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Hi we're weirdsisters11. We are Sage182, the elder and wiser, and Puck307, the younger and more easily excitable. Welcome to our wonderful Space Cases page. Okay, okay, so it's not all that wonderful, but you're here, so you might as well look around. Before you do, however, we'll tell you a little about Space Cases. It's a show that used to air on Nickelodeon(until they arbitrarly decided to cancel it and not to show the reruns), about a group of cadets lost in space.

We have a guestbook.(Well, of course we have a guestbook; everyone has a guestbook!) Please, take three seconds and sign it? Pretty please?

If you don't know anything about Space Cases, don't worry, we have a special page just for you.

What devoted Space Cases fan page would be complete without a fanfic section? So here it is. It's getting bigger now, and it's good, in Sage's own opinion.

Have you ever wondered why exactly Suzee has gills? Or been curious about what happened to the engine room? Then come to our Unanswered Space Cases questions page and listen to our theories.

We also have a small page devoted to Peter David's newest book series, Star Trek, New Frontier, and the interesting things he slips into it to show us he hasn't forgotten his series.

We have also included the only place on the page where Sage has given Puck leave to roam free with her ideas. Here is Puck's page of weird stuff. If you have a weak stomach, beware.

We now have a Suzee Vs. Catalina page. Who do you like better? An unbiased look at who is better for the Space Cases.

For everyone who doesn't like Suzee and would like to see her snapped back to her own dimension as quickly and painfully as possible, this is the page for you! Come to our Suzee Hater's page. Trash her! Dislike her! But most of all, insult her! All those who are Suzee friendly, please refrain from reading this page.

Most of the characters from Space Cases remind us of someone else in the science fiction universe. So check it out--our "They Look Alike They Talk Alike" page.

Considering the amount of time you spend writing or reading or thinking about Space Cases, does it ever invade your dreams? If so, tell us about it! Here's a few of ours--Space Cases Dreams.

Would you like to know a little bit about us, your current hosts? Then click here and find out! Info and a picture of Sage and Puck.

Wise woman that she is, Sage has written Rules for Life, the accumulation of things that she has learned in her short life.

And remember:
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

E-mail us at Please? Pretty please?!

people have been here since we put this here

Here's our rather interesting disclaimer, if anyone cares to read it.
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We'd just like to thank all the people who helped us with our webpage. Thanks Mom and Dad, for letting us have a page in the first place. Thanks Tim, for saving our page from imminent destruction. Thanks to Shark's Page for the pictures, and to Peripantha for helping us set them up. Hi to Missy and Chris and Paula and George and anyone else we know, in case they drop by.

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