FENWICK SCHOLASTIC BOWL!(Not for the faint of heart)

Home of the 2001 South Metropolitan Scholastic Bowl Champions, Masonic Regional Champions, IHSA Regional Champions, IHSA Sectional Champions, Masonic State Runner-Up, and IHSA Fourth Place Finisher

Good day, afternoon, evening, for any who have stumbled into my own pit of despair, better known as the dwellings of Fenwick Scholastic Bowl. If you have noticed, perhaps this can be seen as a total rip-off of Stevenson HS' website. Well, it is. I can't refute that at all. But, if Brad, or any other Stevenson kegler should come across this, remember, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Anyway, my name's Colby, and because SB is my passion, especially in the hallowed halls of Fenwick, this page has been brought to you, and basically, myself, as a testament to the year ahead.

"Beware..take care.. because the freaks come out at night."~Edge

What is this and why are you bugging me about it?

Glad you asked. Scholastic Bowl is a competition wherein two teams of about 5 players (we've played short handed MANY times before, ask Pericles or myself) compete to see who has a better command of general knowledge, and who knows it more quickly. Basically, the setup is like Jeopardy: you're given a buzzer, a "moderator" reads a question on one of various subjects (usually like Math, Literature, History, though some have been considerably weirder), and as soon as you think you know the answer, you buzz in and are given three seconds to come up with a response (Any person, ESPECIALLY freshmen, giving the answer in the form of a question will be taken out back and beaten). After a correct response to such a "toss-up," your team is given the opportunity to answer a 3-5 part "bonus," where the individual parts are worth less than the tossup, but the whole bonus is worth twice as much. Matches last from 12-30 questions, and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

How do I join?

Show up to practice. We practice twice a week in Room 33(Varsity) and Room 35(Junior Varsity) across the hall. The practices last from 3:00 to 4:45.There are no practices after games. Most of the games are on Tuesdays, and are supplemented by Saturday tournaments. Our season usually starts as Mr. Draski finishes coaching the JV girls' tennis team. If you have any questions, please ask Mr Draski(Bio teacher) or Mr. Sweet(Math/Comp. Technology teacher)

That's about it for the main page, I think... if I think of anything else for up here, it'll be up. In the meantime, here are some sideshow attractions. Feel free to take a look.

News What's going on in our little microcosm.

Varsity Roster AAAAAAAAANNND NOW.....the starting lineup for YOUR FENWICK FRIARS!!

Tournaments All the tournaments we're going to, and how we've done.

Calendar What's next for the team? Go here to find out!

Record All of our matches, with scores. (You'll get 'em as we win 'em)

Our Stats Why just win when you can gloat with your teammates later?

Hall o' Shame All of the really bad questions we hear, and all of the dumb answers we wish we hadn't said. (Which means I'll be in here a lot.)

NEW! An outside links table!

Burlington High School Scholar's Bowl This is the site of a Juggernaut-like team in Vermont and their web site is like this one, only cooler.Go check it out.

The High School Quiz Bowl Web Ring The home page for the web ring this page belongs to.

Questions Unlimited These guys have a "20 questions" contest every month, and the questions are actually pretty decent. Plus, they sponsor a national tournament for large tournament winners (Feel free to look into this, Mr. Draski)

Knowledge Master Open It's our good buddy the Great Auk! Run away! Run away! if you can get past the puns, this site has a lot of good questions.

Fenwick HS Homepage Where it all begins.

Questions? Comments? Sarcasms? Curses? Send them here. Thank You, come again!

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