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"all those people

all those lives

where are they now ?

With loves and 

hates` and passions

just like mine,

they were

born and then 

they lived and 

then they died, 

which seems so 

unfair I want to cry."


"So if you have five seconds to spare, let me tell you the story of my life...if you like it here you can stay".

Welcome to my site, my name is Ian, and I live in a small country called Wales (which is part of the UK). So what do you want to know ? You need to know nothing, but if you thought like that you wouldn't be here anyway !

Well here are those essential facts that make all the difference, and please remember to sign my guestbook below, it makes all the difference to me !

  • Height : 5" 10
  • Weight : 10 stones 13 Pounds (69.5 kg)
  • Eyes : two (both brown)
  • Hair : Brown
  • Feet : 3 (two are webbed)
  • Age : 19
  • Lives : at home (with parents - doh)
  • Favourite food : chicken stir fry
  • Favourite music : anything by The Smiths
  • Favourite TV Prog : Frasier
  • Favourite weatherman : Michael Fish
  • Favourite word : differentiation
  • Favourite gig : U2 Popmart
  • Favourite number : 8
  • Favourite colour : Blue

So just what do I do ? Well at the moment I am taking a year out before going away to University . I'll be starting at Oxford University (Jesus College) in October to read mathematics. Away from my studies I enjoy playing sport, watching good TV, listening to good music, and enjoying the company of good friends. Now please dont forget to sign that Guestbook, it makes all the difference to me.

So have a wonder round my site, and feel free to e-mail me at ian.turner@hotpop.com, I'll be happy to write back.

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See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.
Thanks you are visitor number  to this page (correction by steve), you can also see a real video of my room at home, by selecting http://www.geocities.com/igturner_99/bed.rm

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 Ian Griffith Turner
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