Here you will find my FanFic. I know there's not much here yet, but there will be later.


Summary: Harlan's Wish- A Love Story Part 1-- When Harlan and Catalina get into a fight, he's afraid they might not get along anymore. But when Catalina falls ill, he'll do anything to make sure she'll be all right. But what happens if she's not?

Summary:Suzee, Genius-- Duh, we all know she's a genius, but when it comes to practicality....

Summary: The Davenport Story: A four-part story about T.J. Davenport:

Iíve Been Missing You-- Davenport realizes how homesick she really is.
The Martianís Secret-- Davenport tells Suzee she has a daughter.
The Reunion-- Davenport meets her daughter and her husband.
Sad Good-byes-- Davenport feels she must say good-bye to her daughter.

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