A feral no more

Hi, I'm Honey. I am a DMH calico tabby like my momma kitty. I am just a young kitten right now and am just getting used to my new home, so please bear with me. You see I had a hard start to life. My momma kitty is a feral cat and me and my siblings were born at the back of a car dealership. My owners worked at the place and knew about my momma kitty, but didn't know she had kittens. Two of my siblings were caught when we were six weeks old and were taken to the shelter to hopefully find a loving home. I was found the following week after I fell into a large steel cylinder. I was only seven weeks old at the time and was very skinny. I also was so terrified that I wouldn't even hiss or try and fight being caught. I was fortunate that my humans decided to keep me and that I did not have to go to the shelter and risk being put to sleep.

Read more about my story and my human's journal on taming me

Important News on Honey's Family

May 14, 2003 Update: Honey is now almost 3 years old. She is such a sweet heart and has blossomed into a very beautiful cat. I still can't pick her up for more than a few seconds, and she is still scared of strangers, but she has eased up to most of the family by now. She will let my parents pet her sometimes, but not always. I can always pet her and she comes to me, except if she thinks I am going do anything she doesn't like she is out of there in a flash. I hardly ever get to clip her nails. She meows a lot more now. Her squeak meow is so cute. She also has just recently started coming into my room in the morning after she eats to say hello and lie on my bed until I get up. She still has many health problems. Last summer I had a bill of over $700 because it is believed that she might have chronic pancreatitis that flares up occasionally and she gets really sick for a few days. Luckly since then she has only had two episodes and they weren't as bad as it was last summer. A new problem is that I think she has tapeworms. Found worms on her behind when she stays in Oakville, but I have never seen them while in Guelph. Don't know how she got infected since she is an indoor cat therefore no opportunity for eating rodents and it isn't flea season yet.

Honey's Photo Album

Special note: new photos of my pets will no long be shown on their pages due to lack of space. New photos can be seen at my webshots album.

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