SOURS, MINERVA MAE age 83 yrs. of Bentonville died 30 May 1984. Born 02 Nov 1900 at Rileyville d/o the late Callie Amos & Pearl Lillard Sours. Brother, Callie A. Sours Jr. of Bentonville. Sisters, Mrs. John H. Tobin Sr. of Bentonville & Mrs. Ira Cooke & Aileen Cunningham both of Limeton. Burial in Prospect Hill in Front Royal, Va. (JAC)

SOURS, MINNIE MAY age 80 yrs. of Shenandoah died 14 Sep 1991 at Harrisonburg, Va. Born 04 Jun 1911 in Page Co. d/o the late Samuel P. & Mary Susan Comer Good. Married 13 Sep 1933 Clyde I. Sours who died 17 Nov 1962. Sons, Clyde I. Sours Jr. of Elkton & Alden (Salty) Sours of Stanley. Daughter, Elva Mae Housden of Crimora. Brother, David E. Good of Shenandoah. Sisters, Frances Lee Shenk & Mary Lee Wright both of Shenandoah. 7 grandchildren & 11 great grandchildren. A grandson, Mark Lang is deceased. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery east of Luray. (JAC) 

SOURS, MURIEL    Mrs. Muriel Sours, 84, route 1, Risingsun, died Tuesday morning, Jan 2, 1974, in Fostoria City Hospital.

Born April 21, 1889, in Bloomville, she was a daughter of Lewis and Emma (Clay) Rhoad.  She married Alva Sours on Dec. 25, 1901, and he survives.

Also surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Glenn (Ruth) Hower of Tucson, Ariz., Mrs. John (Bernice) Willman Sr. of Tiffin, and Margaret, at home, two sons, Russell of Risingsun and Olen of Stow; a brother, Lloyd Rhoad, of Bloomville; 15 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Sours was a member of the Scott Trinity Church of Risingsun and the Ladies Aid of the church.   The Rev. Olen Wright will conduct services at 1:30 p.m. Friday in the Harrold Funeral Home in Fostoria.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bloomville.  Visitation at the funeral home will be from 7-9 o'clock tonight and from 3-5 and 7-9 o'clock Thursday.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Wed., Jan 2, 1974    Pg. 4a


Heart Attack Fatal To Nettie May Sours

Mrs. Nettie May Sours, 60, wife of Simon Sours, died suddenly at 5:30 a.m. today, Feb. 14, 1942, in her home north of Republic on Route 19.  Her death resulted from a heart attack.

Born in Crawford county March 14, 1882, Mrs. Sours was a daughter of William and Magdalene (Derr) George.  She was married Feb. 15, 1907, to Simon Sours and is survived by herband, three sons, Robert, Bloomville; Corvis, Bucyrus and Willet, Tiffin; brothers, Roy and Glenn George, both of Bloomville; Walter George, Tiffin; sisters, Mrs. David Perrine, Mrs. Clyde Rife, and Mrs. Archie Schauff, Carrothers;  and three grandchildren.  A brother and sister are deceased.  Mrs. Sours was a member of Mt. Zion Brethern church.

Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday in the Ray C. Myers funeral home and will be conducted by the Rev. Walter Marks of Bloomville.  Friends may call at the Myers funeral home.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune     Saturday   Feb. 14, 1942    Pg. 10

SOURS, NOAH age 75 yrs. died on Tuesday from bladder trouble in a Washington, DC hospital. Wife, Bettie Beahm of Bedford Co. Father - Jacob Sours. 1st wife was a daughter of Daniel Beahm. Children - Marvin Sours by his 1st wife; Ernest, Gladys, Viola & Fern by his 2nd wife. Brother, John T. Sours; sister - Mrs. Peter Sours. Burial in the family graveyard. (issue 24 Oct 1919) (JAC)

SOURS, OSCAR THOMAS age 80 yrs. of Luray died 02 Dec 1995. Born 23 Jan 1915 at Bentonville s/o the late James L. & Nellie Mae Strickler Sours. Married 27 Oct 1950 Gernie Frances Meadows. Sons, John V., Jack & Dwayne Sours all of Luray. Daughters, Gail Anderson Wyatt, Linda Campbell & Brenda Wyatt all of Luray, Carolyn Swiger of White Bluff, Tn. & Shirley Lewis of Savannah, Ga. Brothers, Gary Sours of Luray, Raymond, Nelson & Maurice Sours all of Rileyville. Sisters, Nora Smeltzer of Rileyville, Alice Clark of Bentonville, Linda Updike of Pratts, Maude Bennett of Keyser, WV. & Mildred Carter of Vienna. 22 grandchildren & 7 great grandchildren. 2 sons, Lynwood 'Tiny' Sours & Oscar T. Sours Jr., a brother, Leonard Sours & a sister, Elinor Weatherman are deceased. Burial in Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, PAUL died Tuesday at Culpeper Co., Va. Wife is a d/o Jacob Griffith. Children, Jacob, Joseph, Mrs. Aubrey Hawkins all of Culpeper Co. Burial in the Culpeper Cemetery. (issue 02 Apr 1920) (JAC)

SOURS, PEARL E. age 62 yrs. died 21 Feb 1979 at Saint Vincent Health Center at Harborcreek Township, Md. Born 30 Sep 1916 in the Kimball Section of Page Co. d/o Artie C. Sours of Luray & the late Annie Lurah Sours. Sisters, Clara G. Sours, Mrs. Elmer (Linda) Vaughan of Luray & Mrs. Amos (Cleo) Ellis of Baltimore, Md. Brother, Floyd Sours of California. Several nieces & nephews. Preceded n death by a sister, Mary Shomo & a brother, Clyde Sours. (issue 29 Apr 1979). (JAC)

SOURS, PETER age 89.0.10 died Saturday at Luray, Va. wife - Jane Sours (decd.). Children - Jacob, John, Mrs. Julius Somers (decd.), Mrs. Jerome Printz (decd.). Brother & sisters - Mrs. Paul Miller, Mrs. Thomas Miller & David Sours - all decd.. Civil War Veteran - Co. H, 33d Va. Regiment. (issue 24 Apr 1928) (JAC) 

SOURS, PHILIP age 80 yrs. died 13 Aug 1952 at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. He had been in the hospital only an hour before his death occurred. He made his home with his nephew, Raymond C. Sours. He was born near Ida 16 Jan 1872 s/o the late Andrew & Catherine Fox Sours. His wife, Crozet Sours preceded him in death in 1919. Surviving are his nephew & a niece Mrs. Mary C. Ellis. He was the last member of his family. He was a blacksmith by trade & a member of Grace Lutheran Church. Burial in the Morning Star Church Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, POLLY ANN age 63 yrs. died suddenly of heart disease at her home near Kimball 11 Jun 1913. W/o Franklin Monroe Sours. Her health had not been good for several years but on Wednesday she went about her daily duties as usual & eat a hearty supper. While retiring at rather a late hour she was suddenly stricken & by the time those in the room with her could summon the other members of the family she was breathing her last. D/o George Stomback, deceased. She leaves one brother, Phillip Stomback of near Washington, DC. & Mrs. Susie Fox of Valleyburg, this county is a sister. Her husband survives her with the following children, Mrs. John W. Beahm, Mrs. James Jewell, Mrs. Jacob Sours, Mary Catherine Sours, George Sours & O'Bannon Sours, all of this county. (JAC)

SOURS, RAY JUNIOR, 71, of Luray died 19 May 1995. He was born 04 Apr 1924 at Stanley s/o the late Luther Ray & Dorothy Foltz Sours. Wife, Jean Puffenberger, whom he married 20 Jun 1947. Son, Steve Sours of Luray; two daughters, Anita Sherwood of New Market & Arleen Gregory of Lexington, NC. Brothers, Forrest 'Dick' Sours & Charles 'Tucker' Sours. Sister, Kathern Good of Luray; six grandchildren & one great grandchild. A sister, Helen Sours, is deceased. Burial in Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Luray. (JAC)

SOURS, REGINA aged 60 yrs., d/o Lee Sours of Hagerstown died on Nov. 5th and was buried at Morning Star, this county. For a number of years Miss Sours had been an inmate of the State Hospital at Sykesville, Md. Her father was formerly at resident of Page Co. and is a brother of the late John Sours of Jewell Hollow & Monroe Sours of Kimball. The young lady's mother who is deceased was a Miss Miller of the Morning Star section, a sister of Mrs. W. L. Judd of that neighborhood & Mrs. George Miller of Luray. (issue 11 Nov 1930) (JAC) 

SOURS, ROBERT B.   Bloomville area farmer

Former rural Bloomville resident Robert B. Sours, 84, of Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, died Saturday morning, March 13, 1993, following an illness of several months.  He was born Jan. 29, 1909, in Lykens Township, Crawford County, to Simon and Nettie Mae (George) Sours.  On Aug. 5, 1934, in Chatfield, he married Ruth L. Kalb.  She died in 1986.

Surviving are: two sons, Robert Jr. of Katy, Texas and James of Manlius, N. Y.; a daughter, Mrs. Owen (Janet Louise) Ervin of Littleton, Colo.: six grandchildren; and a brother, Willet Sours of Tiffin.  A daughter, Carol Ann; and a brother, Courvis Sours, are deceased.

Mr. Sours, a farmer for about 50 years in the Bloomville area, was inducted into the Seneca County Agriculture Hall of Fame and Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame in 1988.  He was a member of Bloomville United Methodist church, Eden Lodge 310 Free and Accepted Masons, where he had been a past master; Luella Chapter 223 Order Eastern Star, Odd Fellows and Bloom Community Grange.  He was also a member of Seneca County Farm Bureau, Seneca County Jersey Breeders Association, past president of the Eight County Swine Association and the Seneca County Swine Association.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 20 in the Lindsey-Olds Funeral Home, Bloomville, with the Rev. Robert Snyder officiating.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bloomville.  Visitation is 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday, at the funeral home, where Masonic services will be at 7:30 p.m. and Grange services at 8 p.m.  Memorials may be made to Eden Lodge 310 Free and Accepted Masons, Bloomville.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune March 15, 1993    Pg. 5a

SOURS, ROSA A. died Friday at Culpeper, Va. w/o Joseph E. Sours. d/o Adley Tutwiler (decd.). Children - Carlie J., Noah L., Henry G., Adley, Jacob, Samuel, Kate, Mittie A. Wrote of Baltimore, Md., Tinie E. Williams of Alexandria, Va., Mrs. Hubert Smith of Culpeper, Va. & Johnnie (decd.). Brothers - Gideon & Leo Tutwiler. Interment in the family graveyard at Culpeper, Va. (issue 06 Mar 1925) (JAC)

SOURS, ROY BENTON age 73 yrs. of Winchester died 05 Jul 1995. Burial in Shenandoah Memorial Park. Born 29 Apr 1922 in Luray s/o the late Ruben Monroe & Mary Belle Sours. U. S. Army Veteran of WWII. Wife, Neida Richards Sours. Daughters, Wanda Staubs, Donna Kay Bowen, Glenda Hottle & Linda Richards all of Winchester. Sister, Erma Patterson of Winchester. 12 grandchildren & 7 great grandchildren. Grandsons, Rodney Hottle, Michael Hottle, David Richards Jr., Chris Richards, Daniel Shull & Ricky Shull. (JAC)

SOURS, ROY LEE age 69 yrs. of Stanley died 28 Jul 1982 at Luray, Va. Born 28 Dec 1912 in Page Co. s/o the late Luther & Virgie Painter Sours. Married 14 Jan 1958 Elsie Mae Richards. Sisters, Beulah Nauman of Luray & Irene Blosser of Weyers Cave. Burial in Beahm's Chapel cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, RUBY ESTELLE age 46 yrs. of the Stony Man section died 22 Jun 1955 at her home after being in failing health for 2 years. d/o the late Siram R. Hoak & Mary J. Sours Hoak, she was born at Stony Man 17 Mar 1909 & spent her entire life in that community. Member of the Grace Lutheran Church. Married 12 Jul 1930 Carl W. Sours who survives her with 3 sons, Ray, Charles & Lewis all at home. Sisters, Mrs. Elmer (Mary) Miller of Stanley & Mrs. Cecil (Thelma) Miller of Charlottesville. Brother, Hunter Hoak of Luray. Interment was in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, RUSSELL    Russell A. "Pappy" Sours, 86, Tiffin, died at 5:48 p.m. Oct. 26 at Tiffin Mercy Hosptial.

He was born Oct. 12, 1910 in Melmore to Benjamin Franklin and Mary Anna (Wagner) Sours.  He married Elizabeth Jane Hull on May 28, 1938 at the former Daughters of America Home and she died Aug. 22, 1976.

He is survived by one son, Franklin Clay Sours, Tiffin; eight daughters Beatrice A. Prenzlin, Loretta Mae Annon, Mrs. Lester (Wilma Jane)Vanover and Janet F. Prenzlin, all of Tiffin; Delores J. Evans, Helena; Roberta I Sours, Republic; Betty M. Bordner, Rocky Face, Ga.; and Mrs. Randy (Laura) Spencer, Sycamore; a sister, Mrs. Herbert (Hazel) Moore, Tiffin; 29 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.    He was preceded in death by three brothers, Henry and Arthur Sours; four sisters, Florence Miller, Ellen Robinson, Eunice Gittinger and Rosetta Irene Collins; and two grandchildren.

Mr. Sours was retired from Petti-Bone and worked at Webster Manufacturing, Hanson Machine and as a farmer.  Her served in the Salvation Army where he was a former member of the Corps Council and was a bell ringer for the organization's Christmas fund drive.  He was a member of Tiffin Moose Lodge #846 and was a 1934 graduate of Columbia High School.

Service is Tuesday  at 1 p.m. at Turner-Engle Funeral Home, Tiffin, Auxiliary Captain and Mrs. Al Thornton assisted by Linda and Michael Savage officiating.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery in Bloomville.  Visitation is today from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 at the funeral home.   Memorials may be made to the family or a charity of the donors choice.  (RLP)

Review Times, Monday, Oct. 28, 1996    Pg. 11

SOURS, RUTH BURACKER age 86 yrs. of Luray died 17 Mar 1993. Born 24 Mar 1906 in Page Co. d/o the late Wilber & Rachael Nichols Buracker. Wife of John N. Sours. Daughter, Elizabeth Grimsley of Luray. Brother, Junior Buracker of Luray. Sister, Mary Petty of Manassas. Grandchildren, Lillian McDougle & Kenneth Grimsley both of Luray, Melvin J. & Roger Sours both of Winchester. 3 great grandchildren. Burial in Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, SARAH age 78 yrs. died on Friday from pneumonia at Stony Man, Va. w/o Alfred Sours (decd.) s/o Daniel Sours. d/o David & Christena Fox. Children - Thomas Sours & Flora Spitler. Brothers & sister - Thomas F., George, William, Noah, Mrs. John A. Ellis. Interment in Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. (issue 09 Mar 1926) (JAC)

SOURS, SARAH widow of Alfred Sours died 05 Mar 1926 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Flora Spitler wife of Eld. D. N. Spitler near Stony Man. Mrs. Sours, who had been in excellent health & who was very vigorous for one in her 78th year was taken with pneumonia one week before her death, this disease proving fatal. Her son, Thomas Sours of Monongahela, Pa., who besides Mrs. Spitler, is the only surviving child, arrived a few hours after his mother's death. Until 18 months ago when she became an inmate of her daughter's home, Mrs. Sours lived at the old home on Dry Run. Her husband, Alfred Sours, has been dead for 40 years. He was a son of Daniel Sours deceased. Prior to marriage Mrs. Sours was a Miss Fox, being a sister of Thomas F., George, William & Noah Fox & Mrs. John A. Ellis. Her sister & 4 brothers all preceded her to the grave, the last of them, Thomas F. Fox having passed away but a few months ago. Mrs. Sours was a member of Morning Star Lutheran Church from childhood. She was a loyal member & led a consistent Christian life exemplifying the homely virtues of the generation to which she belonged - industry, simple living, love for her home & family & reverence for everything that was good & pure. Her funeral was held at Mt. Zion church on Sunday. Rev. A. L. Boliek conducting the services & the interment in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. (JAC)

SOURS, SELONE aged about 70 yrs. of the Shenk's Mill section died last Monday morning after an illness with a complication of diseases. He died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Joseph Ellis with whom he had made his home for many years. Brother, Jacob Sours. Interment in Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (issue 21 Jul 1916) (JAC)

SOURS, SIMON H. age 39 yrs. died Sunday at Luray, Va. Interment in the Morning Star Lutheran church cemetery. Born in the Morning Star section of Page Co. s/o Mrs. Angeline Smelser Sours & the late Adam A. Sours. Wife, Myrtle Smelser Sours. Children, Edith, Elva Mae, Ermon & Clinton Sours. Sister, Mrs. Earl Cave of Hagerstown, Md., Mrs. Lester Jenkins of Berryville, Va., Daisy Sours of Luray. Brothers, John A. Sours & Elmer Sours, both of Jewell Hollow, Page Co. (issue 30 Sep 1943) (JAC)

SOURS,  SOLOMON D.    Rev. Samuel Schwarm, on Friday last, conducted the funeral services of Mr. Solomon D. Sours, who resided six miles south of the city, on the Mohawk road.   Mr. Sours moved to this county from Virginia in 1871.  He was a man who was highly respected by his neighbors.  He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his loss.  Interment in the Kagy Cemetery. (RLP)

The Seneca Advertiser    Thursday, Nov., 28, 1889    Pg. 5 

SOURS, SOLOMON     Solomon Daniel Sours was born in Page County, Virginia, on May 10, 1842 and died November 20, 1889.  He was the son of Joseph, who was a wagon maker, and Eliza (Smith) Sours.  He served the Confederacy as a private in Company D, 7th Calvary.  He married Leannah Estep on August 4, 1864.  Leannah was born March 6, 1845 in Rockingham County, Virginia, to Simon and Mary "Polly" (Tusing) Estep.  Leannah died January 22, 1916 and is buried in Kagy Cemetery near Tiffin, Ohio, along with Solomon.

Solomon and Leannah came to Seneca County, Ohio from Rockingham County, Virginia, about 1873 with three children.  David Frank, Mary Cathrin, and William.  They had a farm on Mohawk Road about six miles south of Tiffin where they added seven more children:  Joseph, Jennie, Simon, Amos, Mettie, Della, and Alva.  The following are excerpts from memoirs written by their daughter, Mary Cathrin, when she was in her 90's.

"When I was three and brother Frank 5, and brother Will 1, we came to Ohio in a covered wagon.  Everything was so different in the west, they could hardly adjust themselves to the way people were living for sometime.  In the East no carpet on the floor.... In Ohio some homes would have rag carpet in their living rooms.... and I must tell you this, I helped sew rags for my mothers first carpet.... In the East People didn't know anything about caning fruit...each of us had our work to do When we got home from School...the boys would do the chores and we girls got the Supper for the Family    Mother Would either be sewing or mending....My Mother used to Run the Spinning Wheel  til midnight in order to have Material to make clothing for the Family.....Kitchen ware was all tin and had to be scoured once a week we used to scour it with Russets it growed along water.  So the boys would go to the Honey Creek nearby and gather a bunch of it and bring it home for us....."

Solomon and Leannah's son, Simon Daniel (April 30, 1879-January 9, 1952), married Nettie May George on February 15, 1906.  They had three sons:
(1) Robert Burton Sours (January 29, 1909-March 13, 1993), married Ruth Louise Kalb on August 4, 1934.  They had four children:  Janet Ervin, Caroline (died at birth), Robert, Jr., and James.  They lived most of their lives as farmers and Poland China hog breeders near Bloomville, Ohio.  Ruth died July 17, 1986.

(2) Courvis Reynolds Sours (January 25, 1911 - February 7, 1975), married Bertha Assenheimer on March 10, 1935.  They had two daughters, Joyce Kennedy and Ruth Ann Wilson.

(3) Willet Ellis Sours (April 17, 1914) married Mary Catherine Walter on Februayr 24, 1940.  They have two children, Ronald and Carol Schubert, and reside in Tiffin, Ohio.

Submitted by Mrs. James Sours.  (RLP)

Seneca County book on  Solomon Sours family

   SOURS, THURMAN.   A heart attack on Christmas day (25 December 1948) caused the death of Thurman Sours, 58, in his Green Springs residence.   Mr. Sours, former superintendent of the Green Springs water works and employee of Basic Refractories in Bettsville for 15 years, has resided in Green Springs for 14 years.  His widow, Marietta Swerlein Sours, and 11 children survive.  A son, Robert M. Sours, was killed in World War II.

Funeral services will be held in Green Springs Methodist church Wednesday at 2 p.m.   The body will remain in the Young funeral home and burial will be in the Green Springs cemetery, the Rev. H. M. Willman officiating.

The deceased was born October 17, 1890 in Sycamore, Ohio., the son of Jacob A. Sours and Matilda Osborn Sours.  He was married March 22, 1916, in Bascom.  He was a member of the Green Springs Grange and Presbyterian church.  Survivors include his widow; six daughter, Mrs. Milton Hetrick and Mrs. Vincent Hetrick of Lindsey; Mrs. Denver Bergeman of Fremont; Mrs. Leon Boucher, Mrs. Donald Harris;  and Miss Patricia Sours, of Green Springs; five sons, Edward, Donald, Richard, James and Denver, all of Green Springs.; nine grandchildren; two brothers, Arthur and Ervin of Tiffin, and two sisters, Mrs. Virgil Bogard of Sycamore, and Mrs. Marguerite Allens of Fremont. (MAH)
Source: "Thurman Sours, 58, Dies on Christmas," Fremont News Messsenger, Fremont Ohio, 12-27-1948, p.1 c.8.

[Note: The surviving family agree that Thurman's death was actually the day after Christmas, December 26, when he woke early in the morning and suffered a heart attack.   The entire family had visited Thurman & Marietta on Christmas Day.]

SOURS, THOMAS FRANKLIN age 83 yrs., of Culpeper, Va., died 20 Apr 1960. Native of Page Co. He had lived in Culpeper for the past 40 yrs. s/o the late Ephraim & Malinda Sours. His wife was the late Susie Smith Sours. Interment in the Morning Star Cemetery in Page Co., Va. (issue 05 May 1960) (JAC)

SOURS, VENUS age 18 mos. d/o B. F. Sours died 10 Aug 1899 at Charlestown, WV.  Burial in Page Co., Va. (JAC)

SOURS, VIRGIE LEE age 73 yrs. died 10 May 1958 at Harrisonburg, Va. Born 11 Nov 1884 at Stanley, Va. d/o the late John M. Painter & Ella Florence Painter. Married 25 Jan 1905 M. Luther Sours. Children, Luther Ray Sours, Roy Lee Sours & Beulah Lee Nauman all of Stanley & Irene May Blosser of Weyers Cave, Va. Brothers, Lloyd Painter & Cletus Painter of Stanley. Sister, Effie Good of Stanley. 19 grandchildren & 21 great grandchildren. 3 brothers & 2 sisters are dead. Burial in the Adventist Church Cem. (JAC)

SOURS, VIRGINIA ESTELLE 6 mo. old d/o Mr. & Mrs. Simon Sours died last Friday & was buried in Morning Star Cemetery. (issue 26 May 1933) (JAC)

SOURS, VIRGINIA FRANCES age 24, of Midvale, Ohio, died at the Union hospital in that city on Friday, July 4th, following a brief illness. She was born on April 16, 1923 in Clarksburg, WV., The daughter of Joseph Roache, of Montgomery, WV. and Mrs. Frances Riker of Midvale. In addition to her parents, she leaves her husband, Benton Lee Sours, son of the late Elmer Sours and grandson of Charlie Sours and Benton Miller of Page county and two daughters, Janet Sue and Karen Lee. One daughter is deceased. Burial was in the Evergreen Burial Park, Midvale. (issue 31 Jul 1947) (JAC) 

SOURS, WILLIAM B.    Bicyclist Killed in Rt. 19 Mishap

William B. Sours, 11, route 1, Bloomville, was pronounced dead on arrival at Bucyrus Community Hospital shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday of injuries received in a bicycle-car accident on State Route 19 near his home.   He was the son of Arthur L. Sours and Delilah Sours Greenwald.

The boy was traveling south on Route 19, near Lykens, and had just passed a car when he swerved to the right into the path of another car operated by Forrest W. Gregg, 57, route 2, Bloomville.  The Gregg auto ran over the boy, fracturing his skull, it was reported.  The Crawford County sheriff's department is continuing investigation of the fatal accident.

Funeral Friday.  He was born Aug. 30, 1960, in Tiffin to Arthur L. and Delilah M. Sours.  His father resides at route 1, Lykens, and his mother, now Mrs. Delilah Greenwald, lives at the rural Bloomville address.

Besides his parents, he is survived by brothers, Gene Sours of Tiffin and Richard Sours of Liberty Center; sisters, Nancy Wilson of Tiffin and Carolyn Banks of Bloomville; a stepbrother, Norman Greenwald; and half brothers and sisters, Ronald and Robert Sours of Sycamore, Henry Heintz of Tiffin and Harold Heintz of Bucyrus, Jouce Sours in Illinois, and Geraldine Smith of Tiffin.   William was a seventh grade student at Lykens School.

The body has been taken to the Turner-Engle Funeral Home, where visitation will begin at 2 p.m. Thursday.  Lt. Richard Wright of the Salvation Army will conduct services at the funeral home at 10 a.m. Friday.  Burial will be in Greenlawn cemetery.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    July 12, 1972

SOURS, WILLIAM HENRY age 33 yrs. of Luray died 18 Feb 1965 in Goochland Co., near Richmond. Interment in Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. Born 13 Apr 1931 in Luray s/o Ruth Buracker Sours & the late John N. Sours. Brother, Melvin N. Sours. Sister, Elizabeth Sours. (JAC)

SOURS, WILLIAM EDWARD age 48 yrs. died 04 Nov 1954 at the home of his parents at Morning Star. Born 29 Mar 1906 s/o James F. Sours & Barbara S. Griffith Sours of Morning Star. He was well known in the Morning Star neighborhood where he worked as a sawmill operator at the sawmill owned by his brother, Johnny Sours. He was a loyal & faithful member of the Morning Star Lutheran Church. Brothers & sisters, Mrs. Lottie Sours, Mrs. Calvin (Lillie) Sours, Mrs. John (Pearl) Ellis, Mrs. William (Irene) Miller, Mrs. William (Kathleen) Foster, Virgil B. Sours, Johnny L. Sours, Kirby F. Sours & Arthur C. Sours all of Luray. One brother, Leo, is deceased. Burial in the Morning Star Lutheran Church Cemetery. (JAC) 

SOURS, WILLIAM H.   William H. Sours died at the home of his mother, Mrs. John Sours, in Seneca Township, August 30, and his funeral was held at Mexico this aftermoon, conducted by Rev. M. E. Gibson.  Death was caused by typhoid fever.  The deceased was a son of John Sours, who, it will be remembered, met a tragic death by an accident with a traction thrashing engine last April. (RLP)
Seneca Advertiser   Thursday    Sept. 7, 1905    Pg. 8   Col. 1 

SOURS, WILLIAM M   Sours - William M. Sours died at his residence, five miles south of Tiffin, Tuesday morning, March 10, 1908, aged thirty six years, four months and six days.  His death was very sudden, having been taken sick about four o'clock in the morning and dying about seven hours later.  He had complained of headaches for several days past and it is thought that the rupture of a blood vessel of the brain caused his death.  The funeral services will be held on Friday at 10 a.m. at the house, and at 10:30 at the Harmony U. B. church, Revs. Kirk and Roth officiating.(RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune     Wed., March 11, 1908    Pg. 8

SOURS, WILLIAM LEE age 87 yrs. of Stanley died 17 Dec 1981 at Luray, Va. Born 07 Oct 1914 in Page Co. s/o the late Henry Cleveland & Mattie Belle Sours. Brothers, Earl & Virgil Sours both of Luray, Claude Sours of Charlestown, WV. & James Sours of Culpeper. Sisters, Edith Fowler of Buchanan, Dorothy Blosser of New Market, Mary Huffman of Stanley & Annie Woodward & Elizabeth Dovel both of Luray. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC)

SOWERS, ADA YANCEY age 67 yrs. died 30 Dec 1948 at Culpeper. Burial in Fairview Cemetery at Culpeper, VA. d/o George G. Yancey & Juetta Ramey Yancey of Rappahannock Co. w/o David Luther Sowers formerly of Page Co. Daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson. A granddaughter. Sisters, Mrs. W. R. Whitlock of Elkwood & Mrs. J. E. Yancey of Alexandria.  Brother-in-law, Charlie Sours of Luray. (issue 20 Jan 1949) (JAC)

SOWERS, ADLEY DAVID age 67 yrs. of Culpeper died 01 Feb 1979 after a long illness. Born at Culpeper s/o the late Jacob Henry & Rosie Tutwiler Sowers. His grandfather, the late Samuel S. Sours, lived in Luray. Wife, Reva Virginia Settle Sowers. Brother, Henry Sowers of Culpeper. Sisters, Mrs. K. R. Dufrannan of Baltimore, Md. & Mary F. O'Brien of Culpeper. Burial in Fairview Cemetery in Culpeper. (JAC)

SOWERS, ANNIE BELL RICKARD age 73 yrs. of Hagerstown, Md. died 01 May 1952 at the Washington County Hospital. Widow of Casper L. Sowers. Born in Luray, Va, she had resided in Hagerstown for the past 47 years. Son, Basil L. Sowers of Hagerstown. Sister, Mrs. Joe (Sallie) Ponn of Luray. 2 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren. A number of nephews & nieces. A half brother W. B. Rickard died 7 years ago. Interment in Rose Hill Cemetery. (JAC)

SOWERS, BERTHA E. age 96 yrs. of Greenup, Il. died 14 Sep 1997 at the Cumberland Nursing Center in Greenup. Burial in the Aten Cemetery, Hidalgo, Il. Born 01 Jul 1901 in Jasper Co. d/o Reuben M. Hutson & Sadie Permelia Ellis. Married William Hobert Sowers in 1921& he died in 1984. Sons, Kenneth John Sowers of Greenup, Richard Wayne Sowers of Bethany, Il., Berl Dean 'Jim' of Greenup, Il., Randall Paul Sowers of Satellite Beach, Fl. & William Eugene Sowers of Mason, Il. Daughter, Patricia Lucille Hayden Titus of Greenup, Il. 20 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren & 2 step great grandchildren. Preceded in death by one son, one daughter, 5 brothers & 3 sisters. (JAC)

SOWERS, B. F. age 83 yrs. of New Market died 28 Apr 1945 at the Kline Nursing Home in Middletown. Native of Page Co. born 28 Dec 1861 near Luray s/o Isaac & Delilah Smith Sowers. Wife, Miss Mary Comer before marriage. Daughters, Mrs. Roy Bass of Hagerstown, Md., Essie Childress of Hagerstown, Mildred Price of New Market. Son, Eugene Sowers of Hagerstown. Mr. Sowers was the last member of his family, his deceased brothers & sisters being: Casper, John D. & Willie Sowers, Mrs. Ben Aleshire, Mrs. Tom Miller & Mrs. I. N. Coffman. Interment in the Sowers Cemetery in Page Co., Va. (JAC)

SOWERS, GLENN G.    Glenn G. Gowers, 76, Sycamore, died at 4:25 p.m. Friday in Wyandot Memorial Hospital, Upper Sandusky.   He was born March 9, 1901 in Wyandot County to William M. and Katherine (Yeager) Sowers.  He married Iadell Shedenhelm who died, and then married Winifred Luman, Dec. 23, 1938 and she survives.  Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Carolyn Trumbo, Bettsville; Mrs. Katherine Harp, Las Vegas, Nev.; three sons, Glenn Jr., Robert J. and William H. all of Sycamore; 17 grand children, four great-grandchildred.  Mr. Sowers was a member of the Sycamore United Methodist Church and was a retired blacksmith and welder.  Funeral arrangements are to be announced. (RLP)
The Review Times  Sat. Oct. 15, 1977    Pg. 2

SOWERS, HENRY ELMER age 86 yrs. of Culpeper died 29 Mar 1992. Born 11 Feb 1906 in Page Co. s/o the late Jacob & Rosa Tutwiler Sowers. Wife, Maudie Pullen Sowers. Children, Mary Ann Fox of Culpeper, Nellie Mae Jenkins of Culpeper & Katie Jenkins of Culpeper, Charles H. Sowers of Madison. 25 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren. Sisters, Mary E. O'Brien of Culpeper & Katherine Dufraninoi of Maryland. A son, James Jacob Sowers is dead. Interment in Fairview Cemetery in Culpeper. (JAC)

SOWERS, IDA age 62 yrs. was killed Sunday at Bluemont when struck by an auto as she walked on the highway. (issue 27 Jul 1937) (JAC)

SOWERS, LAURA GERTRUDE age 56 yrs. died 16 Jan 1993 at Front Royal, Va. Burial in Clarke Ebenezer Cemetery in Clarke Co. Born 23 Aug 1936 in Loudoun County d/o the late Beverly & Lona Catherine Elsea Sowers. Sisters, Grace Longerbeam of Catlett, Margie Sowers of Gettysburg, Pa., Rachel Sowers of Harpers Ferry, WV., Doris Jordan of Herndon & Betty Lou Carter of Jumping Branch, WV. Brothers, Robert Sowers & Lester Sowers both of Harpers Ferry, WV. (issue 19 Jan 1993 Northern Va. Daily) (JAC)

SOWERS, PEARL    DIED.  Sowers - Pearl, the one-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sowers, died this morning at the home of her parents, in Berwick, following an illness of several weeks.  The child was one of twins.  Her brother, Earl, died early in October.  The funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Berwick M. E. church.  Interment will be made in Bethel cemetery.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    Nov. 17, 1916     Pg. 8

SOWERS, PERCY FREDERICK age 84 yrs. of Harrisonburg died in 24 Feb 1988 at Camelot Hall Nursing Home. Born 08 Jul 1903 in Washington Co., Md. s/o the late Jacob Frederick & Mary Florence Needy Sowers. Came to Harrisonburg in Dec 1930. Married 01 Feb 1930 Catherine Clipp Sowers who survives. Sons, Dr. William F. Sowers of Staunton & John A. & James S. Sowers both of Harrisonburg. Sisters, Mary E. Wade & Catherine L. Jones both of Hagerstown. Brother, Russell H. Sowers of Hagerstown. 6 grandchildren. Burial in Woodbine Cemetery in Harrisonburg. (JAC) 

SOWERS, REUBIN H., son of John and Mary E. Sowers, was born July 1, 1863, near the present village of Hidalgo, and departed this life at the family home in Hidalgo, February 28, 1934, being 70 years and 8 months old at the time of his death. He moved at an early age with his parents to Grove township, Jasper County, where he spent the greater part of his life returning to Hidalgo in 1920, where he has since resided. His entire life was spent in Jasper county. On March 18, 1891 he was united in marriage to Arminda J. Goldsby. To this marriage nine children: Elmer Sowers and Mrs. V. V. (Gladys) Hunt of Greenup, Mrs. Lawrence (Myrna) Carey of Hidalgo, Dewey (Doc) Sowers, Mrs. Wilbert (Arlie) Wilson of Hidalgo, Mrs. Harold (Lola) Cox and Otis Sowers of Montrose; Oscar Sowers of Fisher; an infant, deceased. On June 23 1906, he lost his companion in death. On October 14, 1915 he was again united in marriage to Martha Hampton, who survives. He leaves to mourn their loss, four sons, four daughters, 18 grandchildren & one great grandchild, 4 brothers & 1 sister namely, J. H. Sowers, Charleston, C. C. & O. L. Sowers, Hidalgo, W. T. Sowers, Sumner, Oklahoma & Mrs. M. F. Wallace, Montrose; stepsons, E. A. Hampton, Newton; J. E. & McKinley Hampton of Effingham; and a host of other relatives and friends. He was for many years school director, school trustee, road commissioner, treasurer of Mutual drainage district of Grove township; treasurer of the Village of Hidalgo & director of the Hidalgo Citizen State Bank. His companion has lost a loving husband, the children a kind and loving father and the community a kind neighbor and friend. Out of town friends and relatives present at the funeral were Mr. & Mrs. Ira Goldsby, Mrs. John Wallace, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Sowers, Mrs. Jess Reuchler, Mr. & Mrs. Everett Hampton & family; Mr. & Mrs. Merle Hampton & Cora Starks of Newton; Mrs. Lulu Gharst of Edgewood; Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cox & Gephart Huisinga of Jewett; Eck Wallace of Montrose; Mr. & Mrs. Hobart Sowers & C. E. Hicks of Greenup; Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Hampton & daughter of Effingham; Mrs. Maude Combs of Zook's Nook; Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Sowers & daughters of Fisher. Flower girls - Rochelle Carey of Jewett & Ruby Hampton of Newton. The funeral was conducted by Rev. B. F. Ferguson at the First Christian Church in Hidalgo. 1934 - Hidalgo, Illinois - Pauline Shelton, Correspondent. (JAC)

SOWERS, ROBERT L. JR. age 79 yrs. of Front Royal died 14 Apr 1996 at Warren Memorial Hospital. Burial in Rockland Cemetery. Born 14 Mar 1917 in Rockland s/o the late Robert Lee & Beryl M. Sowers. Wife, Beatrice Bennett Sowers is deceased. Veteran of WWII & served in the Pacific Theatre stationed in Australia (1942-1944). Daughter, Yvonne 'Bonnie' Sowers Schneider of Reliance. Son, Robert Lee Sowers III of Leesburg. Grandchildren, Mark Schneider, Kevin Sowers & Kerry Sowers. Sisters, Virginia Sowers, Myra Wissinger, Eleanor Sowers & Louise Johnson all of Front Royal & Alice Grobauer of Falls Church. Brother, Charles T. Sowers of Front Royal. (JAC)

SOWERS, WILLIAM J.  DEAD AT SYCAMORE.  William Jackson Sowers, 72, of Sycamore, Died at 1 p.m. Saturday in the M. E. Giles home where he was taken after he became seriously ill three days before in his home where he lived alone.    Mr. Sowers was born April 15, 1862 in Virginia to Ambrose and Eliza (Judge) Sowers.  He was married to Catherine Yeager who died June 7, 1936.  Surviving are one son, Glenn, of Columbus, two brothers, Thomas j., Toledo, and Jacob A. Sycamore; and five grandchildren, and one great grand child.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Giles home and at 2 p.m. in the Sycamore United Brethren Church and will be conducted by the Rev. J. E. Shaeffer.  Burial will be in Pleasant View Cemetery. (RLP)
Advertiser Tribune    Feb. 28, 1938   Pg. 8    Col. 8

SOWERS, WINIFRED L.   WESTINGHOUSE RETIREE.  Winifred L. Sowers, 75, of 316 Kilbourne St., Sycamore, Died at 1:08 p.m. Thursday, May 2, 1996, in Wyandot Memorial Hospital in Upper Sandusky.   She was born Feb. 9, 1921 in Lorain, to the late Henry H. and Jennie (Gibson) Luman.  She married Glenn G. Sowers Sr. Dec. 23, 1938.  He died Oct. 14, 1971.

Survivors include:  Two sons, William H. Sowers Sr. of Findlay and Robert J. Sowers of rural Sycamore; a daughter, Mrs. Carolyn L. Trumbo Fetterman of Sycamore, two stepchildren, Glenn Sowers Jr. of Sycamore and Mrs. Katherine Sowers Harp of Sycamore; 12 grandchildren; three step grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; four step- great-grandchildren; and a brother, Frank Luman of Tiffin.  A brother, James Luman, preceded her in death.

Mrs. Sowers retired as a tool crib distributor at Westinghouse in Upper Sandusky after 25 years.  She was also a bookkeeper for Bill Sowers Tree Service and Nursery in Sycamore.  She was a member of the Sycamore United Methodist Church, the Pythian Sisters Lodge 412 of Nevada, the Nomads of Abrudaka, Findlay 79, the McCutchen Grange 2360, the Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 2858 in Tiffin, the Wyandot County Election Board, and the Mohawk Sixty Plus Club.  She was once a member of the Union Board at Westinghouse, and the Westinghouse - A. O. Smith Veterans Association.

Services will be 11 a.m. Monday at the Walton-Moore Funeral Home in Sycamore with burial in Pleasant View Cemetery.  The Rev. Van Fisher will officiate. Visitation is 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.  There will be a McCutchen Grange 2360 service at 8:00 p.m. and a Pythian Sisters service at 8:30 p.m.   Memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Wyandot County, the Wyandot County Cancer Society or the Diabetes Association. (RLP)
Advertiser Tribune, May 4, 1996, Pg. 5A, 

STAIB, DELLA E. (SOURS)  Staib - Mrs. Della E. Staib, aged 27 years, wife of Ralph B. Staib, died at her home, in Eden township, at noon on Sunday.  Death was due to tuberculosis with which she had suffered for two years.  The deceased was born Oct. 7, 1884, in Eden township and was the daughter of Solomon and Leana (Estep) Sours.  December 24, 1908, she was united in marriage to Ralph Staib.  She had been a life long and faithful member of Harmony U.B. church.  Beside her husband, the following brothers and sisters survive her.  Simon, Alva and Mrs. Mary Oster, of near Bloomville, Mrs. Mettie Bare, south of this city, and Joseph, of near Republic.

The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon.  Services will be conducted a the home at 1:30 o'clock and at the Harmony U.B. church at 2 o'clock (sun time).  Interment will be made in the Kagy cemetery.  (RLP)

Tiffin Daily Tribune    Monday, May 27, 1912     Pg. 8

WILLIAMS, EFFIE GLADYS SOURS age 84 yrs. of Luray died 02 Jul 1992. Born 13 Jul 1907 in Page Co. d/o the late Jacob Luther & Annie Lee Sours. Married 04 Aug 1931 Elzie T. Williams who died 13 May 1987. Daughters, Ruby W. Habron of Mechanicsville & Margaret W. Miller of Luray. Sisters, Valley I. Williams & Eva V. Sours both of Luray. 6 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. A daughter & a brother are deceased. Burial in Morning Star Cemetery. (JAC) 

WILSON, EDMUND M. SR.    Edmund M. Wilson Sr., 60,  of 39 Riverlea Park, died early today, May 6, 1982, in Mercy Hospital, where he had been admitted the previous day.

He was born in Melmore on Nov., 15, 1921, to Edmund M. and Idora (Sauers) Wilson and was a lifelong resident of the area.  On July 21, 1973, he married Elizabeth E. Nash in Bettsville and she survives.

Also surviving are four children, Edmund Jr. of Cincinnati, Darl of rural Tiffin, Mrs. Earl (Diane) Stull and Robert Wilson;a sister Mrs. Modest Smith of Tiffin; and four grandchildren.  Two sisters, Herma and Ollie, died previously.

He was an employee and member of the Quarter Century Club of National Machinery Co., and a member of the VFW and Eagles Lodge.  A graduate of Columbian High School, he was secretary for many uears of the Tiffin Bowling Association.  He was also an Amry veteran of World War II, having served in Germany from 1943-46.

The Rev. Warner H. Siebert will conduct services at 11:30 a.m. Saturday in the Turner-Engle Funeral Home.  The VFW will conduct graveside services at Kansas Cemetery.   Calling hours at the funeral home will be from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday.  Members of the Quarter Century Club will call at 7 p.m. Friday.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune    Thursday, May 6, 1982    Pg. 4a


Mrs. Idora R. Wilson, 88, of 140 Erie street, died at 6:20 a.m. today, Oct. 22, 1970, in Tiffin Mercy hospital, where she had been a patient for one week.

A native of Virginia, she was born March 2, 1882, to Abraham C. and Barbara (Fox) Sours.  She married Edmund M. Wilson in Tiffin in 1900, and he died Dec. 5, 1928.

Surviving are a son, Edmund Wilson Sr., of Tiffin; a daughter, Mrs. Harold (Modest) Smith of Tiffin; one sister, Mrs. Inez Egbert of Bloomville, 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grand-children.  She was preceded in death by three children, two grandchildren, three brothers and two sisters.

Mrs. Wilson was a member of Hopewell Church of God and the Kum Join Us Class.  The Rev. Richard Van Horn will conduct services at 3 p.m. Saturday in the Turner-Engle funeral home.  Burial will be in Pleasant Ridge cemetery near Egbert's church.

Friends may call at the funeral home after seven o'clock Friday evening.  (RLP)

Advertiser Tribune      Thursday, Oct. 22, 1970    Pg. 4 

Judith Ann Campbell (JAC)
Rebecca L. Pullins (RLP)
Milton A. Hetrick, Jr. (MAH)

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