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Hi I'm "Angelhart"
Welcome to my website.
As you can tell,i love "Angels"
I really believe i have a guardian
angel that watches over me.

I'll tell you alittle bit about myself.
I'm Married to a wonderful man
whom i adore.
I have a beautiful daughter"BECKY",
a terrific son "Shawn".
3 sweet little grand-daughters,
"Shyanne","Zoe" and "Faith Ann".
I work in a nursing home,a job i love.
Nothing is greater for the heart then,
putting a smile on a seniors face. :-)
I am a proud Canadian: born and raised.

I have met some wonderful friends
on ICQ chat lines...
~Carol~,my very dear and close friend,
~Tricia~,my soft and kind friend.
Judy and DiP both are just great
NothernStar,a true sweet friend *S*

And last but never least my helpful friends,
"Crazy Caper, Abester & Angelheart";
without who's help this page would
never have been completed.

I would also like to Thank my Hubby
for all the help in making my graphics.
Big HUG to you, my love!!

For the rest of my ICQ friends "HUGS":-
If you would like to contact me ,
to say hello.My Icq # is 8716785.

Now on to my pages!!!!!!Enjoy :-)

Would you like a background??
Click on "Button" above!!

Maybe an Award!!

How about a "Calling Card"
Check out what i have made so far.

If you would like to link my page.
Help yourself to my banner!!

This site below is my second love.
This site is about "Endangered Animals".
Beautiful lake applets,and alot of good info.
Please take a brouse and sign my guestbook.:-)

get this gear!

Thanks to Beckie & Tina For my guardien angel of beauty.
I named her "Rebecca",after my daughter.*S*

This award was givin to me by my hubby.
Click on it and you will see alot more. :-)

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