(Convergence 5  Picts Page 1)

Lucky Chengs
(first unofficial a.b.c.r.k. meeting)

Blu and Zilljah
 Zilljah, Richard and Kathryn  Richard & Kathryn  Kathryn Richard


Atlanta's Kevin - Passed out at Jimmy's :)

Meet & Greet/ElderGoth Cocktail
4-2-99 and 4-3-99

Outside the Bienville House Hotel
Russ & Michael (Sonata) inside Bienville Lobby Elder Goth Cocktail
Elder Goth Cocktail various goths Rafe & Crystal

Author's Symposium
featuring Katherine Ramsland, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Poppy Z. Brite

Crowd doing the "Cat-butt scoot"  Gray and others  Gray Again :)
 Katherine, Caitlin and Poppy  the authors and their fans - gothic camp!  Caitlin with "evil eyes"

Art Show & Vendor's Bizaare

Danielle, Gray & Chad
wide view of the art show - Danielle, Gray, Chad and Roy (DJ OMAC) soon-to-be Atlanta residents - Anne and Chris vending more vendors

Rougaroux's Ball- House of Blues


The Amazing view from the stage - 1,000 + goths! dance floor dance floor dance floor / Heather

dance floor Caitlin officiating the costume contest Caitlin - big smile! Rachel - costume contestant

Costume Contest winner!

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