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At the evening of October 11th 2057, Linda Jey was, sadly, murdered by a shot to the head. This used to be her homepage.. It's is left as it was as she was alive, with the exception of the story about her death that was, obviously, added later.
She was a really special PC to me, my first Shadowrun PC and was actually my introduction to the Shadowrun world. Losing her was almost like losing a friend. She actually became a part of me. I felt she was alive inside me, acting by herself, sometimes even surprsing me. I know it was dangerous to let it be this way, but I really never such a thing it will happen... not so soon.
Anyways, please enjoy the page and let me know what you think. I'm currently working on my new PC, hopefully she'll be even close to the fun Linda was.

Linda Jey's player.

 Linda Jey's death, as broadcasted on Network 23

My name is Linda Jey, and I work as a reporter for one of the largest news gathering organizations on the planet, Network 23.
In this page 'll try to give a basic idea of who I am to those of you who don't already know me, and some elaborated information for those of you who do.
I'll also post some of my stories here. Enjoy!

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