Chrish's Fishes

Here's my betta (or Siamese Fighting Fish,) named Betta.

Here is Chum, my Green Tiger Barb.



Hi! I have a 5 gallon tank and a 25 gallon tank. The fish in the 25 gallon are 3 golden barbs(names Fatty, Shubunkin, and Patchy), 1 giant danio(named Danny), and a clown pleco (not named). In my 5 gallon tank there are: 2 Freshwater Angelfish (names Gabriel and Jonah).

Everything on this page (except the music, book names, and statistics for the fish) is copyrighted by Christian Basar as of 1999. Don't take or reproduce any pictures or text (except for the statistics for the fish) without asking me and getting permission from me. My e-mail is on the bottom of the page.


About me:

My favorite interest is science fiction.

My favorite fish are Angelfish, Tiger Barbs, and Bettas.


I hope you enjoy my fish page.


Care for:

Characins (group includes tetras and hatchetfish.)

Cyprinids(includes Danios, Barbs, Sharks, and Goldfish)

Anabantids(includes Bettas and Gouramis)

Cichlids (includes Angelfish and Discus)

Cyprinidonts(includes Swordtails and Guppies)


Marine Fish

Fish that make thier own Electricity

Fish I don't recommend

Other categories on my page:

Setting up Fish Tanks

Little facts about fish

Feeding fish

Fish Diseases

Picture Gallery

I added some cursors to parts of the page on November 22, 2000.


FINS (Fish Information Service)

Warbirds, The Fighters of World War II. This is my brother's page about World War II fighter planes. Check it out!

Scot Cat (about catfish). You can get a picture of your catfish and/or your drawing or painting of a catfish on this website!

J.L. Weigert's Home Page

Find a Fishy. Here you can get your website listed on this page's links!

I Love Corydoras! A page about Corydoras catfish.

Aquarium Pictures (a great page).

My Aquarium Hobby

Chrish's Star Trek Armada Map and Mod Page. My own page for the computer game, Star Trek Armada.

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