Welcome to the Black Abolitionists Page!! I am Grad Student at the University of North Texas. I hope thee enjoy it, and as always comments are appreciated. Note that this site is under construction!

This page is dedicated to the activists and the messages of the Abolition movement among African-Americans in the nineteenth century. Please continue to check back for updates on this project.

If thee wish to view "The Radicalization of Frederick Douglass" please click on one of the following links.

Part I--Black Abolitionism 1829-1849

Part II--Black Abolitionism 1849-1857

Part III--Black Abolitionism and Black Manhood

"Let Your Motto Be Resistance" A look at Black radicalism in the abolition movement. (suitable for high school).

Biography of

Martin R. Delany

James W. C. Pennington

Quaker history and beliefs

Barn Owl
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