Harald Hougaard Irish bodhran


Charlie Costellos bodhran

This bodhran was made for Charlie Costello, Colorado USA, a fine professional drummer. The drum is made from ash, with outer layer of nice flamed maple. The celtic pattern is carved out by hand. The decorative wood is african afselia. The drum also has a special tuning system inside the drum.

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Haralds essay about the irish bodhran (norwegian text)

A little playingcourse

A list of bodhrans made by Harald Hougaard

celtic bodhran

Celtic bodhran - bird zoomorph border from "Book of Kells" - with tuning system

This is my own favorite bodhran. I still haven't managed to make a better sounding bodhran than this one.

Viking bodhran


Irsk Bodhran 18" med keltisk bord

mexican bombodrum

Mexikansk bombotromme

{short description of image}

24 inch bassdrum - goatskin - the ultimate deep deep thundersound


Irish bodhran

Harding bodhran


This drum has its inspirational roots in the norwegian hardingfiddle, a special fiddle with understrings. On this drum there is also a string inside the drum that can be tuned to the sound of the drum.


This snaredrum was made for Bjorn Sverre Kristensen

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